Vaccination by Pfizer a Myth

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Let us suppose you need to vaccinate 100,000,000 individuals and you have 100 hospitals that are keeping the vaccine and each hospital can vaccinate 20 individuals at the same time. Vaccinating one person takes 10 min. 100,000,000 / 100 / 20 * 10 = 500,000 min. Due to administration, vaccination can only be applied and registered 8 hours/day allowing 83++ Holidays (generally there are 260 working days/year), giving as a result 4 years. 500,000 divided by 60 = 8,334 hours. Divided by 8 = 1,042 days. Divided by 260 = 4 years.

Applying the inverse logic, one could have in those 100 hospitals more than 20 nurses working in parallel injecting the vaccine. But then you will have to deal with the infrastructure problem and maintaining approx 10K people in each hospital (waiting list of 1 hour). Clearly this is not feasible even within a year and this is why the vaccine is not the solution for a return to normal.

Furthermore, according to media reports, the Pfizer vaccine lasts only 4 – 5 months. By the time 25,000,000 people are vaccinated, the process of vaccinating  of those already vaccinated has to be renewed.

The Sputnik V vaccine, developed by Russia’s Gamaleya Research Institute, will likely provide immunity from COVID-19 for two years, while the inoculation developed by Pfizer will shield for 4-5 months, said the institute’s director Alexander Gintsburg. Gintsburg emphasised, however, that this data needs to be checked during experiments.

“The method used in Sputnik V was used in the vaccine against Ebola and experimental data has proved that it provides immunity from the disease for a minimum of two years, but it could be more. I don’t know how long Pfizer’s vaccine will protect from infection”, Gintsburg said.

The director of Gamaleya Research Institute also said there is a 96 percent chance that people who have received the Sputnik V jab won’t get sick with COVID-19. Only 4 percent of people who got the vaccine might get sick, Gintsburg said, but stressed that this would be a mild case of the disease that will not affect the lungs. Most likely an individual will have a cough, sniffles, and minor temperature.

Knowing this and knowing the Pfizer vaccine will be effective only 4 – 5 months, inoculating  the  population is pointless, it will NEVER be able to achieve the goal (Sisyphus myth).

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