Election Fraud? Yes – The oligarchy WANTS a Biden presidency but a Republican-controlled Senate

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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


So…Was the election rigged against Trump? Possibly. The oligarchy that rules the West and routinely rigs US elections may have used Trump up, squeezed him dry, and decided that he is bad for business and has to go.

There may be some evidence behind Trump’s claim that he was robbed. But it is hard to discern whatever actual evidence may be out there amidst the sea of nonsensical claims and hysterical exaggerations. (Hugo Chavez’s voting machine company stole the election?!)

There is much better evidence showing that massive wholesale voting machine fraud favored Republicans, especially in tight Senate races.

Theodore de Macedo Soares writes (supporting Jonathan Simon’s analysis and this Sunday’s Stolen Election Seminar):

“Exit polls and pre-election polls, projected the Democratic Party to gain control of the Senate on election day 2020. The computerized vote counts has the Republican Party with a two seat advantage. Like the 2020 and 2016 presidential elections and the 2016 U.S. Senate elections the 2020 US Senate races show almost all discrepancies, between the exit polls and the unverified computer counts, favored the Republican Party candidate. Most discrepancies were large and beyond the margin of error for the exit poll. See tables below.

“Edison Research conducted exit polls on the U.S. Senate races in 16 states. In this election, exit polls projected the Democratic Party to gain control of the Senate with 51 seats to 49 for the Republican Party. The pre-election polls projected 52 seats for the Democratic party and 48 seats for the Republicans. As Georgia’s two Senate contest did not result in any candidate achieving 50% of the vote, the runoff elections on January 5, 2021 will determine the final Senate seat apportionment between the two main political parties. The computerized vote counts, however, currently show the Republican Party with 50 seats to 48 for the Democratic Party.

“As previously noted, the wholesale one-way variances between the exit and pre-election polls with the computerized vote counts, all favoring the Republican candidate, are a near statistical impossibility. As the source of the problem is not due to random variations its origin must be systemic. Either exit polls and pre-election polls are improperly, election after election, conducted or the computerized vote counts corrupt.”

Trump can’t believe he underperformed relative to Republican Senate candidates. I don’t blame him. The obvious explanation is that the voting machines were rigged for Republican Senate candidates but not so much for Trump.

The oligarchy WANTS a Biden presidency but a Republican-controlled Senate. That way the pesky left wing of the Democratic Party won’t be able to redistribute much if any of their ill-gotten wealth, including their $7 trillion COVID heist.

But not enough of us will figure this out, because the oligarchs and their brainwashed hordes of Trump kool-aid-drinking zombie dupes have succeeded in making election fraud allegations in general look too confusing and stupid to be worth checking out.

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