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Google has long lost its attractiveness to many tech-savvy people. Most of the first page results usually are from big advertisers or mainstream media. The algorithm has long been optimised for sales, not to provide relevant information. In order to get some average quality search results, one needs to search “verbatim ” items and use browser addons/extensions that block search results from selected websites.
Apart from the obvious alternatives (DuckDuckGo, Bing, Baidu & Yandex), there are literally hundreds of good search engines.

Here are some of them: Gibru, Lukol, Qrobe, Naver, Seznam, Eniro, Onet, Orange, Mojeek, Gigablast,, StartPage, MetaGer, Search Encrypt, Youdao, Yippy. A simple (not google) search easily finds more.

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Richard Williams
Richard Williams
1 year ago