President Magufuli dead at 61

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A corporate coup has removed Tanzania’s “Covid denying president”, and nobody should be surprised.

John Magafuli could have retired a very rich man.

There is no shortage of money available to ensure nations use this, or don’t use that:
Great Game India, May 2020: WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure – Madagascar President

Instead he saw through the PCR test before most of us. The WHO and Gates and Fauci already knew the PCR was a total fraud but they needed to maintain the fiction just long enough to ramp up the “cases”.

Since the level of death was too low to justify the lockdown and jab campaign, they needed something to point to: positive test results — even if they were false positives. Conveniently the inventor of the PCR, Kary Mullis, had obligingly removed himself on Aug 7, 2019. The Nobel prize winner and vocal critic of the HIV-AIDS establishment and of Anthony Fauci in particular would have shot the Covid fraud to pieces.

The president of Tanzania could have taken the money. There can be no doubt that with billions of dollars in profits at stake, Gates and big pharma offered a few millions for some Tanzanian public works project or funds to sugarcoat their Covidian demands.

However, before he became known as an anti-vaxx president, Magafuli was known as the anti-corruption president.

John Magafuli came out with guns blazing. Attack being the best form of defence he ridiculed the PCR test and the grubby, corrupt medical establishment. He said he’d had a variety of fruits tested, along with a quail, a goat and motor oil — turning up a bunch of positive cases.

Magafuli made sure the world heard him — even the most diehard Branch Covidian had to laugh — and the point was well made. But so were the enemies.

The Guardian, Feb 8, 2021: It’s time for Africa to rein in Tanzania’s anti-vaxxer president

“He knows Ghana’s former president, Jerry John Rawlings, has died from the virus. So too has former Congo-Brazzaville president Jacques Joaquim Yhombi-Opango. Last month four Zimbabwe cabinet ministers, including Sibusiso Moyo, the army general turned foreign minister who helped oust Robert Mugabe, died of Covid. In Malawi, four government officials, including two cabinet ministers, succumbed.

In Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), the prime minister, Ambrose Dlamini, fell to the virus. Sudan’s last democratically elected prime minister, Sadiq al-Mahdi, has died, as has Libya’s former prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril, and Somalia’s former prime minister, Nur Hassan Hussein. In Burundi, Tanzania’s neighbour, two former presidents – Pierre Nkurunziza and Pierre Buyoya – have died from Covid-19. The African Union secured 270m doses of Covid vaccine for member states to supplement their efforts, highlighting the strong resurgence in cases and deaths that is sweeping through the continent.

Yet Magufuli sticks bizarrely to asserting that Covid is a hoax.”

The Guardian gives the game away.

Africa actually has a very low rate of infection and death attributed to Covide — except among politicians. As Dr Simone Gold says, the one continent that has an extraordinarily low rate of Covid infection is Africa. Their death rate is 1% of the western nations. It’s probably due the the wide availability of Hydroxychloroquine.

If Covid is a cover in the West for The Great Reset, in Africa it’s a cover for the new imperialism, the renewed great game. Africa’s minerals are essential to the Smart Cities and electric-everything.

He knew the risk. Known as the bulldozer for his efforts against corruption, how could he not. A Christian, he would have doubtless have made his decision.

We cannot blindly follow orders without assessing whether they are moral orders. If they are immoral we have a duty to disobey them…

“Commit yourself to rigorous honesty to yourself. The truth will set us free,” as Anthony Hannonputs it.

Hannon rejects mask-wearing and social distancing as superstition. He rejects it as incompatible with the First Commandment. Others go further and argue that the rituals of mask-wearing, hand-washing, social distancing and lockdown are occult.

There is plenty of evidence that many of those at the top of government, business, sports and entertainment practice occult rituals and beliefs. We don’t believe it’s real but they do. These rituals are reflected in the Covid and Lockdown mandates.

Magafuli used theatre to expose the superstitious, ritual and occult aspects of Covid. His choice of a goat was no accident

Whether you are religious or atheist will not matter to them. When people were martyred it was not because their faith was a threat to the state — it was because they refused to bow to the state’s pagan gods.

In August 2016, Mr Magufuli announced a ban on the export of metallic mineral concentrates. Miners in Tanzania had been sending heaps of earth containing metallic ore to Asia and Europe for smelting, but the content and quality had always been a contentious issue.

The miners insisted it had a low commercial value.

In March 2017, the country’s largest goldminer, London-listed Acacia Ltd, was accused of flouting the ban. Mr Magufuli ordered the seizure of more than 250 of its containers at the port of Dar es Salaam. He then formed two teams to investigate the matter. The first investigated the contents of the containers, the second their value.

The two teams then presented “explosive” reports alleging that Acacia had under-declared the value of the ore, skewing the amount of tax it had to pay Armed with the findings, Mr Magufuli’s government slapped the company with a mammoth tax bill of $190bn, covering the 17 years it had been operating in the country. (BBC).

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