Global Warming …

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by Doctor K

Global Warming …

The Earth is cooling, and has always been cooling.

It started out so hot it was in the form of vapor, and then condensed into molten rock, and then cooled enough to have a thin crust …

We now are in Ice-Ages about 80% of the time, and are now getting towards the end of this (Holocene) Inter-Glacial period.

On a long time cycle (100,000 years), changes in the Earth’s Orbit (Milankovitch Cycles) cause the coming and going of the Ice Ages. These changes in the Earth’s temperature cause changes in the Earth’s Atmospheric CO2 (CO2 going into and out of the oceans where it is stored). See Ice-Age Extinction. On shorter time scales changes in the Sun’s output causes variations of a smaller degree.

There it is, Climate SCIENCE in a nutshell.

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