Secret May 2009 Meeting of “The Good Club”. “Billionaire Club in Bid to Curb Overpopulation”

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By John Harlow and Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research

Flash back to May 2009, the Billionaires held a meeting behind closed doors at the home of the president of The Rockefeller University in Manhattan.

This Secret Gathering was sponsored by Bill Gates. They called themselves “The Good Club”.

Among the participants were the late David Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey and many more.

The Secret Gathering was reported by the Sunday Times. as well as the Guardian.

“The fact that they pulled this off, meeting in the middle of New York City, is just absolutely amazing,” said Niall O’Dowd, an Irish journalist who broke the story on the website”

According to media reports, “The Good Club” focus was on the philanthropic mandate of the billionaires, using their money in support of poverty alleviation and “overpopulation”.

It is important to note that the Good Club meeting in NYC was held at the height of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic which turned out to be a scam. No doubt, the H1N1 pandemic was an object of discussion by the “Good Club”.

Barely a few weeks prior to this secret gathering, Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, London who at the time was advising the WHO, stated with authority that “40 per cent of people in the UK could be infected [with H1N1] within the next six months if the country was hit by a pandemic.”

This is the same Niel Ferguson (generously supported by the Gates Foundation) who designed the coronavirus Lockdown Model which resulted in mass unemployment, poverty and the closure of 190 national economies as a means to combating COVID-19.

The media reports on the May 5, 2009 secret gathering focussed on the commitment of “The Good Club” to “slowing down” the growth of the World’s population.

Was an absolute “reduction” in World population contemplated at this meeting, –i.e. as a means to reducing “Overpopulation”? In this regard, Bill Gates in his February 2010 TED presentation pertaining to vaccination, confirmed the following;

“And if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [the world population] by 10 or 15 percent”.

According to Gates’ statement, this would represent an absolute reduction of the World’s population of the order 680 million to 1.02 billion.

(See quotation on Video starting at 04.21. See also screenshot of Transcript of quotation)

TED Talk at 04:21:

“The Good Club” Then and Now

The same group of billionaires who met at the May 2009 secret venue, have been actively involved from the outset in designing the coronavirus lockdown policies applied Worldwide.

They are also the architects of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”.

Below is the complete text of the Sunday Times article (May 24, 2009) (emphasis added)

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, April 25, 2021


“Billionaire Club in Bid to Curb Overpopulation”

by John Harlow,

Sunday Times, May 24, 2009


SOME of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population and speed up improvements in health and education.

The philanthropists who attended a summit convened on the initiative of Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, discussed joining forces to overcome political and religious obstacles to change.

Described as the Good Club by one insider it included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty, Warren Buffett and George Soros, the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.

These members, along with Gates, have given away more than £45 billion since 1996 to causes ranging from health programmes in developing countries to ghetto schools nearer to home.

They gathered at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, a British Nobel prize biochemist and president of the private Rockefeller University, in Manhattan on May 5. The informal afternoon session was so discreet that some of the billionaires’ aides were told they were at “security briefings”.

Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, said the summit was unprecedented. “We only learnt about it afterwards, by accident. Normally these people are happy to talk good causes, but this is different – maybe because they don’t want to be seen as a global cabal,” he said.

Some details were emerging this weekend, however. The billionaires were each given 15 minutes to present their favourite cause. Over dinner they discussed how they might settle on an “umbrella cause” that could harness their interests.

The issues debated included reforming the supervision of overseas aid spending to setting up rural schools and water systems in developing countries. Taking their cue from Gates they agreed that overpopulation was a priority.

This could result in a challenge to some Third World politicians who believe contraception and female education weaken traditional values.

Gates, 53, who is giving away most of his fortune, argued that healthier families, freed from malaria and extreme poverty, would change their habits and have fewer children within half a generation.

At a conference in Long Beach, California, last February, he had made similar points.

“Official projections say the world’s population will peak at 9.3 billion [up from 6.6 billion today] but with charitable initiatives, such as better reproductive healthcare, we think we can cap that at 8.3 billion,” Gates said then.

Patricia Stonesifer, former chief executive of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which gives more than £2 billion a year to good causes, attended the Rockefeller summit. She said the billionaires met to “discuss how to increase giving” and they intended to “continue the dialogue” over the next few months.

Another guest said there was “nothing as crude as a vote” but a consensus emerged that they would back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat.

“This is something so nightmarish that everyone in this group agreed it needs big-brain answers,” said the guest. “They need to be independent of government agencies, which are unable to head off the disaster we all see looming.”

Why all the secrecy? “They wanted to speak rich to rich without worrying anything they said would end up in the newspapers, painting them as an alternative world government,” he said.

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1 year ago

I sincerely HOPE and PRAY that all my fellow algora blog readers, can see CLEARLY just how obnoxious the main stream media really is in ALL and every aspect of EVERY article AND NEWSFEED, REGARDLESS
OF THE format ..written, broadcast, whatever it is , it is invariably carefully crafted agenda driven DISINFO , or at BEST , it is some ugly truths which are presented with enough ambiguity and flowery euphemisms that the SCUMBAGS in the editing department and their secret society BOSSES/OWNERS are more or less satisfied that it muddies the waters to their satisfaction and/or leaves the reader more or less bamboozled bewildered or just plain bereft of ANY real grasp as to the real truth of this situation! The real underlying AGENDAS! See how this writer claimed these people were philanthropists !!! See how this writer stated that gates is giving away MOST of his fortune!! LIES! ABJECT LIES! These CREATURES..and I repeat, ALL of the GOOD CLUB and thousands more of their ILK< are in deed CREATURES, not at ALL Human beings, they are at BEST possessed persons, formerly just mentally and and/or spiritually deficient , and now they are totally under the control of EVIL ENTITIES or possibly just purely EVIL energies..the distinction between the two possibilities is admittedly of little importance when one considers the end results of their actions for the rest of us, who BTW< DO classify as HUMAN BEINGS, who do experience empathy and pangs of guilt, who do in fact have LOVE in our hearts and souls..need I go on? The point I am trying to make with this lengthy comment, is that IMO< any article within MSM, or social media giants, or allowed on GOOGLE searches , is deeply suspect, and never ever without underlying agenda that is NOT in humanities best interests..on the contrary, the agendas are almost entirely around either $$ or depravity, or the ending of White Christian society, the end of families, the end of nature and gender and all that entails.. yes, make no mistake, right now in 2021, humanity has entered the MOST CRUCIAL TIME IN all of collective history. ( at least this time around…Atlantis, Lemuria, Agartha, Pangaea, etc..these earlier civilizations IMO existed, and possibly some might still exist..but it is seeming from the evidence more and more..that humans lived to heights of technology long ago, and then for whatever reason, a cataclysm of some kind came along and nearly wiped us out.).Well I think we are now fully ensconced in the same type of situation, and our collective future hangs in the balance, dependant upon how we choose to fight these DEMONS who would dare to dictate the whole worlds future to we who outnumber them MILLIONS and MILLIONS to one! They are not invulnerable , just evil and possessed!

Jacob Jonker.
Jacob Jonker.
1 year ago
Reply to  Sean

Well, almost a rant. There is another way of looking at this, a combination of perspectives encompassing the full spectrum of human understanding. There is a Wisdom Tradition, believe it or not- most believe it not- which speaks of the law of cause and effect. The Universe is one interconnected entirety. This is the beginning of understanding the human condition. In the West, there is a long tradition of some kind of development containing a variety of cultures, sub-cultures and so on, called a civilisation. Sociopolitically, this has in our day and age resulted in a system called capitalism based on or in the social democratic context. This is in hindsight a culmination of individual citizenship and political emancipation. The gift, hardwon during a period stretching to , roughly, three thousand years, has brought many boons to the world, despite serious downsides to all and sundry, especially those people in the also-ran countries in the world who are politically, socially and economically dependent. In the West, two generations have now grown up in a society bereft of a grounding in the facts of life and the real world as it happens to function below the conscious awareness of the majority of people, almost all of these living unawares have the right to vote. Of those who are indeed aware, about half are unmitigated strivers to do well for themselves at any, or almost any, ost to others and society at large.
With our privilege and the boons of being alive on this earth come the downsides, disadvantages much augmented by irresponsible behaviour. The general franchise was won at great cost in effort, forbearance and hardships. The general franchise in pretty much every western nation has been wasted by the electorates. The current malaise is the effect of a cause. The cause is the general disenfranchisement of the electorates in the West due to lack of care on the part of the formerly enfranchised citizens.
The elites, whoever they are, are said to control affairs. They do, if we call they, who are in control of our lives as citizens, the elite or elites. THEY have their own agenda. That is not the problem. The problem rests squarely on the basis that the electorates in the nominally democratic West have no agenda. Though the mainstream media ought, in a properly working democracy host a mainly neutral debate, a national nation-state conversation, with a variety of media perspectives catering for a variety of political views amongst the population of citizens and guests, it does not. The mainstream media has long been captured by the elites. This, somehow, has escaped the notice of those who are responsible for knowing what is going on in their nation-state and beyond, that is, the very citizens who have the right to vote and perchance stand for parliament.

The majority of the electorates in the West are automatons programmed by a cadre paid by and beholden to the controlling elites. Since WWII, and before that for a century or two, at least, people have had the opportunity to avail themselves of the enormous variety of views, well-researched and -enumerated and explained by capable and often very capable writers. No nought, evidently. People are too pre-occupied or too busy to care. The facts are now all available to any who can read. The truth is readily available to all who can hear. Let’s face it, the majority insist on learning the hard way. That is what is happening, regardless of the aetiology of one virus out of millions, the Wu flu. Only a minority of they who are asleep may be assisted in their awakening. The rest are having their eyes nailed shut by fate, lack of moral fibre, of course, the cause of the effect of ongoing and deepening zombification.

Jacob Jonker.
Jacob Jonker.
1 year ago
Reply to  Jacob Jonker.

A few typos: cost for ost, To nought for No nought.