Judy Mikovits – Ebola -Virus Gain-of-Function Work in a Lab

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The reason why some people suspect that the biological warfare blowback was not unintended, but expected and even desired, is of course because of the inexplicable 2,5 months time delay incurred in the Public Health response by all European governments.
Not all European leaders are stupid and incompetent; it remains unanswered why they did absolutely nothing, not even stock up protection masks for hospital personnel, to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, while China was fast-tracking the erection of field hospitals.
The Economic Reset is mostly materialised by the West’s shift to a range of so-called Green technologies. The surprising thing is that, prior to the pandemic, and except in China, the pertaining scientific advances were insignificant and the shift to Green technologies was stalling, put on hold, postponed, not on the agenda anymore.
It is extraordinary that in a situation where Western economy took a hit similar only to the 1929 dreadful scenario, our leaders were suddenly bold enough to bet on technologies which they didn’t even possess or master yet. The shift to a “Green” economy was clearly an end-goal of the pandemic, not a consequence of it. Hence, so was the Global Reset.
The few coming years will show that, unlike what is pretended, the West is much lagging behind China in the field of Green energy technologies.
This will prove that, absent a significant technology paradigm change, Western leaders didn’t have the means to bring about the ambitious Green transition that they allege to have randomly devised during the pandemic. The Green transition was dictated by political reasons, not “scientific” ones.

Hence, the pandemic was, most likely, the planned and deliberate excuse devised to impose a new type of economy, while fencing the West against China’s advance and imposing cuts to living standards that Western people wouldn’t have otherwise accepted.

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