G7 Politics Is The Last Shelter Of The Criminally Retarded

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@lienChrist says:.
The criminal and the politician are the same type of people.
If the criminal becomes politically successful they are a great leader.
If the politician cannot succeed in being in power they become a criminal.
Politicians are destructive people, their whole effort is to dominate others.
This desire to dominate others is ugly, it is violence, pure violence and nothing else.
To reduce people to slaves is the greatest violence possible.
And that is the desire of every politician, to dominate, and to dominate absolutely.
All of these psychopaths are hungry for power, they are power-mad.
Their only joy is to dominate.
They talk about great service only to then dominate people.
You can look at the world, you can look at the history, and you will find proofs in abundance.
What they have done to humanity, just watch it, and what they continuously go on doing.
Just look at their games, just look at all their lies.
They are keeping the whole world in stupidity.
And they are not only stupid, they are stupidly cunning.
Remember, only stupid people are cunning.
You may not have thought of it that way.
An intelligent person is never cunning, intelligence is enough, they need not have any cunningness.
The stupid person has to substitute for their lack of intelligence, they have to become cunning.
By the time politician’s reach the highest posts, any intelligence has already withered away.
People who have gone beyond the age of sixty, seventy, eighty, then become prime ministers and presidents.
This is dangerous for the world, because they have so much power and so little intelligence left, if any?
In fact most people choose them to be prime ministers and presidents because they are no longer intelligent.
People don’t like intelligent persons.
Most people like people who look like them, who are retarded like them, then they feel they are not strangers.
Intelligent people will always be strangers.
People only choose dull dead persons to be in power because they can be safe with them.
Countries choose mediocre people to be in power, because they will save their tradition, their conventions, their prejudices.
They will protect their poisons.
Instead of destroying them, they will enhance them and strengthen them.
It is certainly dangerous to have unintelligent people in powerful posts.
And it is becoming more and more dangerous, because they have more and more power and less and less intelligence.
Once a politician is in power, they become a totalitarian, they become dictatorial.
They talk about democracy, but behind the democracy is dictatorship.
It is always so.
When the politician is not in power he is democratic, when he is in power all democracy disappears.
Look at the world, look what these criminal politicians have done to it.
If the world wants to be at peace, politicians should disappear entirely from this planet.
They are the enemies of humanity.
Humanity has to be freed from their chains and their presence.
A totally new kind of awareness is needed in the world.
A fire in which the whole political game is finished.
A few authentic enlightened people have to bring this fire to every heart.
And with the political game finished, the politician will disappear.
We just need a few authentic intelligent people, not priests, not professionals but people who have experienced consciousness itself.
They will become burning torches in the darkness of the night.
They will not become politicians, but they can destroy the whole political structure of the world, and that’s what is needed.
They will not be interested in politics, but they will certainly be interested in the humanity that the politicians have been exploiting for centuries.
They will not take power in their hands, they will simply destroy these parasites and let the power be with everybody.

It is a basic truth that only people who are suffering from an inferiority complex go into politics.
It is the inferiority complex that leads them into politics, so that they can prove to themselves, and to the world that they are not inferior, by having power over others.
A person who does not feel inferior would never go into politics.
So it is always the inferior who go to into politics.
And these people have the power of the armies, of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, of nuclear weapons.
It is a very strange and dangerous world.
As it is now, idiotic politicians are trying to solve problems which they don’t understand at all.
Problems which they have created, which have now gone beyond their reach and beyond their understanding.
Direct meritocracy is the answer for all our problems.
With direct meritocracy, there is no need for any political party, politicians or political ideology.
People should stand on their own merit.
Merit should be the only decisive point.
We have geniuses in every field, but you don’t find those geniuses becoming prime ministers or presidents.
But they can become presidents and prime ministers if there are no political parties.
Then their sheer merit will be enough, and nobody will even be capable of competing with them.
They will not have to go to beg for votes, they will be chosen unanimously.
We have so many people of great merit, but they should not become part of any political party, they should not degrade themselves.
To become part of a political party and beg for votes while making false promises which cannot be fulfilled, is not the way.
Only the third-class people, very mediocre people, become part of political parties, the best remain out.
Actually only the most capable and intelligent should be the ones who manage the society.
The world will be far better if we are in the hands of intelligent, independent people, creative people who do not want to destroy, whose intelligence won’t allow them to do all the stupid things that politicians go on doing.
Power should always be in the hands of the more alert, more aware, more conscious people.
Otherwise, this power is going to destroy the whole of humanity.
It is time to understand the whole situation.
We have to prevent politicians from going on playing the same criminal games.
Because behind the masks of democracy is a cunning, criminal political system.
These people who call themselves democratic and think that they are protectors of democracy in the world are really imperialistic.
These governments pretend to be democratic, but are not.
We can all now see that this so called democracy is only a mask, and behind it are psychotic politicians controlling fascist governments.
These governments should be exposed to the whole world, because the whole world has been believing that they are in a democracy.
Why should there be a political party?
There is no reason for political parties to exist.
Politicians have already done enough harm to humanity, it is time to forever show them the door.

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