Disappearing White America

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Travis says:

Whites are no longer 60% of the US population. Whites have become a minority of our University Students and are a minority of Americans under the age of 19.

The only demographic which matters is the under 40 population, as the older population is no longer fertile and has little impact on our culture and our future. The majority of Americans under the age of 40 benefit from wokism because the majority are part of a minority group.

US demographics under the age of 40
Year- Whites -Non-Whites
1990 – 120 M – 36 M
2020 – 88 M — 78 M

The dramatic collapse of the white population in the United States is accelerating. The Future of America will be fewer and fewer whites. Only about 25% of the US workforce consists of straight White males today. 75% of the workforce are members of a protected minority group with special rights and privileges. White fertility continues to decline. We have already been replaced. White deaths has exceeded white births for the last decade. The decline in the number of Whites is accelerating faster than predicted. By 2040 Whites will be a minority within the US , but for all practical considerations Whites are already a minority within the United States.

Whites are not being culled so much as choosing not to reproduce or mating with non-whites. The European Y chromosomes will remain dominant in the United States , as it remains dominant among Latin Americans and African-Americans today.

The dwindling number of whites in America is due to the low fertility of whites combined with the rise in mixed-raced couples. The majority of mixed raced couples in America today are White-Hispanic pairings followed by White-Asian mating. Both Hispanic Women and Asian females prefer white males, thus the white Y chromosomes will continue to dominate for many years to come.

No culling of whites is required to reduce the number of whites in America. Whites have been choosing careers and education over having children for decades. Whites never had much ethnic solidarity and certainly most whites do not have any allegiance to fellow whites. This is why Whites are vanishing, too many have chosen to remain childless or have just one or two kids and many have chosen non-white mates.

White elites males are more likely to marry Asians, while the white working class men are more likely to marry Hispanic. The future elites will be comprised of Jews, Asians, Whites and mixed-raced (White-Asian). In 50 years the only pure whites left will be the Amish and some hillbillies. But the majority of Americans males will still have the European Y chromosomes.

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