Power = Money + Mind Control

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Priss Factor says:
@Bardon Kaldian


American elites are more than 80% Gentile whites. Be it among moneyed classes, the military, politicians, business people, media personalities, public intellectuals, intelligence agencies, bankers etc.

That’s not how power works. When British ruled India and Hong Kong, they had many local managers, businessmen, and bureaucrats working for them. But the Brits held the power.

Most people in halls of power don’t make the policy. They just carry them out. When US invaded Iraq, did most generals have a choice? No, it was decided on war, and the generals just carried it out. Few make the big decisions, and the rest exist to execute them.

Most people in the FBI and CIA just follow orders. They are no different from men who worked in the Soviet or Nazi system. They do as told. Sure, they make recommendations, and some of them do leak to the press on occasion, but then, what’s the point when the press is also controlled by Jewish oligarchs who are in cahoots with the Deep State. Elite folks are mostly company men. People like James Comey have no sense of individual conscience or agency. They look over their shoulders and follow orders.

Indeed, the system is geared to find and favor the flunkies for promotion. Mavericks and individualists are weeded out. Same in the media. Whatever one thinks of Chris Hedges, he sometimes spoke out against the real power. So, he was exiled from MSM and got a gig with RT.
Jews are at the top and they pick and choose the kind of people who make the best dogs and flunkies.

It’s like Hollywood. There are these stars and famous people, but they are really flunkies of the moguls with the real power. Stars come and go, but Jewish moguls always control Hollywood.

But Jews don’t merely have money power but ‘spiritual’ power. They control the gods or whatever is deemed holy and sacred in society. Jews used power of media, academia, and entertainment to elevate themselves as holy holocaust Jews, blacks as noble negroes, and homos as rainbow angels. Jews use their immense money power to buy politicians and to coerce businessmen. Jews use their media power to blackmail and destroy reputations. And as Jews control the gods, they decide what is acceptable and unacceptable. Elon Musk and Warren Buffett are super-rich but they don’t control the gods. Now, what would happen if either stuck up for white pride and white identity? They would be non-personed, their business partners would abandon them, their finances would be shut down, the media would hound them, and etc. It’s like what the newspaper tycoon learns in THE FOUNTAINHEAD. He got the money, but Toohey gained control of the gods that can sway both elite and mass opinion. Even in a depraved society, people like to believe in values higher than money, and so, those who control the gods control the hearts and minds.

You seem think position and money = power. Sure, to an extent, that’s true. But there is power even beyond that. In traditional Europe, even the richest man risked losing everything if he badmouthed God and Jesus. Today, the new gods are Jews, blacks, and homos. Even the richest man risks losing everything if he blasphemes against Jews and their black and homo allies. Jews rigged it this way.

Also, not everyone in position of power has the vision thing or sense of direction/destiny. Why did Hitler dominate others? He had the force of personality, the vision thing. Jews have the force of personality but most groups in the upper echelons don’t. They are mainly into money and privilege without any powerful sense of the future. In the coming years, there will be more Asian in elite circles, but they are colorless and weak of personality. Asian way is to serve the boss, not be the boss. Whites used to like being the boss but that was under glorious race-ism. But whites lost race-ism and are without direction and, as a result, look to Jews to lead the way.

How did the US military bend over to tranny nuttery and anti-white lunacy? It’s been traditionally dominated by white conservative men? Because military men got guns but no brains. They don’t control the policy or the gods. They are positions of power but to take orders than to formulate destiny.

Trump was kicked in the ass, gouged in the eyes, pounded in the face, bitten in the ears, cut up in the nose, punched in the gut, mouse-trapped in his dick, and had a poker shoved up his ass by the Jews, but what were his words to Jews after all that? “Can I kiss your ass?”

What does that tell you?

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