Study Finds Remdesivir is a Total Bust

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Daniel Horowitz via: The Blaze

16 months into this virus, our government has nothing to offer us in terms of treatment in the hospital but remdesivir at $3,100 a dose and zero treatment options at the critical early stage, when serious complications can be pre-empted. Now, a new study from the University of Iowa shows what we knew all along – that remdesivir failed to reduce mortality one iota. Why are we to believe the same government entities about embracing the clot shots and shunning so many other cheaper and effective treatments after spending billions and losing countless lives on a failed drug?

After 62 studies, 32 of them randomized controlled trials, establishing ivermectin as an effective treatment and an even more effective preventative to keep people out of the hospital in the first place, our government refuses to endorse its use and Big Tech continues to censor it. They claim they need more studies. Yet not a single randomized controlled trial showed remdesivir to be effective before they dove in headfirst and the NIH made it the only approved antiviral treatment for COVID. Now, a University of Iowa study published in JAMA Network Open on Thursday has shown that remdesivir was a complete bust.

Among the 2,334 U.S. veterans studied in 124 hospitals, a higher share of remdesivir patients (12.2 percent) who took part in the study died than patients in the control group (10.6 percent). Moreover, on average, remdesivir patients spent six days in the hospital, while control group patients spent only three. [“These findings suggest that clinicians may have not discharged some patients who were receiving remdesivir until they completed a 5-day course.”]

Previously, last October, the World Health Organization found that use of remdesivir in 11,000 patients across 400 hospitals in the world failed to lower the mortality rate or truncate time of stay in the hospital.

Take a look at this chart of treatment protocols for COVID hospital patients from the NIH, and you will see that aside from remdesivir, the only other treatment they offer is dexamethasone as the corticosteroid of choice to treat inflammation. [So what purpose is there to “hospital beds” anyway??]

Again, dexamethasone was approved after just one randomized controlled trial last year, when ivermectin had over two dozen. This new study from the University of Iowa seems to show that dexamethasone is also a bust because outcomes did not improve among those who received that steroid along with remdesivir, as opposed to the control group that did not. In other words, after 16 months of research by doctors on numerous helpful antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as more effective corticosteroids, the government has ensured that we have not advanced one iota in treating this virus. This is truly criminal and probably the gravest scandal of COVID.

Contrast this to ivermectin, which is available for $25. A Cochrane-standard (the highest level review) meta-analysis of ivermectin against COVID-19 by Bryant-Lawrie, which has been published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, concluded that ivermectin reduced fatality in hospitalized patients by 62%. But more important is getting people to use this immediately in an outpatient setting and, for vulnerable people, even preventively. The study found that “ivermectin prophylaxis reduced covid-19 infection by an average 86%.”

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are just two of the more known treatments, but there are so many more. There are fluvoxamine, budesonide, colchicine, nitazoxanide, proxalutamide, and many other simple supplements, such as aspirin, melatonin, and quercetin that have shown much promise at varying stages of disease – mixed with various cocktails and antibiotics (like azithromycin and doxycycline) – that can be used by a doctor’s orders.

Why has the government refused to spend a penny of the trillions it wasted chasing false strategies that destroyed the country on research toward guidance on outpatient treatment? Why does every testing center not have doctor or nurse practitioner on staff to immediately prescribe treatments to those who test positive? Why has the government not encouraged people to use the past 16 months to test and then bulk up their key nutritional supplements, especially vitamins A, C, D, E, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc?

Also, why has the government not promoted the more effective methylprednisolone as the corticosteroid to treat pulmonary inflammation instead of dexamethasone? None of the government agencies even discuss, much less debate, cocktails, dosages, and stages of treatment to keep people out of hospitals 16 months after “15 days to flatten the curve.”

Had they done all of this, most of the fatalities and critical illness, including hospitalizations, could have been avoided.

Inescapably, this is not just a war on hydroxychloroquine, it’s a visceral opposition to treating the virus with anything that will work and not line the pockets of big pharma. This is a scandal of biblical proportions. The purveyors of panic themselves are now admitting that the risky shots are not nearly foolproof against some of the mutations. So how can they ignore risk-free treatments that can save them?

Ivermectin has been dispensed almost 4 billion times, is safer than Tylenol, and has 86% effectiveness as a prophylaxis. If we are to believe it’s constitutional to mandate masks and vaccines, at least follow the science and mandate ivermectin use. After all, if you don’t get the virus, you can’t spread it. In other words, if you believe it’s OK to shame and ostracize someone for not taking the shots, then by a factor of 10, people should be shamed for not taking ivermectin and bulking up their vitamin levels without causing blood clots and myocarditis and only God knows what other symptoms from the spike protein-based injections.

The entire job of public health agencies is to study, invest in, and sort out the best protocols of all the aforementioned treatments, yet that is the one thing they refuse to do and are preventing others from doing. It’s scandalous that people who are just getting the virus now have nowhere to turn, while Google completely censors information on lifesaving treatment. Thankfully, there are still some independent doctors who take their Hippocratic oaths seriously and have published detailed protocols for all stages of the virus, including prophylaxis and post-hospitalization. Here is one from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and another from the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons published by Dr. Peter McCullough. Anyone who has trouble getting a prescription from an ignorant doctor can go to to schedule a telemedicine appointment.

I never thought getting involved in broadcasting and politics as something of a public figure would give me access to lifesaving medical treatment and help save lives by referring people to these doctors. I get numerous frantic emails from people with elderly parents (including those who were vaccinated) seeking treatment when their doctors have nothing for them but a cheap mask and the hospital has some remdesivir and a ventilator waiting for them.

The government and medical system is so broken that the very people who shout “COVID!” the loudest are the ones ensuring that people are left in the dark about treatment for the most studied ailment in all of human history.


Four in 10 patients (40.3%) received remdesivir, of whom most were men (94.3% vs 93.7% of those who never received the drug), older (67.8 vs 67.0 years), or White (59.6% vs 54.4%). They were also more likely than non-remdesivir patients to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (37.4% vs 32.0%) or be sicker at admission.

The researchers were able to match 1,172 remdesivir patients (about half), with standardized differences less than 10% for all factors.

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2 years ago

Not only that, but as a French scientist and a French European Deputy pointed out last November, remdesivir has long been known to be potentially toxic for your kidneys. It was first brought out to cure AIDS – didn’t work, then again for Ebola. No help there either. So why then did Europe agree to buy 500 million doses (or whatever outrageous amount it was)? Golly, can we guess?

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2 years ago

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