TUCKER CARLSON:’The Anglosphere is committing suicide’

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This is a rush transcript from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” August 2, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: Good evening and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. We’re coming to you this evening from Budapest, Hungary right over the Danube River. It’s a place we’re going to be telling you a lot about in the coming days.

If you care about western civilization and democracy and families and the ferocious assault on all three of those things by the leaders of our global institutions, you should know what is happening here right now. But more on that to come, a lot more.

First tonight though, we’re continuing to follow the bizarre and very fast changing guidance on COVID from the White House. Remember when they told you the last administration was incompetent? We’ve never seen anything like this. It’s beyond belief.

It was just a week ago that Rochelle Walensky of the C.D.C. did her best to terrify all of us over the new Indian strain of COVID. Walensky described the so-called delta variant as quote, “one of the most infectious respiratory diseases we know of and that I have seen in my 20-year career.” An internal C.D.C. document summed it up in marshal terms, quote, “The war has changed,” wrote the C.D.C.

In response to those horrifying developments, the administration immediately re-implemented indoor mask mandates, even for people who’ve been fully vaccinated, and that was enough to get even the deeply and curious American news media asking questions. Wait a second, if the vaccines work, why the masks? So, they started digging and they didn’t have to dig much.

On Friday morning, “The Washington Post” ran this headline, quote: “Vaccinated people made up three-quarters of those infected in a massive Massachusetts COVID-19 outbreak, pivotal C.D.C. study finds.” End quote. “The New York Times” ran a similar piece, again, it was based on numbers from the C.D.C. and yet just minutes after those articles appeared, the White House panicked.

A senior member of its COVID-19 response team, a man who is not a doctor, but instead a career flak called Ben Wanaka jumped on social media to attack the media, and in fact attacked the administration’s own scientists.

Here was Wanaka’s message to “The New York Times” on Twitter over the weekend. He wrote it in all caps as if he was shouting quote, “Vaccinated people do not transmit the virus at the same rate as unvaccinated people and if you fail to include that context you’re doing it wrong.” He barked.

He went on to call “The Washington Post’s” coverage of it irresponsible, and he added this quote: “Let’s be clear, if 10 vaccinated people walk into a room full of COVID about nine of them would walk out of the room with no COVID. Nine of them.” But is that true? Ben Wanaka, the one who is not a doctor, but instead a flak did not provide a citation for that statistic.

In fact, judging by the C.D.C.’s own numbers, it appears to be wrong. In other words it is classic misinformation, possibly Russian in origin; and yet strangely, Ben Wanaka who knows much less about science than say Alex Jones was not banned from the internet. He just kept tweeting.

And then a few hours later, he got back up support from Rochelle Walensky herself. “The vaccine works,” Walensky shouted. In fact, it works so well, you may soon be forced to get it.


BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CHIEF POLITICAL ANCHOR: Now, are you for mandating a vaccine on a Federal level?

DR. ROCHELLE WALENSKY, DIRECTOR, CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION: You know, that is something that I think the administration is looking into. It is something that I think we are looking to see approval from the vaccine.

Overall, I think in general, I am all for more vaccination, but you know, I have nothing further to say on that except that we are looking into those policies and quite honestly, as people are doing that locally, those are individual local decisions as well.


CARLSON: So, we’re looking into a Federal vaccine mandate, but then just minutes after she said that, Rochelle Walensky went on Twitter to take it back, quote: “To clarify, there will be no nationwide mandate. I was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the Federal government.” End quote.

But of course that’s not at all what she said. She said, we are looking into a Federal mandate nationwide.

Then on Sunday, the head of the N.I.H., the highly political Francis Collins explained that those, quote, “mandates” by private institutions might look like this.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: Do you think as a public health measure, it would be good for more businesses to require vaccine credentials in order to have vaccinated customers?

DR. FRANCIS COLLINS, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH: As a public health person who wants to see this pandemic end, yes, I think anything we can do to encourage reluctant folks to get vaccinated because they’ll want to be part of these public events, that’s a good thing. I’m delighted to see employers like Disney and Walmart coming out and asking their staff now to be vaccinated.

I’m glad to see the President has said all Federal employees. I oversee N.I.H. with 45,000 people I need to also get vaccinated or if they’re not, to get regular testing, which is inconvenient. All of those steps I think are in the right direction.


CARLSON: Who is this old fool? The employers asking their employees to get vaccinated? They’re not asking, they’re requiring them as a condition of employment. They are forcing them. Oh, but that’s not a mandate. Just get vaccinated or you can’t live in the United States anymore. That’s the message from the head of the N.I.H. who still has not explained to what extent his agency funded the development of this virus in the first place. Okay.

But Francis Collins at the same time also wants you to know that even if you have been vaccinated, you can’t go back to your normal life. The vaccine is perfect, but you still have to wear a mask and can’t go outside. Large gatherings, for example, are out of the question. Why? Because the possibility a handful of people who aren’t vaccinated may be hurt, quote: “If there are a hundred people,” Collins said recently, “How are you really going to be sure about people’s vaccination status?”

On the other hand, why would you need to be sure if vaccination is a choice? Collins did not explain by the way how unvaccinated people could possibly pose a threat to vaccinated people because remember, the vaccines work so well we have to mandate them for public health reasons. But at the same time, people who have been vaccinated are threatened by those who don’t.

You following this? Does it make any sense to you at all? Do you need a medical degree to know it is complete nonsense? No, you don’t. Here’s one thing you should know, these restrictions do not apply to everyone.

Prominent Democrats have been exempted from them. Barack Obama for example, just announced that he is inviting 500 people to his 60th birthday party at his $12 million spread on Martha’s Vineyard, the house which despite climate change by the way is right on the ocean.

Pearl Jam will perform, Steven Spielberg has been invited. There will be 200 staff. Why 200? Because when you’re as oppressed as Michelle Obama is, you really can’t have too many servants, and she doesn’t. Two hundred is not too many.

So it turns out Martha’s Vineyard is exempt from the new COVID rules. Aspen will be, too, for sure. Parts of Washington, D.C. have already been given a pass. We know that because Mayor Muriel Bowser delayed the implementation of her masked mandate long enough to celebrate her own birthday party. Dave Chappelle came, dozens of others did, too.

And then after the mask mandate went into effect on Saturday, Muriel Bowser who is the mayor and can do whatever she wants, officiated a wedding at a high price hotel in a very pale neighborhood, not a diverse place.

Now, you’d think all of this, the lack of equity and diversity and the hypocrisy would bother CNN. They’re on the lookout for those things, but they weren’t. Muriel Bowser is part of the ruling class and their job is to defend her no matter what she does, so they did.


JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: Here’s the thing, right, she wasn’t actually as far as we know violating the new rules, correct?

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN ANCHOR: I think that that is fair to say. I mean, I look at the photo and I see, it seems like it could be during the toast, right? Everyone’s heads are pointed in a certain direction it seems like maybe they are listening to someone is what it appears to me.


CARLSON: Can you imagine? You’re a news network and you’re taking your air time to defend the hypocrisy of politicians because why? Are they paying you or do you feel a moral duty to do that? You’re more loyal to them than you are to your viewers, to the country.

So where does this lead? What does Civil Rights mean when they’re not enforced across the board? When your rights are given to you based on who you vote for, they’re not really Civil Rights, are they? They are privileges and that’s exactly what’s happening. In fact, it is happening around the world. Rights that we took for granted, that we believe we were born with in the English-speaking world have disappeared.

Australia is a former prison colony, increasingly, it is looking like it once was. The Australian military is now enforcing martial law. People are not allowed to leave their homes, that’s because of a COVID outbreak this summer that led to a grand total — get your pencils — of nine deaths. Nine people died of the virus and they are shutting down Australia and they’re using the military to do it.

Police helicopters are clearing people off the beach. Is there scientific justification for this? No, but they’re doing it anyway.


TEXT: Will everyone congregating Gordon’s Bay move on.

The local police have been notified and will be attending shortly.

Anyone breaching the public health order will be issued a fine.


CARLSON: The Anglo-sphere committing suicide collectively. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and Great Britain — what do they have in common? They speak the same language, they have the same culture and all of them are allowing COVID to defeat them.

In Australia, people not allowed on the beach and not allowed to ask why either. We know that because Sky News Australia, which has the same owners as this channel, has just been banned on YouTube in Australia. Why is that?

Well, Sky News Australia reported that outdoor mask mandates and universal lockdowns may not be necessary to defeat COVID or very effective in defeating COVID. They reported that the science is far from settled on those questions, and they are right. It is far from settled.

It is obvious to anyone who has watched the Biden administration berate its own scientists on social media this weekend. The science is not settled. Science rarely is settled, in fact, it’s a process of seeking the truth. It is not the same as a political directive, just because the person in power tells you something doesn’t mean, it is quote “science” just because CNN defends that person exempting himself from his own rules does not make that science.

But rather than admit this obvious truth, the truth that almost all Americans understand intuitively, the people running our government, including the public health establishment, which they employ panic.

How long until they’re kicking us off beaches and locking us in our homes? Will we be allowed to complain about it when they do?

Vivek Ramaswamy is the author of “Woke Inc.” He spent a long career in business and has taken a break from that because he thinks the country is in trouble, not least because of things like this. Vivek, thanks so much for joining us tonight. We appreciate it.

So, what should we make — what lesson should we draw when politicians exempt themselves from their own rules? When Barack Obama has his guests, 500 guests and 200 servants to his oceanfront home in Martha’s Vineyard at a time when the rest of us aren’t allowed to do that — what should we learn from that?

VIVEK RAMASWAMY, BIOTECH ENTREPRENEUR AND AUTHOR, “WOKE, INC.”: We should learn, Tucker, that the guiding principle is, “Do as I say, not as I do,” when it comes to government officials policy on COVID-19. It is funny, it reminds me a lot of a white-collar criminal in the 1980s, Leona Helmsley who famously said, “We don’t pay taxes, only little people pay taxes.”

Well today, only little people are the ones who are expected to abide by these COVID-19 restrictions. It is laughable if the consequences weren’t so serious and the government has given the public absolutely zero reason to trust anything they have to say, Tucker.

The government did not trust the public at the start of this pandemic and now, the public doesn’t trust the government in return and that’s a problem.

CARLSON: Well, it is a problem particularly in public health. I mean, you’ve been in public health. You ran a pharma company, a successful one developing new drug treatments for disease. If the public doesn’t believe physicians or public health authorities, like what kind of country do you have over time?

RAMASWAMY: That’s absolutely right, and now we see the censorship to top it off. I’ll tell you this, Tucker. I was a Harvard trained scientist. I started a biotech company. I care about the integrity of science and science is not what some government official says on a given day depending on what side of the bed he woke up on.

Science is a method. It is a method of pursuing truth that requires free speech, open debate, and skepticism. Yes, skepticism is part of science and instead, science — we’ve seen science transform into becoming this institution. I think of it as a church, what I call the church of scientism.

And ironically, the church of scientism has put science itself on the altar as a sacrificial lamb. What we really need is a revival of the open discourse that allows us to discover what of our ideas will be proven wrong in the future, and without open debate, without open dialogue, we can’t do that.

CARLSON: And isn’t that why — I mean, you would know, since you started a biotech company, but the United States has led the world in scientific innovation for a hundred years because it is the most open country.

RAMASWAMY: That’s right. I mean, we have to be humble about what we do know and what we don’t. History teaches us that most of our beliefs will either be proven false or modified in some way, but the only way we get there is not through censorship, it is not through government government- coordinated censorship with these so-called private companies, but through open discourse, and honesty, and humility, and skepticism. That is what science depends on.

And now, in the name of science, the worst kind of betrayal of science, Tucker, is in the name of science itself and that’s what we’re seeing.

CARLSON: That’s totally right. Humility is the root of wisdom and it is the root of science, and thank you for reminding us of that. Vivek Ramaswamy, great to see you tonight.

RAMASWAMY: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: So, you often hear people say, yes, I’m required to wear a mask, but what’s the harm? It’s a small price to pay. But is it a small price? Is there an effect on people and the society that we live in?

Jeffrey Anderson maybe more than anyone in recent months has thought deeply about that question. He just wrote a brand new piece in the “Claremont Review of Books” called “The Masking of America,” which we strongly recommend. We probably should just read it on the air, but instead we’re going to have him join us right now.

Jeffrey Anderson was the Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics at D.O.J. and he joins us. Jeffrey Anderson, thanks so much for coming on.


CARLSON: So, you hear that all the time, I heard it this afternoon from an old friend of mine. You know, it’s a small price to pay. I’m willing to do my part.

Why should we pause before we agree to this?

ANDERSON: I think it’s a huge price to pay, Tucker, for society as a whole. Masks are uncomfortable, they’re unhygienic. They profoundly compromise human interaction, human communication, human sociability, and human understanding.

There is a reason that we have not concealed the face in the West, it’s because we know that each individual human being is a unique individual and the way we can tell that is largely — the way we identify someone is largely by his or her face.

A country that forgets the importance of the face is probably also going to forget the importance of certain unalienable rights. When we walk around looking like faceless Storm Troopers, it doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence that we are fit to be a free, self-governing citizens in a Republic.

CARLSON: Such a deep point. I just want to write out what you said and put it on my refrigerator.

The importance of the human face reminds us of the importance of the human individual. We’re not all the same, that’s why we don’t wear uniforms.

So, do you think their insistence that we cover our faces, that everyone look exactly alike reveals how they feel about us?

ANDERSON: I think it certainly suggests that to some degree, and our willingness to go along with it says something about how we view ourselves in relation to them. We’ve had way too much government by public health official in recent months or by executives who act like they are kings or emperors, rather than by representative legislatures, who are supposed to be the ones representing us on these questions.

CARLSON: So this — I mean, it does seem and I don’t want to overstate anything or make anyone more fearful or more paranoid, but it does seem like democracy to some extent, our understanding of our relationship to the state is at stake here.

ANDERSON: I think that’s right. I mean, this is — it is interesting to compare this experience with say 1918 and the Spanish flu and some of the other pandemics that have hit and American’s reaction to that.

If we compare COVID to the Spanish flu, an American under 40 years of age have more than a hundred times the chance of dying of the Spanish flu than of COVID-19. The Spanish flu was more than a hundred times as deadly than COVID for Americans under 40. You certainly don’t hear that.

There’s a culture of fear being inculcated and we simply — so far, we’ve been going along with it way too much and I think that the we need to actually look at the science, which suggests masks are really not that effective and they’re — and look at the full picture which shows that they are doing a great deal of harm.

CARLSON: I think that’s exactly right. Thank you for reminding us that. Terrific piece in the “Claremont Review of Books.” Jeffrey Anderson, I appreciate it.

ANDERSON: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Meanwhile, as our public health authorities try to terrify us about a resurgence of the delta variant, people were dying all over the country of the violence that they have allowed.

In the City of New Orleans for example, several people were shot on Bourbon Street where you’ve probably been in the French Quarter if you’ve been a tourist in that city. Now, another major American city is about to set an all-time record for violent crime, we’ll tell you where.

We’re coming to you as we said, live from Budapest, Hungary on assignment for our documentary series. We’ll tell you a lot more, coming up.


CARLSON: So, we’re standing in front of the Hungarian Supreme Court Building which is directly across from the Parliament, and like a lot of buildings in the central square in Budapest, one of the better side of the Danube, there are bullet holes in the marble of the building, and they are all over.

Some have been patched, some haven’t been, and they’re either from the siege of Budapest, it was at the end of the Second World War, or they were from the 1956 Hungarian uprising, Soviet bullet holes, and they are a reminder of how many times this country has been dominated by foreign powers. They are kind of a living testament to the violence that has unfolded here, and again to the foreign domination of this country, and it really affects the way Hungarians feel about themselves and their government.



CARLSON: Welcome back from Budapest, Hungary.

Well, the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last Memorial Day has inadvertently perhaps led to the deaths of many thousands more American citizens. Violent crime continues to surge in American cities across the country, thanks to policies put in place since then.

Just over the past weekend, there were several shootings in the City of New Orleans. Five people were shot in the city’s French Quarter early Sunday. You can see the crowd fleeing gunfire on your screen. Keep in mind that’s Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. That’s where people go when they visit the city. Now, it’s too dangerous for people to go a lot of the time.

In New York City, the biggest in the country, 10 people were shot, three were killed following a gang shootout in front of a laundromat. Bill de Blasio was busy playing volleyball over the weekend, but at least, mayoral nominee, Eric Adams had something to say about that. Watch.


ERIC ADAMS (D), MAYORAL CANDIDATE, NEW YORK CITY: We are losing the grip on public safety and we have to respond immediately and treat this like the crisis that it is.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice over): Brooklyn Borough President and democratic mayoral candidate, Eric Adams in North Corona Queens condemning the suspected gang-related mass shooting on 37th Avenue that left 10 injured there Saturday night.

Adams’s comments coming just as another suspected gang member was arraigned for shooting an NYPD officer struggling to disarm him in the Bronx just after midnight, Saturday.


CARLSON: Tragedy, every one of them, Heather Mac Donald is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, she joins us now.

Heather, thanks so much for coming on. It’s infuriating and grief-making to watch those videos because you know they didn’t have to happen, those shootings, they did happen because of bad policies and the people who made those policies will never be held to account for them and never be forced to apologize.

You’ve covered this from a social science point of view for decades. It must enrage you to watch it.

HEATHER MAC DONALD, FELLOW, MANHATTAN INSTITUTE: It certainly does, Tucker. We’re all living through a real-time experiment testing the left’s theories about crime and human nature. According to much of the media, the Democratic elite establishment, crime is just a racist fiction and the criminal justice system has been designed to oppress blacks, therefore we can dismantle law enforcement without negative effects and will liberate blacks from racist oppression.

Well, the results of this experiment have been in for a year, as you say since the George Floyd riots and what we’ve seen is the largest increase in homicide in this nation’s history. Dozens of black children mowed down fatally by drive-by shootings and senior citizens thrashed, beaten mercilessly by racist hate-filled thugs.

This crime wave is coming to a neighborhood near you via carjackings, flash mobs, and street robberies, and if we don’t completely rebut without apology the false narrative that policing is racist, civilization is going to continue to unwind right before our eyes.

CARLSON: I’m not sure most Americans understand that not all cities are like that. I’m standing in a city of 1.7 million people where nothing like that ever happens — ever happens in Budapest, Hungary. Probably a lot of problems with Budapest, but there’s nothing like that.

Do Americans, have they come to believe that we have to live like this? That it’s like mandatory for some reason?

MAC DONALD: Well, we’ve reverted to that absolutely. In the early 1990s, criminologists were saying for New York City that it was inevitably violent, that that is simply the American character. That was the norm and Rudolph Giuliani and Police Commissioner William Bratton disproved it through effective law enforcement.

The root cause of American crime, Tucker, you bring about — you mentioned Hungarian families, is the breakdown of the family in the inner city. As long as that continues and young boys are raised without any sense of impulse control, deferred gratification, the police are the only thing that stands between the law-abiding residents of poor neighborhoods and utter complete annihilation.

So, this narrative far from helping blacks is hurting them and the solution to it ultimately is not law enforcement, it is social cohesion and a return to the understanding that children need mothers and fathers.

CARLSON: Yes. One of the things I love about talking to you is you actually care about what happens to the people we see on our screen being murdered on the sidewalk. No one in charge seems to care, so bless you for that.

Heather Mac Donald, thank you.

MAC DONALD: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: So, the southern border is completely open, transforming the country. The Biden administration has allowed many thousands, very soon it’ll be millions of foreign nationals from other nations to enter our country.

Now, there is an effort underway to make sure all of them can vote. Oh, but don’t say it out loud, that’s a conspiracy theory. Right? We’ve got details for you coming up live from Budapest.



The White House calling on states and local governments to take action after an eviction moratorium expired over the weekend. The Biden administration says the Federal government has provided more than $45 billion to keep renters in their home and is accusing states and cities of being quite, “too slow to act.”

President Biden has faced criticism that he was slow to address the end of the moratorium imposed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senator Lindsey Graham has tested positive for COVID-19. The South Carolina lawmaker is the first senator to test positive despite being vaccinated.

Senator Graham says he is quote, “very glad he received the vaccine” and that without it, his current symptoms would be far worse.

I’m Matt Finn, now back to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.

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CARLSON: So the Biden administration started doing all kinds of things almost immediately after Joe Biden was inaugurated in January, but the very first thing they did, the first big policy change they made and the one they have stuck to most deciduously has been to open our southern border, not simply to Latin America, but to the world.

Now why did they do that? Why is that the one thing they did immediately and have kept doing? Well, of course because they want to change who lives in this country and they’re doing that to undermine democracy itself. When you change who votes, you change the outcome of elections, and they believe by opening the border, they can ensure permanent control of our political system by the Democratic Party for generations.

That’s not a conspiracy theory, they say it out loud all the time, and attacked you if you noted.

Dick Durbin who is a senator purportedly from Illinois just said it out loud on the floor of the Senate a few days ago. Last week “The New York Times” published an op-ed — and we’re giving the title here directly — quote, “There is no good reason you should have to be a citizen to vote.”

In other words, the millions coming in should be able to choose your government. The author of that piece argues that actually non-citizens contribute just as much to this country as people who are born here and they should be allowed to pick your government.

If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. He joins us tonight.

Professor, thanks so much for coming on. So, they scream at you if you repeat their own words back to them, but I think it’s pretty clear, they are not even hiding it that the whole point of their immigration policy is to ensure political control, replace the population, get a different outcome.

Am I misreading this?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: No, you’re not, and I think it was really important you stressed the urgencies just as we’re seeing the efforts to destroy the Electoral College or pack the court or have a national voter law. They feel that the constituency of the present demography is not on their side, so they can’t wait to legally have residents come with green cards and go through a lengthy process of citizenship because they don’t think they’re going to be in power or they won’t have this moment.

So, they want to have residents immediately become equal to citizens and they forget that citizens — they know that citizenship is the foundation of western civilization, Tucker. We had a long period of settled civilization, but was only 2,700 years ago when, in the classical world, people said, wait a minute, we are a permanent fixed peoples. We have identifiable borders. We can make our own laws and elect our own officials and take governance in our own hands. We can’t do that if we’re migratory tribes or we don’t have a settled space or we don’t have shared and collective customs and traditions that develop from settlement.

So, when we look at people crossing the border, two million of them are scheduled in the next 12 months, we don’t know who these people are, Tucker. We don’t know if they speak their language and we don’t know if they share our values, and we don’t even know if they’ve ever voted before.’

And the idea that the moment they come across and that’s the first decision they made was to break U.S. law, the second will be to reside here illegally, they would be co-equal to a citizen defies the whole concept of civilization.

And remember, citizenship has already eroded. It started out — it is mentioned several times in the Constitution as an assumption. You don’t even have to define it, but it used to be the idea that a citizen could only elect — hold elected office, could only vote, could only go in and out of the country at his own permission and will, and could serve in the military and was subject to the laws of the United States.

And now, we see those are mostly eroded and we’re down to just — the only thing that separates a citizen from somebody crossing the border on day one was that they could not hold office and they could not vote. Yet, already people in some jurisdictions, school board elections in California are voting and there is talk about even people holding office.

When that happens, then we’re no different than Rome with people just in the late 5th Century A.D. coming across the Roman borders, Huns, vandals, goths with no difference in their status than Roman citizens and you know what happened after that.

CARLSON: Yes, and this is being done intentionally, stealing our country from American citizens. That’s exactly what this is and we’re allowing it.

HANSON: Yes. It is.

CARLSON: Victor Davis Hanson, I appreciate your coming on tonight.

HANSON: Thank you.

CARLSON: So Joe Biden has only been in office for a little over six months, he has already radically changed this country in a lot of different ways. He has accused a huge part of the population of being white supremacists, criminals, enemies of the state, and with very few exceptions, Republicans have not even mentioned it, not said a word, and of course done nothing to protect their own voters. Why is that?

We talked to one journalist, a man who long considered himself a member of the hard left, why this is and his answer — bracing. It’s coming to you in just a moment.

We’ll be back from Budapest, Hungary.


CARLSON: So, we’re in the Central Square in Budapest. This is really the scene of all modern Hungarian history. At various points, there have been executions in this square, revolutions fomented in this square.

Right now, this is the seat of the legislative branch. Now, there are three main buildings in this square and they were the product of a competition in the 19th Century. The Hungarian people were asked, what kind of Parliament Building do you want? And so there were three entries in that competition and they built all three, first, second, and third.

The winner is now the Hungarian Parliament, right behind me. Neo-gothic as you can see. The second is the Supreme Court, which is as you’ve noticed neo-classical, and that’s the third place, right there. We’re not even going to name the architectural style, but I think they got it right, first, second, and third.



CARLSON: So 20 years ago, the U.S. government built a massive National Security state to fight the threat from Islamic extremism. That entire apparatus has now been turned on the American population itself, the white supremacists that Joe Biden says live in our midst.

White supremacy, Joe Biden has told us is the greatest threat this country faces. What is it exactly? Who are these people? Why have none been arrested? No one has asked that question. No one in Congress has, not even Republicans. Why is that exactly?

David Horowitz is a long time conservative writer, but he began his career on the hard left. He is the son of communists. He understands exactly what’s happening. He has been predicting it for quite a bit of time. We just spoke to David Horowitz for a brand new episode of “Tucker Carlson Today.” Here’s part of that conversation.


DAVID HOROWITZ, AUTHOR: Republicans are poor defenders of our country because they are poor messengers. The Democrats control and have controlled every major city, inner city in America for 50 to a hundred years, controlled them a hundred percent.

Every injustice, real or imagined in the inner cities done to minorities and the black people in particular, Democrats are one hundred percent responsible for, and yet Republicans are too polite to ever mention this. It’s as though they don’t want to embarrass their enemies by confronting them with their worst crimes.

So everything that we’ve seen, all these protests and this tearing up the cities, which was over the summer, which were done with Democratic support, these racist mayors largely black and a hundred percent Democrat encouraged the riots, did not call out the proper forces to suppress them, to arrest these people, allowed them to occupy our cities and burn them. There were over 600 violent riots in 220 American cities.

This is the problem in our country, everything is upside down. The racism in our country is an epidemic of anti-white racism. You can say anything about white people, you can fling terms like white supremacy around with no evidence, no basis in reality.

America is not a racist society, in the least, and you know Joe Biden — what has he said? The greatest threat is not ISIS, it’s not china, it’s not the Iranian terrorists, the greatest threat to America is white supremacy. Well, he must be talking about himself because he has been a lifelong white supremacist.

And I guess, he is doing some kind of what he thinks is a personal atonement by dumping that charge unjustly on his country, but it’s a monstrous lie.

Now, why aren’t Republicans referring to the Democrats as the racists that they are? This is a racist party. Equity programs are designed to help black people and minorities like small business people, but not whites. How racist is that?

Yet the only Republican I know who has called the Democrats are racist is Donald Trump. That’s why they hate Donald Trump. Republicans have to stop being so nice and going along with this language control.

You know, the border crisis, this is treason. You can’t blow up the southern border in the midst of a pandemic. It is not only — I mean, the conservative estimate is that a hundred thousand coronavirus carriers will come in illegally into the country this year, thanks to the Democrats; but of course there’s the, you know the billion dollar cartels that they are empowering, there are the sex traffickers. People are dying.

You don’t hear rhetoric coming from the Republican Party that even approaches the seriousness of the problem that the Democrats have created.

They have betrayed the country.


CARLSON: Our conversation with David Horowitz, fascinating. It went on for about an hour. You can find it on foxnation.com under “Tucker Carlson Today.”

Well, as we told you a moment ago, Barack Obama is having a 60th birthday party and when you’re king of the Democratic Party, why wouldn’t you go big? And he has — 200 servants at Barack Obama’s oceanfront estate in Martha’s Vineyard. Who are they exactly? It must be a pretty diverse group.

Mark Steyn has looked into it. That’s next.

We’ll be back live from Budapest.


CARLSON: No one is more oppressed than Michelle Obama, she has told you that many times. She can barely go outside. But when she is at home, she goes big. She and her husband, the King of the Democratic Party, he is turning 60, so naturally, they are celebrating at Martha’s Vineyard with 200 servants.

Will there be elephants that will be brought in on a litter? And what will Rochelle Walensky have to say about it? Talk about a super spreader event. We don’t have answers, but would you believe Mark Steyn might?

He is our high society correspondent. Needless to say, he is based in Martha’s Vineyard. He joins us tonight.

So, do you think 200 servants seems like a lot even for Barack Obama? What do you think they will be doing?

MARK STEYN, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: Well, actually, in fairness, I think all these under butlers and deputy footmen are actually be the only diversity because the 500 guests, seem to be the same guests who go to — we are basically back to Medieval Era, where it is the same 500 people who go to all the parties.

As you know, Barack Obama has got Oprah and George Clooney, just as Oprah and George Clooney went to Harry and Meghan’s wedding even though they had never met either of them. I mean, you have to feel sorry for George and Oprah just going to the parties of people you don’t know is a really sad and miserable existence.

But I have to say when you look at this, 500 guests, 200 fawning footmen and under butlers, what is interesting to me is the way people are actually perfectly happy with this. You have been talking about citizenship on this show, but actually, a disturbing number of people are quite happy to be subjects.

They say, “Oh, yes, I couldn’t go to granny’s 90th birthday, but it is perfectly fine for Barack Obama to have 500 people,” because our rulers are so much better than us.

The last 18 months has actually clarified this. The Governor of California eating at the French Laundry, oh, well, that is different. He is a great man. Obama is a great man. Fly in George Clooney and Oprah in, that is appropriate. Oh, I’m just going to put my mask back on and go back in the house for another 18 months.

CARLSON: That is the saddest observation — the fierce egalitarian spirit of America society dying and that is our fault. I agree with you completely. Mark Steyn, sometimes it takes a foreign eye to see the truth about our country. Great to see you.

STEYN: Or sometimes, you have to be in Budapest to see America clearly. I envy that, Tucker.

CARLSON: Yes. Safe, clean Budapest. The Great Mark Steyn.

Now, we are signing off tonight from this city, on the Danube. We will be coming from here all week. We are filming a “Tucker Carlson Original,” part of the documentary series.

We will be back every night at 8:00 p.m. The show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.

See you tomorrow.

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1 year ago

if there was ANY hope for humanity..that ‘party’ on the vineyard would be crashed by 1000 of ISIS best fighters and we would be shown 20 hours of executions