Taiwan: War on the Horizon

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Global Times: “give “Taiwan independence” forces a decisive and destructive blow.”

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

According to British newspaper the Financial Times on Saturday, Washington is seriously considering a request from the island of Taiwan to change the name of its mission in the US capital from “Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office” to “Taiwan Representative Office.” It is also reported that White House Asia adviser Kurt Campbell has backed the request. Washington is assessing the risks such a change would bring. The report has caused strong repercussions in the island, but neither the US government nor the Taiwan authorities have commented on the report.

Reports also said senior “national security” officials from the US and the island of Taiwan held face-to-face talks on Friday in Annapolis, Maryland, which is less than an hour’s drive from Washington DC. The two pieces of news were revealed immediately following reports about a phone conversation between the Chinese and the US heads of state.

It must be pointed out that if the US and the island of Taiwan do make the name change, it will mean Washington’s basic abandonment of its “one-China policy,” which will constitute a significant change surrounding the Taiwan question. Lithuania previously said it would set up an office in the Taiwan island with the name “Taiwan Representative Office” and the island also announced its plan to set up an office in Lithuania using the same name. This has met strong resistance from the Chinese mainland. If the US does the same, without doubt it will have a widespread demonstration effect on its allies and bring about a wave of name changes of the island’s mission in these countries.

The US knows well it’s a significant and serious matter. It is leaking certain information to test the Chinese mainland’s response. But, is there really anything to test? The Chinese mainland has no other choice but take the challenge and prepare for a showdown with the US if it pushes the matter to the tipping point of a showdown. Should the US rename the island’s mission in Washington as “Taiwan Representative Office,” the Chinese mainland should respond to it in a punitive way no lighter than it did with Lithuania. At that time, it’s anticipated that China will recall its ambassador to the US and it is likely the “lowest diplomatic reaction.” Otherwise, China cannot set up its prestige on the one-China principle it has always been upholding.

Due to US incitement and instigation, some Western countries are itching to play the “Taiwan card.” Punishing only small countries while ignoring the major powers won’t work. Safeguarding the bottom line of the one-China principle means we have to deter the US attempt to cross the line. Otherwise, we will have to face the possibility of more “Taiwan Representative Offices” emerging in a batch of capital cities.

Diplomatic measures alone are obviously not enough. If the US and the Taiwan island change the names, they are suspected of touching the red line of China’s Anti-Secession Law, and the Chinese mainland will have to take severe economic and military measures to combat the arrogance of the US and the island of Taiwan. At that time, the mainland should impose severe economic sanctions on the island and even carry out an economic blockade on the island, depending on the circumstances.

Militarily, Chinese mainland’s fighter jets should fly over the island of Taiwan and place the island’s airspace into the patrol area of the PLA. This is a step that the mainland must take sooner or later. The name change provides the Chinese mainland with sufficient reason to strengthen our sovereign claim over the island of Taiwan. It is anticipated that the Taiwan army will not dare to stop the PLA fighter jets from flying over the island. If the Taiwan side dares open fire, the Chinese mainland will not hesitate to give “Taiwan independence” forces a decisive and destructive blow.

More importantly, if the Chinese mainland turns a blind eye to the US and the Taiwan island this time, they will definitely go further in the next step. According to reports, Joseph Wu, leader of the external affairs of the Taiwan island, participated in the talks between senior security officials from the US and the island in Annapolis on Friday. Next time, they may publicly hold the meeting even in the US State Department in Washington DC. As the US will hold the “Summit for Democracy” by the end of this year, if we do not contain the insolence of the US and the Taiwan island, Washington might even really invite Tsai Ing-wen to participate in the summit. It will be much worse in nature than former Taiwan regional leader Lee Teng-hui’s visit to the US as an “alumnus” in 1995.

Will peace come if the Chinese mainland puts up with all this and swallows its anger for the sake of peace? If the mainland doesn’t strike back decisively, US warships will dock at the island of Taiwan, its fighter aircraft will land on the island and its troops may be stationed in the island again. At that time, where will be China’s prestige as a great power? How can the country maintain its system of defending its interests on the international stage?

The fact is that a contest of will has been formed regarding the Taiwan question Since China has declared that the Taiwan question is a matter of our core interests, we must take resolute actions to protect the bottom line of this exact national interest at any cost. If the Democratic Progress Party authority really dares to take the risk of triggering a war to push for a name change, and the US, which just suffered a debacle in Afghanistan, is not afraid of being involved in a new war, then what is there for the mainland to be scared of?

It seems that sooner or later, the Taiwan Straits will be plunged into a storm that will change the situation there drastically. And judging from the current actions of the US and the island of Taiwan, we can be sure that even if they will have to take this step back, they will step forth again soon. Thus, right now we need to be fully prepared to blow them out of the water in the Taiwan Straits.

The US has been engaging in phrase mongering, hoping that the “competition” between China and the US will not evolve into a “conflict.” We have to tell them clearly with our actions that “competition” with the Chinese mainland on the Taiwan question is bound to turn into a serious conflict, and there is absolutely no room for maneuver.

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2 years ago

Why is the author of this article so much against freedom for the people of Taiwan? Look at the dictatorial and brutal practices of the Chines Communist Party, all over China, in Tibet, Xinjiang, against Falun Gong members, Christians, journalist in Hong Kong, etc. etc. etc. Which freedom loving person in his right mind would want to be under the rule of the CCP.

It is strange that the forces in the CCP don`t understand that freedom is the foundation of a happy and sustainably life and that destroying freedom in any form in China causes damage to this sustenance, including that of the CCP. Communism is against any form of religion, science is its basis as I understand. And I am all for science and not religious myself. But scientist, physicists now have discovered that our existence pops in and out of chaos a billionth time per second (or something in that nature of magnitude ) Now which space or environment does have more freedom than CHAOS?, There is none. This existence and life itself is swimming in an infinite ocean of unlimited freedom (= quantum state of chaos). Any diminishing of freedom results in suffocation of life.
Now freedom should not be infringed upon in any way, but it does need an equal amount of an important human quality to balance the scale. That quality is: Response ability, c.q. RESPONSIBILITY . A little bit of freedom requires some responsibility, total freedom requires total responsibility. They are each others complementary opposites to balance the scale of life.

Restricting freedom of people does not work.. The force of freedom is eternal and all encompassing and has unlimited power being itself the fundamental state of chaos. Chaos from which all in existence comes forth every small point in time. People will always long for freedom and find ways to create it, either peacefully or if it has to be through forceful means. No empire will and has ever subdued a peoples freedom completely.

But what works and maintains itself is: honoring freedom and education people on their responsibilities, intelligence from the heart, seeing the unity of existence and the human society. Harming others is harming yourself, cause in the end we and everything is all one (according to the science of quantum physics)