Anti Vaxx Resistance Around the World

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Known simply as “JoSpeaksTruth” on Telegram, this woman from the Dominican Republic fired up the crowds in NYC today, stating that:

This is the worst psychological operation in history…

Another tactic that is used on the people is fear. A Stockholm Syndrome and cognitive dissonance. The government is abusing us.

I need people to realize this: we can no longer continue to go this way. Our jobs are on the line.

I personally, I don’t care. Because I’d rather stand free, I’d rather eat food from the dumpster, than get injected with this bioweapon!

This is an assault on our humanity. And if we don’t have control over what we put into our bodies, we’re nothing but slaves and cattle.

Listen to her whole inspired speech on the streets of New York today. This is from our Bitchute channel, and it will also be available on Rumble.

Time to stand up and resist New York! The largest city in the United States with international fame as one of the most ethnically diverse cultural centers found anywhere in the world, this is your time to shine!

Australian Government Shuts Down Internet at ISP Level as Melbourne Protesters Stand Their Ground –Central Melbourne was declared a media no-fly zone
. | 24 Sept 2021 | Australia is a full-throttle pedal-to-the-metal dictatorship. The government shut down internet service at ISP level in order to prevent Australians from showing the world what’s going on. Central Melbourne was declared a media no-fly zone.
Video emerges of cop throwing man headfirst into the ground in Melbourne –A Melbourne man who had his head smashed into the ground by a police officer was ‘calling for his mum’ when he woke up, a witness says. | 23 Sept 2021 | Warning: Graphic – A Melbourne man who was flung headfirst to the ground by a police officer who approached him from behind amid a high-intensity anti-protest operation was “calling for his mum” when he woke up from being unconscious, according to a “distressed” witness. Shocking footage has emerged of an officer walking up behind the man standing in Flinders Street Station yesterday, before violently slamming him headfirst into the ground. The video — which police say they are investigating — is being spread widely on social media and was filmed during widespread unrest in the city… The man’s face can be seen bouncing off the ground as his headphones go flying. “This poor guy was calm, he was just talking to the police,” the woman who posted the footage wrote in the caption.
Dutch protest against COVID-19 vaccine pass to enter bars, restaurants | 25 Sept 2021 | Hundreds of protesters marched against the introduction of a “corona pass” in the Netherlands on Saturday, as proof of COVID-19 vaccination became compulsory to get into bars, restaurants, theatres and other venues. Hours after the requirement to show the pass or a recent negative coronavirus test took effect, the government of caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte sacked a cabinet minister who had publicly questioned the measure. Rutte’s office said Deputy Economic Affairs Minister Mona Keijzer had been dismissed because her comments went against cabinet policy on an issue “of such importance and weight.
Italy Orders Companies Not to Pay Unvaccinated Workers | 24 Sept 2021 | The Italian government has passed a decree applying to both the private and public sector ordering companies to withhold pay from workers who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The decree mandates that all employees get the vaccine “green pass,” which led to questions about what would happen to the millions of Italians who remain unvaccinated. The government is attempting to avoid potential legal action by directing companies not to fire the unvaccinated, but simply to not pay them while telling employees not to show up to work under threat of being fined if they do so. “Instead, they should be considered to be on an unjustified absence and have their wages or salaries withheld,” writes Ken Macon. “Those found to be working without a vaccine passport could be punished with fines of up to Eur 1,500. Additionally, the government said it would not cater for the test costs for those who would prefer not to take the vaccine.”
Hochul considering deployment of National Guard to address health worker shortage | 25 Sept 2021 | New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) is considering deploying the medically trained members of the National Guard ahead of an anticipated shortage of health care workers. Hochul released a comprehensive plan to address staff shortages in New York facilities Saturday, amid concerns that a large number of health care employees will not meet Monday’s vaccine deadline… First the governor said that she would sign an executive order declaring a state of emergency to route additional workforce supply into New York. This includes allowing qualified healthcare workers licensed in other states to practice in New York. Other options, according to the statement, included deploying medically trained professionals of the National Guard, partnering with the federal government to deploy Disaster Medical Assistance Teams and working with the federal government to expedite visa requests for medical professionals.
Dozens of Massachusetts State Troopers Resign Ahead of Deadline for State’s Vaccine Mandate | 25 Sept 2021 | This week, a Massachusetts Superior Court judge refused to allow any delay of the state’s vaccine mandate that is set to begin on October 17. The decision has already caused a wave of state troopers to file paperwork to quit the force and even more are expected to resign before the mandate kicks in. “Dozens” have already quit, according to the State Police Union boss, Michael Cherven.
Court sets hearing for Wednesday on New York City schools vaccine mandate | 25 Sept 2021 | A requirement for New York City school teachers and staff to get vaccinated for COVID-19 was temporarily blocked by a U.S. appeals court just days before it was to take effect, but the court on Saturday set a hearing on the matter for next week. Mayor Bill de Blasio last month set Monday as the deadline for 148,000 staff members of the largest U.S. school system to get at least one dose of a vaccine under a mandate. But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit late on Friday blocked the deadline by granting a temporary injunction to a small group of public school teachers and paraprofessionals who are challenging the mandate, which does not allow for weekly testing as an alternative. The court on Saturday scheduled a hearing on the dispute for Wednesday, following a request by the city for an expedited hearing.
Federal Judge Blocks New York City’s School COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate | 25 Sept 2021 | New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for teachers and other Department of Education staffers is on pause after a federal judge late Friday granted a request to temporarily block it. Plaintiffs, a group of teachers, asked for a temporary injunction pending review by a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. U.S. Appeals Court Judge Joseph Bianco, a George W. Bush nominee, in a one-page order granted the request. The panel will now decide whether to impose an injunction pending appeal or allow the mandate to take effect.
‘I cannot practice, I cannot play’: Tennis ace ends season, admits he regrets taking Covid vaccine after feeling ‘violent pain’ | 25 Sept 2021 | A tennis star has admitted he does not know when he will return to the sport and fears he may have to bring forward his retirement because of health problems he says he has suffered since taking the Pfizer Covid vaccine. World number 73 Jeremy Chardy has become the latest tennis star to speak out against vaccines after experiencing what he describes as violent, near-paralyzing pains across his body since taking the jab, warning that there is “no hindsight” once people have received the treatment. The 34-year-old says he his priority is to “take care of myself” after seeing two doctors and taking tests in a bid to deduce why he has found physical exertion so difficult since being vaccinated. “Suddenly I cannot train, I cannot play,” the 2017 Davis Cup winner told AFP, explaining that he received the jab between this summer’s Olympics,
New-onset and relapsed kidney disease reported following COVID-19 vaccination | 26 Sept 2021 | New-Onset and Relapsed Kidney Disease Following COVID-19 Vaccination: A Systematic Review – Vaccines 2021, 9. By Henry H.L. Wu, Philip A. Kalra, and Rajkumar Chinnadurai AbstractIntroduction: The introduction of COVID-19 vaccination programs has become an integral part of the major strategy to reduce COVID-19 numbers worldwide. New-onset and relapsed kidney disease have been reported following COVID-19 vaccination, sparking debate on whether there are causal associations. How these vaccines achieve an immune response to COVID-19 and the mechanism in turn of how this triggers kidney pathology remains unestablished. We describe the results of a systematic review for new-onset and relapsed kidney disease following COVID-19 vaccination. Methods: A systematic literature search of published data up until 31st August 2021 was completed through the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta Analyses (PRISMA) guide-line. Research articles reporting new onset or relapsed kidney disease in adult patients (>18 years) following COVID-19 vaccination were included for qualitative review. Only full-text articles published in the English language were selected for review.
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