Trump’s Vaccine Executive Order #13887 dated 9-19-2019 – 6 Months BEFORE Covid

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Trump’s Vaccine Executive Order #13887 dated 9-19-2019 was signed 6 MONTHS BEFORE THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK!

Federal Register

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John Mills
John Mills
2 years ago

Transporting myself back to Oct 2020 I sheepishly popped into my local surgery for my NHS Flu-jab, no questions, no informed consent. Putting myself in Trump’s shoes in Sept 2019 I would surely be reliant on advice from Fauci (a Reagan appointee). Expecting one man to be a panacea for all of the long term (50+ years) corruption within the US administration was surely an impossible task. It would be reassuring at this stage to hear DJT admit to some mistakes in this matter.
After my last flu-jab I found out about the ‘adverse reactions’ that the UK Regime was anticipating from the upcoming ‘clinical trials’, the 2009 Swine Flu scamdemic and GSK Pandemrix scandal that left 800+ children across Europe with permanent brain damage together with the many, many other sins of the Big Pharma drug-peddlers. Better late than never…. maybe.