Vaccinated Individuals Can Still Spread Covid-19

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This is common knowledge by now:

  • Emerging data suggest that Delta could spread more readily than other coronavirus variants among people vaccinated against COVID-19. (Nature, Aug. 12)
  • Vaccinated People With Breakthrough Infections Can Spread The Delta Variant, CDC Says (NPR, Jul. 30)
  • UC study finds similarities in COVID viral loads between vaccinated, unvaccinated people (KTXL, Oct. 6)
  • CDC study says COVID-19 can spread in vaccinated (AP, Sep. 21)

Alas, the president of the United States doesn’t doesn’t know that.

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Tony Redondo
Tony Redondo
1 year ago

The wheels have been set in motion in Australia. Today’s NSW Supreme Court proceedings that the mainstream media STILL haven’t reported