Combined China-Russia Military Might Is Not Enough To Match U.S.: RAND Corp.

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This is the basis of all of American hubris. The Covid BioWar, the financial sanctions against sovereign countries, the invasions of other countries, the kidnapping of foreign nationals, the stealing of other countries’ resources and treasuries, the posting of over 1,000 bases on foreign soil, you name it. This is the “science” that illuminates the octogenarian and nonagenarian sages of the Empire of Cancer.

Read what Rand Corp. peddles to the minds of policy makers in the US. It is like seeing it and not believing it. Really? They write that the US can overpower the combined military might of the Russian and the Chinese nations? – but wait a minute the US could not defeat the little 5 million Syria, never mind.

The RAND Corporation released a report claiming that Combined Russian and Chinese military power will approach, but not exceed, the US.

The report’s authors describe the growing relationship between Beijing and Moscow as one of pragmatism and based on “balancing” against “U.S. hard and soft power.” Additionally, China and Russia share a desire to counter a perceived U.S. ideology “of militarism, interventionism and the forcible imposition of U.S. values on other countries.”

The relationship between China and Russia has gradually developed and grown closer over two decades, according to the report. When Bejing and Moscow launched their first joint “field exercise” in 2003, it signaled that the two countries had moved from a relationship based on “calculation” to one of “cooperation.”

Between 2012-2017 China and Russia strengthened their relationship from “cooperation” to “collaboration” in large part due to “Western sanctions.” In particular, following sanctions placed on Russia in 2014 due to the annexation of Crimea, Moscow pursued “much closer ties” to Beijing.

Authors of the report suggest that one way to dial back the relationship between the U.S.’ two chief global competitors would be to reduce Western sanctions on the two nations. If done, “Russia might seek stronger relations with Europe and the United States,” which could cause the Sino-Russian relationship to “weaken or decline.”

Rand then concludes that these changes will likely not happen, and finally, the authors of the report state that, in particular, the military relationship between Moscow and Beijing will continue to develop, presenting an ever-increasing challenge to the U.S. on the global stage.

“With little, outside a significant policy shift, that the U.S. government can do to disrupt China and Russia’s growing relationship, the report’s authors suggested that the U.S. military prepare for greater cooperation between Beijing and Moscow.

“The U.S. military can prepare for the results of greater Sino-Russian cooperation, including by expecting further diffusion of Chinese and Russian military equipment, additional joint planning and exercises, potential joint basing, and eventually the possibility of joint military operations,” the report concludes.”

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