China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Brings Nuclear Fusion One Step Closer

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Chris Bolan, CC license

It’s time to wake up and smell the plasma, as thermonuclear fusion energy inches closer and closer to reality.

In its quest to develop unlimited green energy, the EAST Fusion Facility in Heifei, China recently created a plasma gas that was heated to 120° million Celsius—that’s three-times hotter than the sun—and kept it there for 101 seconds before it dissipated, setting a new world record both for heat and duration.

“The breakthrough is significant progress, and the ultimate goal should be keeping the temperature at a stable level for a long time,” said Li Mao, director of physics at Southern University of Sci-Tech in Shenzhen.

The previous record was 50° million Celsius, held by the scientists working at the fusion reactor in South Korea.

Flying cars, jetpacks, bullet trains—there are a lot of classic Sci-fi tech landmarks that we’ve reached, but a nuclear fusion reactor, essentially an artificial sun, is currently just considered plausible.

Borrowing the physics from reactions in the center of the sun, a thermonuclear fusion reactor squeezes hydrogen into helium, creating a dream of unlimited green energy, as the amount of deuterium, a version of hydrogen, found in 1 liter of seawater could produce as much energy as 300 liters of gasoline.

The reason this puzzle of all puzzles is only plausible is that the sun gets to rely on its massive gravitational forces to smush atoms together, whereas down on Earth we have to use temperatures like the one EAST has reached.

The challenge that comes along with this necessity: How can you build a machine that can heat and contain matter in such extremes which doesn’t just use more energy than it generates?

The device these fusion reactors center around is called a tokamak, which is a donut-shaped tube coated in super magnets.

Many tokamaks exist on Earth, and different governments and scientific institutes are all grappling with how to actually sustain a plasma for days rather than seconds, and to somehow use very little energy to heat a machine to 120 million Celsius.

The flagship project is ITER, a collaboration between the EU, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, and the U.S. Their tokamak is the size of a building, and contains 3,000 tons of magnets, 141 kilometers of cabling, and the world’s most sophisticated refrigeration system.

Other efforts include smaller fusion reactors from private firms in the U.S., at MIT, and the UK’s Commonwealth Fusion Systems and Tokamak Energy. These two have created ingenious superconducting tape to coil around powerful magnets, which create immense pressure in addition to heat, allowing for “portable” fusion reactors—ones that cost an iota of the ITER’s €20 billion upfront price tag.

The benefit to getting this problem solved is that essentially, the question of energy is solved. Oil, coal, and gas can stay in the ground, there would be no danger of another Fukushima or Chernobyl, and all the myriad of problems, inefficiencies, and costs currently inherent in common green energy forms could be forgotten.

The Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) in Heifei’s Chinese Academy of Sciences is proving that it’s possible to extend and intensify the effect, and that as long as the record for heat and duration can be continually surpassed, the dream of unlimited clean energy will survive.

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William Rodgers
William Rodgers
1 year ago

China is a danger to all mankind. They keep playing with nature, and so far have infected the entire planet with their meddling without boundaries in to our DNA, and destroyed much of the planet’s natural immune system with their uncontrolled experiments.They have no bounds, no rules and no morals Under the mindless CCP they have created an anything goes science research group who will do anything their masters tell them to do, There are no checks or balances or controls, as was the case of the Whuah flu, the UK, India, RU, S.Korea are taking part, but we have seen China cower the UK, US, Japan and the EU on the virus issue. The worst, under their bought and paid for biden puppet .the US will look the other way if there are any danger signs. THIS IS DANGEROUS. an out of control uncontained |Artificial SUN| could literally blow up our planet. China, no doubt, is in charge of this insanity. Have we learned nothing of how they abuse and misuse science and medicine to destroy, not create benefits for mankind? China has infected the planet with their man made virus. Allowing them to play unfettered with Plasma gas . There is a great danger of them blowing up the planet if they create a plasma gason a large scale. How do they intend to contain it, when they could not contain their bat virus in alleged safe facility? If anyone at this point trusts China they are as insane as the CCP mad man XI.

Steven Soti
Steven Soti
1 year ago

No, China is not the danger to anything. It is the Anglozionists that are the danger. It is their minions, Bill Gates, Dr. Faucist, Soros, Biden, Trump, and the perpetrators of the Ft. Detrick virus, unleashed within a few days in over 150 countries simultaneously. Why? In order to kill.
China actually just promoted increasing the number of children a family should have. They are not for population reduction. Major difference!
So what’s wrong with searching for a way to get an unlimited source of energy? Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but it is not criminal, unlike whatever the Western elites are after.

cherry macdonald
cherry macdonald
1 year ago

China is no longer a comunist country, the CCP are no longer in control of anything and they have signed a peace treaty with President Trump quite some time ago. As for power we will be getting free power from what Tesla invented using the electricity that is all around us everywhere. We will also be able to see all of Teslas 6000 patents that have been kept from us by the Cabal. Nothing is going to be the same as before and the real deal is we will have medbeds, money and freedom. If you are unaware of these things then you need to do some research because it is all there.

Susan Hojdik
Susan Hojdik
1 year ago

Tape?! Seriously? What “tape” could be That strong? And imagine if someone screwed That up? Pushed a wrong button or fell asleep at the wheel? Bye bye Everything. Doesn’t exactly inspire a cheering section, just sayin’