Bill Gates Admits Defeat

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Authored by Jordan Schachtel via The Dossier substack,

The world’s most influential “public health” advocate has come to seemingly doubt the technology behind mRNA injections, following their deployment into more than 7.34 billion arms worldwide.

A little-noticed interview from last week with a U.K. think tank saw Microsoft founder Bill Gates make some incredible statements about his most prized “solution” to the pandemic.

“We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission,” said Gates, contradicting previous interviews in which he claimed the shots significantly block transmission.

“We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission,”he added.

[The vast majority of the interview involves Gates demanding totalitarian solutions to bad weather, which he refers to as climate change. The part about the COVID shots comes at minute 27.]

Gates is correct about the fact that the shots aren’t blocking transmission. With record COVID numbers coming out of Europe, it’s become obvious that the mRNA shots are doing little, if nothing at all, to stop transmission. Moreover, the impact these shots have in preventing a positive COVID test appear to expire after 6-9 months

Gates wasn’t done.

He added a pretty shocking statement to top it off:

“We need a new way of doing the vaccines.”

Just like that, Gates appears to be wiping his hands clean of his involvement in the worldwide mRNA experiment.

It’s a surprising tone from a man whose foundation has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars (thanks to pre-IPO access to BioNtech, the maker of the “Pfizer shot”)  from the shots, in addition to his fierce advocacy for them. Additionally, Gates has added billions of dollars in income to his personal arsenal during the pandemic. 

To make matters even worse, Gates then endorsed the Police State models for COVID “mitigation” that are currently being implemented by New Zealand and Australia.

“At least Australia and New Zealand showed that competent management could keep the death rate down pretty dramatically,” he said in the interview.

He did not mention that both countries have been under lockdown for significant portions of COVID Mania, with citizens facing massive restrictions of their rights for almost two years. And on top of that, both countries, despite their heinous lockdowns and mRNA deployments, are currently facing massive outbreaks on an unprecedented scale.

Clearly, the man described by Politico as the “world’s most powerful doctor” is doubling down on the totalitarian madness that he is attempting to impose on the world.

At The Dossier, we have reported extensively on the influence the Gates Network wields over the world of “public health.” The Gates network is primarily responsible for seeding America’s COVID policy catastrophes. You can read about it below and listen to my podcast with more detail:

How the Gates Foundation seeded America’s COVID-19 policy catastrophes

The Monopolist: How Bill Gates wields enormous influence over COVID policy

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2 years ago

Bill Gates is a LIAR and a murdering scumbag!

2 years ago

Australia and NZ have been destroyed by incopetent corrupt politicians and scum like Gates and have only had low Covid rates vbecause they are ISLANDS and their borders are easily protected … as these mRNA experimental gene therapies wear off they will have massive issues as Europe and the USA are now going through! ALL their Covid issues can be traced back to gross incompetence on part of the fascist politicans and so called health “experts”!

2 years ago
Reply to  WAYNE LYON

I have no idea what to do. I am being forced to take it here in Australia to keep my job (there isn’t going to be hardly any jobs available to those that aren’t vaxxed, so I have to make a decision). This is messed up. We’ve had lockdowns here, but that IMO is the only reason for it not spreading so much (no one should be locked up like this).
They’ve got ads all over TV saying to go get vaccinated to stop the spread and save people around you.
I keep telling people it doesn’t stop the spread at all, but they seem to rationalize by saying stuff like it’ll stop them from getting sicker if they catch it. I then tell them when the efficacy wanes after a certain amount of time (which it will from what we’re seeing), you might actually get sicker and that it also won’t help if you get covid when the efficacy wanes, but for whatever reason, they’ve always got an answer by saying that’s what boosters are going to be for.
I am confident in my health as I’ve been staying away from most pharmaceutical stuff (apart from some vitamins and mineral supplements) for the past 13 or so years and that is why my health finally started improving. Before that, I used to get sick all the time. I’m now doing a ketogenic diet and haven’t had a cold or flu in a few years since cutting out sugar, grains, most carbs etc.
I don’t understand why I have to take one of these shots if I don’t want it just to be able to work.

Gabriella Marchetti BSc (honors)
Gabriella Marchetti BSc (honors)
2 years ago
Reply to  John9

It is simple. Your job or your life.You can always get another job. Do not make an emotional decision. Why would anyone want an experimental injection that is being illegally forced onto the public, when the International FDA regulators want 55 years before they have to submit the study data?
Also, there are NOT 80% who have had these experiments in Australia or NZ, the public are being lied too, to make them feel segregated and guilty. The percentage is 35% at best. This is why the corrupt Gov are pushing the injections so hard. The damage caused by these injections to the Human Genome is irreversible, if you survive, you will require Immunotherapy drugs for the rest of your life. These are Gene manipulation Devices that transmute to a GMO. There are more people than you think, do not believe the mainstream media liars, they are owned by the globalists like Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, 13 Phonetician families, Big Pharma and so are the Insurance companies.
CV is a computer model, the variants are fabricated to keep pushing these experimental injections. Millions have died from these injections and the Governments have covered it up. I have thousands of documents of evidence in my files, I, like Serene Teffaha, have been silenced and my career superceeded by uneducated narrative parrot Newsreaders.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gabriella Marchetti BSc (honors)
Kitten seeking answers
Kitten seeking answers
2 years ago

They absolutely have committed crimes against humanity… praying for everyone in the crosshairs of the “injectable biologic.” THIS IS CRIMINAL…

The Great American People must also reject Aussie style concentration camps.

Tony R
Tony R
2 years ago

I am bewildered as to why no one has blown his head off yet!

Gabriella Marchetti BSc (honors)
Gabriella Marchetti BSc (honors)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony R

I was just thinking that! Where have all the tri993r happy psychopaths gone?