We give this Lunacy 6 More Months, Max. Fauci, the Liar

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Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul continued his long running exposition of Anthony Fauci, warning viewers that Fauci’s latest comments provide yet another example of how brazenly “authoritarian” he is.

Fauci stated earlier this week that Americans have a “misplaced perception” about individual rights as regards “societal safety”.

Paul urged that it is “alarming” to see such “casual disdain” for individual freedom, as well as science, calling Fauci an “authoritarian that doesn’t obey the science.”

“He’s a liar and he lies about natural immunity. He knows it works,” Paul added.

“This is a recipe for totalitarianism. It’s a recipe for something we don’t want in our country,” the Senator further warned.


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Tony R.
Tony R.
1 year ago

You wont hear me complaining over a few mob lynchings!