Threat to National Security: Dmitry Medvedev Proposed to Surrender the Country Under the Direct Control of WHO In Russia

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Editors’ Note: On November 29, 2021 takes place the WHASS2: Special session of the World Health Assembly referred to in decision WHA74(16). It looks like the WHO is preparing to rule the world. Not only over the West, but through the 5th column, over Russia as well and the Russian liberals are ready to toss away Russia’s sovereignty on behalf of the clique at the head of WHO. The article below is from a Russian website dedicated to fight Sputnik V vaccine mandate, which, as it turns out, is just as deadly as its Western counterparts, Pfizer, Moderna, etc.

The site was originally set up to track the devastating effects on the vaccinated in Russia, the number of deaths and the injured; we invite anyone to visit their site in Russian: However this article by itself is the most disturbing piece of news. It presents former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arguing in a recent press conference for no less that deposing Russia’s state sovereignty and placing it under direct external control of WHO (of course to the benefit of its Western controllers).

Here is the English translation of the article titled: Threat to National Security: Dmitry Medvedev Proposed to Surrender the Country Under the Direct Control of WHO In Russia

by RIA Katyusha Translated by Algora

Russian Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, who became famous over the past year — albeit with some reservations (as many thought, not by chance): “universal vaccination is needed, otherwise it will be impossible to spread the disease,” again reminded about himself. On the eve of the November WHO Assembly, which is scheduled to sign a “pandemic agreement” on emergency powers delegated by all countries to the neo-Malthusian office of globalists, Medvedev published a program article in Rossiyskaya Gazeta entitled ” Six Lessons from One Pandemic. About the past, present and future of the fight against COVID-19″. In our estimation, the article was prepared by a whole team of authors (it is no secret that previously the functions of such a “prompter” for DAM [Dmitry Anatolevich Medvedev] were performed by Timakov’s ex-press secretary) and is very revealing in itself. It marks the open transition of the pro-government liberal “elite” of Russia under the wing of globalists, its complete separation from the Russian and other indigenous peoples, as well as the transfer of the country to direct external control. However, it is not too late to stop all these processes.

Let’s not hide the fact that much of this article, signed by Medvedev, struck a chord with us. We selected the most striking quotes, in our opinion, and decided to present them in the format of correspondence polemics (the emphases are ours). Let’s note right away that a thoughtful analysis of the text helps to find answers to two questions: Where are the architects of the Plandemia project dragging us off to, and what do they want from us?

“To prevent disasters of such magnitude as the global pandemic of a previously unknown virus, requires not only advanced technologies and vaccines, it requires no less the political will, diplomatic efforts and the ability to put above all else the main thing – concern for the lives, health and safety of millions of people.

There can be no separate immunity in a particular country. Only collective immunity on a global scale is possible, which must be achieved together…”– Medvedev takes the bull by the horns.

Global immunity, mutual actions of states, concern for the life and safety of millions, advanced technologies and vaccines… All these, of course, are the basic postulates of the transhumanist globalists. In general, a closer look at the text does not dispel the feeling that we are just looking at a slightly rewritten resolution of the G20 health ministers, adapted to the national flavor of Russia, or some kind of declaration on cooperation with the same WHO. This is not how thoughts are usually expressed in Russian.

“No one can give accurate forecasts right now. The situation in the global economy is affected by many non-economic factors: the rate of vaccination of the population, the threat of new, more dangerous strains of coronavirus,” Medvedev continues.

The main factor in stabilizing the world economy is the vaccination of the entire planet with experimental GM drugs, which is causing millions of side effects and a huge number of deaths around the world (officially – some hundreds of thousands; in practice – real statistics are not kept, the exact figure is not provided to us, and citizens are forced to resort to word of mouth, social networks and information from honest doctors who are trying to treat post-“vaccination” complications right now.

«…And especially strongly – political factors. This includes the political will for international cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus. However, not all states are ready to show it. And this is one of the most serious problems today.”

There is clearly something new in the high-level messages from the Russian authorities. DAM here happily demonstrates his complete submission to the globalist structures and their proposed model of world governance. That is, he not only fully shares the agenda of the WHO, the UN, the World Bank, the WEF, etc., but already begins to scold and urge those countries that have not yet taken the globalists under the visor to “correct actions”. An amazing desire to curry favor, the owners will appreciate.

“In the midst of the pandemic, calls for universal solidarity and mutual assistance in the fight against the disease, for the lifting of sanctions that hinder the work of health systems, and even for a cease-fire in “hot spots”, in fact, have failed. National egoism, the “bunker mentality” of the Cold War, paranoid phantom fears, attempts to protect their own narrow geopolitical interests often turned out to be much stronger than universal values,” Medvedev’s text says.

It turns out, from the point of view of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Medvedev, Russia now no longer has “its own geopolitical interests”[!?] All the current confrontations involving Russia are “paranoid phantom fears” and our “national egoism”? And NATO is also our friend, and the EU countries that recently asked Biden to introduce the strategy of a preemptive strike against the enemy into the US nuclear doctrine? With such an approach to national security, one can go very far – to the complete removal of defense and the “alarm system” in the name of supporting “universal values”.

Now let’s compare this statement by Dmitry Medvedev with the thoughts of the founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Klaus Schwab, from the book “COVID-19: the Great Reset”:

“The flip side (of lockdown) is that it causes an increase in patriotic and national feelings, along with dark religious beliefs and ethnic preferences. And this toxic mix brings out the worst in us…”

Medvedev, of course, did not say anything about religious views, but in general, the message of DAM and Schwab is exactly the same: patriotism, nationalism, and the geopolitical interests of a single country have no place in the wonderful post-Soviet world. However, so far all these were flowers. Further in the article, the most delicious part begins, for which the whole kipish was started:

“The authority of the World Health Organization has been greatly shaken. Many countries initially refused to cooperate with WHO, and the United States effectively stopped funding the organization. Then the WHO cooperation somehow improved. However, problems remain to this day. The main one is that the organization does not have the levers to force States to implement a single unitary policy that is coordinated at all levels. National Governments have the right to defy WHO recommendations or issue their own decisions, sometimes contradicting those of the world.

In this regard, it is necessary to think about giving WHO the authority to make significant mobilization decisions in an emergency situation (for example, in a pandemic) in the interests of the entire world community. Probably, in order for WHO to receive such powers, it will be necessary for UN members to adopt an international convention on cooperation in this area,” Medvedev gives directives.

That’s just the end. The second in command at the Security Council of the Russian Federation proposes to officially transfer the levers of managing the national policy of one’s own country and all countries of the world into the hands of a non-governmental office, which was fully described by the head of the Kurchatov Institute, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Kovalchuk:

“CIA Director Allen Dulles and his brother, US Secretary of State John Dulles, with the full financial support of billionaire John Rockefeller, created the World Health Organization. For what? Not to treat people, but to take full control of the world’s health and influence it – through vaccination, whatever… Rockefeller’s closest associate, Brock Chisholm, became the first president of WHO.

Here is his quote: “To come to a world government, it is necessary to banish from the minds of people their individuality, adherence to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas. Destroying the concepts of truth and falsehood, which are the basis of raising a child, replacing faith in the experience of elders with rational thinking — these are belated goals needed to change human behavior,Kovalchuk said at the round table of the Army-2020 military-technical forum. We have not been able to find information about Medvedev’s presence at this forum in open sources. Apparently, there were no interests of the Security Council there, so Kovalchuk’s words flew past the ears of the former prime minister.

We are getting yet another confirmation and understanding of what is being prepared for humanity in November this year at the WHO General Assembly. The neo-Malthusian office will have the authority to make “meaningful mobilization decisions in the interests of the entire world community” in an emergency situation (in a pandemic that the WHO itself will declare – all conditions are already created for this), i.e., directly ordering governments around the world what to do with their peoples and territories. Medvedev has absolutely no doubt that these decisions will be made “for the benefit and interests of all”. And judging by his position, Russia will definitely vote for the surrender of sovereignty, and is already actively working on undecided countries on this topic. This is actually called an official institution of the world government (more precisely, the legalization of one of its structures so far), which manages the entire world from a single center.

Now the teachings of WHO and Rospotrebnadzor in Kazan, the construction of a WHO epidemic preparedness center in Saratov to prepare for epidemics, which will focus on training epidemic specialists, and international staff. If an international convention is signed, WHO will be able to carry out any “anti-epidemic” measures in any country of the world, based on its own considerations and standards. National governments will be obliged to comply, to open borders, implement recommendations, provide all possible assistance without question, give appropriate orders to their doctors, etc. If this is not a loss of sovereignty or a threat to national security, then what should we call it?

“It is absolutely clear that all states of the world should not just sacrifice their own geopolitical interests for the sake of saving people. Recognize vaccines produced in other countries. But the main thing is to provide the UN or WHO with a sufficient number of such drugs to transfer to countries that are not able to buy them on their own,” Medvedev continues the vaccine agenda.

Then the official called on the leaders of the countries to pour more money into the vaccination of the planet and directly to the WHO, as well as to establish a continuous supply of experimental drugs, making them available to poor countries to break everyone’s teeth. Nothing new, just another WHO template slogan about eliminating “vaccine inequality”, translated into Russian. But here’s a more important question – why do you have to sacrifice your geopolitical interests in order to save people? What, the people of a single state cannot be saved while protecting national interests? Of course, you can. The message here is quite specific: what is” saving people ” and what measures should be taken to” save them ” – from now on and forever WHO should decide for everyone on the planet.

“Another aspect of foreign policy is closely related to the issue of mutual recognition of vaccines – the so-called Covid passports (or, as they are metaphorically called in some countries, “passports of opportunity”). This is the simplest and most logical way to restore one of the basic rights of citizens – the right to freedom of movement, allowing them “open borders” and at the same time ensure the safety of people. However, such a system can only work effectively if different vaccines are recognized by a large number of countries. And, what is especially important, when creating a unified system for exchanging information about those who are sick and vaccinated, for example, under the auspices of WHO or another authorized UN body,” Medvedev broadcasts.

DAM suggests legalizing the segregation of the vaccinated/unvaccinated on a global scale and returning basic rights to people (this is not just about freedom of movement) only after an injection and marking with a QR code. In fact, these are not “passports of opportunity” at all, but digital neo-fascist ausweis [ID card] of the e-covid concentration camp system being built around the world. Yes, and they will be back again soon – in half a year (and maybe less, because new strains are coming soon) before the next injection is scheduled. If you miss it for one reason or another, it means you are an anti-vaxxer! A very original way “to save people’s lives”, given the position of a huge number of immunologists and epidemiologists on the unconditional harm to immunity due to regular vaccination “against covid”. And the most egregious thing is that the Number 2 person of the Security Council proposes to hand over to globalists from the WHO and the UN a special category of Russian citizens’ personal data – information about their health, which is subject to medical secrecy under our laws. Yes, this character is definitely in its place.

One of the key paragraphs in the state official’s article is devoted to the vaccination policy – and Medvedev thinks on an anti-national, global scale, which is already familiar to him.

“How critical is the threat posed by the coronavirus? Do we now need universal vaccination as a preventive measure against new outbreaks of the pandemic? Despite the obvious answer, there are different opinions in society on this issue. There are also groups of so-called Covid-19 dissidents who actively call for ignoring the recommendations of scientists and doctors.”

It is very interesting – for Medvedev, the answer to the question is already obvious: he is ready (probably in the interests of all mankind, even personally) to forcibly inject “life-saving substances” into people’s bodies, which have already been completely proven to cause massive thrombosis, myocarditis, autoimmune reactions, ischemia, leukemia, paralysis, convulsions, severe allergies, immune suppression, and so on. As of October 22, 2021, the American VAERS service, which does not register all cases, recorded more than 17,619 deaths, 86,542 hospitalizations, 19,584 life-threatening conditions, 2,712 miscarriages in pregnant women, 7,706 anaphylactic shocks, 10,956 myocarditis, 27,277permanent disabilities, etc..

As for the “patriotic” Sputnik from SIC Gamalei by Mr. Ginzburg and other Russian vaccines, “our” medical authorities decided simply not to accept, collect, take into account or publish data on post-vaccine events “at all”. Well, obviously, in order to maximize Russians’ confidence in fashionable GM products. Ginzburg, with a satisfied smile, never leaves the screens of the federal state media, providing statements like: “There are no victims!” But wait – here’s a story from an official Kazakh TV channel. Astana TV media with a telling headline – “More than seven hundred Kazakhstanis died after vaccination”. Local medical authorities were forced to recognize this fact, although in reality, based on messages in social networks, such cases are much more numerous. We specifically provide a screenshot, because such stories, even from serious news agencies, tend to ” suddenly ” disappear.

“Vaccination: Risk or Rescue?” More than 700 Kazakhs have died…”

In Kazakhstan, as you know, the main GM cocktail against Covid is Sputnik. And now let’s ask a simple question: if there are 700 deaths in this country, how many must there be among the more than 50 million (according to official data) jabbed residents of Russia? Wait, at the beginning of his article Medvedev carefully prophesied that the goal is “caring about people’s lives”… And all the victims that have suffered, and departed this world altogether, in the above-reported cases alone, and all the unborn children… Yes, let them be, even 100, even 50… Isn’t this reason enough to stop the skating rink of injections that have not passed the test phases prescribed for all mankind without exception, without any preliminary analyses, with med. withdrawals only for the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases? Where did the humanism of Dmitry Anatolyevich disappear? However, we are convinced that there was no trace of humanism here.

Medvedev’s thesis, “there are different opinions on this issue in society”, also does not stand up to criticism. No, not in a healthy human society, and not in a team of elite officials or seduced journalists with doctors at the Ministry of Health, since the Nazis at Nuremberg were sentenced for forced veterinary experiments on people, on this matter there is a complete consensus. In our country, this is being discussed by the authorities themselves as a complete failure of the vaccination propaganda campaign.  (There is probably something wrong with the people, Dmitry Anatolyevich, if a handful of “anti-vaxxer bloggers” have defeated the state and information propaganda machine, into which trillions of taxpayer funds have been poured), and by surveys of citizens on the Internet at federal sites. For example, on the RIA Novosti website on the morning of November 1, almost 80% of users out of 190,000 who answered voted against mandatory vaccination.

By the way, there are quite a few scientists among them (in particular, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Zverev, Professor Shafalinov), whose positions on the introduction of biotechnological substances into the body differ from the recommendations of Medvedev and doctors in power. And the arguments of the former sound much more convincing, because supporters of forced injections cannot give an example of when and where in the world such tactics ever helped to get rid of Covid. So bad luck to you again, Medvedev – we have 80% of “covid-dissidents”, according to your logic.

“In this regard, the state faces questions that are very ambiguous from the point of view of morality. To what extent can the personal interests of citizens run counter to the interests of society and contradict the safety standards of other people? Does the state have the right to force citizens to get mandatory vaccinations?”,– Medvedev begins to approach the key point.

Dmitry Anatolyevich, these questions have already been answered by the people – the only direct source of power in Russia. However, there is one more important nuance. For some reason, you have decided that you have the right to discuss measures against citizens on behalf of the state. But you yourself write in this article that you are ready right now to put all the country’s sovereignty in the fight against Covid in the hands of WHO, to create a mechanism to enforce the implementation of WHO decisions for Russia. After that, what right do you have to broadcast on your own behalf, as a representative of the state? Part 2 of Article 19 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation clearly states:

“The State guarantees equality of human and civil rights and freedoms regardless of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, attitude to religion, beliefs, membership in public associations, as well as OTHER circumstances.”

Are you seriously pushing for the ability of the state to violate a person’s human rights and freedoms, depending on the circumstances, depending on the circumstances —whether this person wants to take the vaccine. In fact, misanthropic dictatorial regimes have always used categories of “public good  that are supposedly higher than the good of the individual, and it would be a good idea for you to review the course of world history.

“Is such compulsion always justified? The issue is controversial and complex. On the one hand, human rights are an unshakable value. On the other hand, there are citizens who directly interact with the virus or come into contact with a huge number of people, work in the medical and educational sphere, in public catering enterprises, in public institutions where it is always crowded. Their infection threatens the health and lives of other people, violates other people’s rights. It’s important to find the right balance,” DAM says cautiously.

Medvedev decided to make the bed softer and think about the “necessary balance”. But this is obviously deceitful, because the balance regarding the enforcement of Covid-vaccination in Russia has long been broken. In Tatarstan, for example, the chief medical officer brought all citizens 60+ under the obligation, while in other regions even managers working remotely, by phone, are suspended if they refuse to be injected.

And most importantly – the Security Council official repeats the frankly stupid and absurd argument of all adherents of “life-giving injections”: “an unvaccinated person who falls ill, they say, puts other people’s lives at risk.” Dmitry Anatolyevich, so what prevents you from getting vaccinated and getting reliable protection – with the “elixir of immortality” from Ginzburg, or with a newfangled cocktail from Pfizer (this office is always littered with lawsuits from dissatisfied relatives of the deceased – well, these are all trifles)? How do unvaccinated people who rely on their natural, rather than synthetic, laboratory GMO immunity interfere with you personally? Well, if everything goes badly for them – it’s better for you, you’ve already reduced the retirement age… In your opinion, only “super-soldiers” with antibodies from Ginzburg will remain – this is natural selection, as many vaccinators angrily note. But no, you need to take away the legal right of everyone on the planet – including a parent for their child – to refuse a fashionable procedure. By the way, only externally, in form, and not in content, of course, vaccination has similarities with the only legal method of suicide in a number of “civilized” countries – with euthanasia. Well, a very big similarity, but purely external — we emphasize. The contents of syringes are different, no doubt.

“Although some countries actually force their citizens to get vaccinated, Russia did not go this way: vaccination in our country is generally voluntary. Although decisions on mandatory vaccination of certain categories of citizens by the end of October were adopted in all regions of Russia. At the same time, discussions on total mandatory vaccination continue both at the expert level and, as they say, at home,” Medvedev writes.

Great – that is, the inability for a man to earn a piece of bread for his (often his only mastered) profession, the denial of access to sports and culture, to education (in the regions students are all obliged to take the injection), to planned medical procedures, to shops (so far, essential goods are excluded from the ban), public transportation (all the described limitations in one way or another are used in the regions of the Russian Federation) — Medvedev calls all this “in general, voluntary.” It’s not fun to think about what he means by “total commitment.” As far as continuing the discussion – another lie and manipulation. Every day, the discussion is fueled exclusively by state employees working on the topic of coercion – officials, journalists, and media “opinion leaders”. Opponents of compulsory vaccination do not forbid, and are not about to forbid, anyone to get injected if they want to.

For greater significance, the article provides a legal reference and an excursion into history. As an example, the ECtHR’s decision of April 2021 against a Czech citizen is offered – his unvaccinated child was banned from going to kindergarten. The court recognized the administrative fine and suspension of the child from education as legal. This is followed again by the well-worn arguments about ” saving the lives and health of millions of people.” Once again, what prevents all these millions from getting vaccinated, Dmitry Anatolyevich? After all, only vaccinated people will probably be saved, as we have already seen above, Covid vaccines are completely effective and absolutely safe, right?

And it is also completely ridiculous that the article constantly stigmatizes refuseniks from injections as “Covid-dissidents”. What does this have to do with anything? If a person using open sources has studied numerous cases of death from Covid after taking a newfangled GM product, which has nothing to do with the composition and principle of action of classical activated/inactivated vaccines, if he is afraid to play Russian roulette and refuses the procedure for now — until accumulation of more information about vaccines — why is he a “Covid dissident”? It is obvious that such denigration of the overwhelming majority of Russian citizens, for lack of other arguments, does not make Dmitry Anatolyevich look good.

“In certain situations, the public safety of the entire population is more important than the observance of the rights and freedoms of an individual citizen. Protection of the majority is a fundamental principle of democracy,” Medvedev tries to play big.

And again, slyness on top of slyness and the banal opposition of “general vs. private”. The fundamental principle of democracy is the fulfillment of the will of the majority, and we have an overwhelming majority of citizens precisely against coercion! Thus, speaking out of both sides of his mouth, Medvedev is fulfilling the will not of our sovereign people and country (which he also wants to take away), but the will of WHO, the UN, Soros, Gates and other globalists. Both he and those who helped him write this article cannot but understand that they have no right to forcibly “protect” the people against the will of 80% of this very people.

“Improving legislation in this area is a challenge that our state has yet to find an answer to. And, frankly, such a response will have to depend on the level of threat to public safety that the pandemic poses,” DAM concludes.

Very, very ominous wording. What exactly is the level of threat that Medvedev considers sufficiently dangerous? As of today, according to the official responses of Rospotrebnadzor, no region of Russia has exceeded the epidemic limit. Covid thresholds. But at the same time, almost every professional group is being jabbed, segregated and discriminated against very harshly. A pandemic is a concept that in principle does not exist in the Russian legal field. Why does Medvedev persist in forcing us to think in WHO terms? The direction in which he wants to” improve” the legislation is quite clear. The task of the majority of Russian citizens is to prevent this adept of globalists from realizing their aspirations in our country.

Final communiques in the form of a duty to “our” globalists in power, bowing to Klaus Schwab, his concept of “digital transformation” of society in the framework of the “fourth industrial revolution”, a joy for the fact that the virus has accelerated and brought (who would doubt) the implementation of these plans, we will not disassemble – all this is analyzed in detail in a separate thematic materials of the “Katyusha”.

But now let’s take the liberty of noting a key point in the framework of the controversy: in Medvedev’s article, there was not a single word, not a single real proposal about raising the authority of the state and citizens’ trust in medicine (including preventive vaccinations) in Russia. After all, Dmitry Anatolyevich must know that the draft law on increasing compensation payments for side effects after vaccination, which has long been prepared by deputies, is being stubbornly blocked in the Government. Currently, compensation is just chicken scratch – a one-time allowance of 10,000 rubles for a major complication (if a person, for example, became disabled for life), and 30,000 rubles to relatives of the deceased after vaccination. This money won’t even be enough for a funeral! Secondly, the state does not maintain and does not plan to maintain an open registry, following the example of the USA and Britain, and it is almost impossible to achieve justice and recognition of responsibility on the part of medical organizations/medical officials for victims after vaccination.

Third, the immunization of citizens, like any medical intervention, should be the result of an individual approach to the patient – everyone should be seriously examined, study the medical history, then follow up further under the personal responsibility of the doctor – only in this case will the person come to a conclusion about the benefits and safety of vaccination. Even oranges or bananas cannot be eaten by absolutely everyone without consequences – and here we are talking about an experimental biotechnological substance! Instead, we see people treated as biomaterial that passes through the “machines” of vaccinators in subway stalls and shopping centers without any prior examination.

What is happening in our country with emergency registration, clearly incomplete tests of the 3-4 phase of Sputnik (moreover, the third phase of testing is already impossible to complete according to the canons of science, because the placebo group is lost after vaccination), its equally emergency permission for pregnant and lactating women (although even in veterinary medicine, it is forbidden to jab pregnant animals; almost no currently known widely-used medicine is given to pregnant and lactating mothers), with the stated readiness to approve a formula for children, although trials on that have only just begun in August. All this has nothing to do with evidence-based medicine and absolutely does not inspire confidence in citizens.

You put the painting under “voluntary consent” under strong pressure, when the boss says to you: “Give up – or suck your paw from tomorrow” (this is already some kind of surrealism), and you understand that in case of health problems, no one will care about you-these are the Russian realities. The reasons given in the updated guidelines of the Ministry of Health for med. withdrawal from an experimental injection is just a mockery, we can say that they do not exist at all. A GM cocktail, meanwhile, provokes serious autoimmune reactions in the body, which are well known since Soviet times to veterinarians who unsuccessfully tried to create a vaccine against swine coronavirus. But no one turns to experienced scientists!

In general, as long as the state does not show that it is really interested in treating and curing people individually, including registering promising new drugs, and not only to promote the current treatment fad, when the state actually takes responsibility for the consequences of vaccination, for fully informing the citizens on the subject and for strict control of immune therapy – only then will it receive the right to broadcast something so pretentious and categorical about the coercion, irresponsibility and darkness of the people. In general, regarding government policy in this area, I would like to answer with a catch phrase from Ilf and Petrov: “in the morning – money, in the evening – chairs”.


The general conclusion of Dmitry Medvedev’s program article is clear – another “sleeper” has clearly shown himself in our power elite, who in general never fell asleep. This is the program text of a typical representative of a supranational power from a completely de-sovereignized country, who fully shares, supports and is ready to impose the globalist agenda with all his might. According to our value judgment, this material was prepared and compiled — I will not give it away, but the essence of this does not change in any way – its authorship is there. With this position, the Security Council should be renamed the National Security Council. Medvedev’s intention to force Russia to comply with all WHO decisions, to transfer to this NGO the authority to eliminate emergencies on the territory of Russia, to direct command of internal Russian politics, taking into account the fact that the main sponsors of WHO – private foundations of “philanthropists” and the United States – directly threatens to lose sovereignty and transfer the country to external control.

As for Medvedev’s lobbying for the introduction of mandatory vaccination for the entire population in Russia against the will of the overwhelming majority, this is an obvious basis for further destabilization of the situation, increasing social disadvantage and distrust of the authorities, which will thus completely disown their people. This can only be suggested by a visiting Gauleiter who dreams of splitting and destroying the target country. We believe that the true defenders of sovereignty from the relevant structures and bodies should carefully analyze Medvedev’s article regarding calls for the surrender of the powers of the Russian authorities in favor of the WHO — for the applicant’s compliance with his high position in the Security Council, as well as the likely presence of signs of a crime under Article 275 of the Criminal Code “High treason”. And of course, it is vitally important for our country not to sign any global pandemic agreements at the upcoming WHO Assembly in November. If such a document appears in the state, a completely real emergency may occur, threatening Russia with death.

RIA Katyusha



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Tony R.
Tony R.
1 year ago

He’s obviously been jabbed and it has crossed through the Blood Brain Barrier.

William Rodgers
William Rodgers
1 year ago

I pray this is not real. Is the entire globe so complacent that it will just lie down and hand over everything to an elite group of sociopaths and sick egomaniacs like Soros, Gates, Schwab and the rest of these criminally insane madmen?
God protect us from this evil.

1 year ago

“…in general, the message of DAM and Schwab is exactly the same: patriotism, nationalism, and the geopolitical interests of a single country have no place in the wonderful post-Soviet world.”

This saddens me as I see Russia as the last bastion for Christian freedom in the world. As an American who has watched the dark spectre of evil envelop the country for decades, I so want to think that Putin learned from watching Trump and has a plan of action to get rid of these globalists from his country, while appearing to acquiesce, but I also know this great evil enveloping the world must spread until the time of the end. Our hope and faith in Christ is the only thing left, which is fitting, as no man is to be revered and worshipped, but I am continuing to pray for the leadership of Russia. May God bless you.