A Roadmap for “Fauci Virus” – Past, Present and the Future

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Tyranny in Austria

My thinking on all matters relating to the “Fauci virus” and the “Fauci Trojan horse bio-weapon” took a deep dive over the weekend, due to a sequence of recent Austrian government proclamations, one following upon the other, starting with “no more tests” for the “un-vaxxed” which, permissible over the summer months, allowed all the Untermenschen inhabiting this country to frequent restaurants, cafés, health clubs, etc. This followed by “lockdown” for the Untermenschen only, which was then followed by general “lockdown” for all, ensuring the scolding anger of all the holy-vaxxed that the Untermenschen are the cause of this newly instituted misery. Following which a universal vaccine mandate was proclaimed by the idiot parading as “Chancellor” with 1 February 2022 as the cut-off date for one and all to get the death/sick-inducing jab.

Over the weekend, I spent most of the time on the phone, speaking with Austrian friends, Serbian friends, a friend from Chile and long-time friends in the USA. An Austrian friend, also un-vaxxed to-date, played “devil’s advocate” and asked me why I always see everything so “black and white” and why I do not have a more balanced view of this whole “covid” thing?

“Balanced” I asked? What can possibly be meant by a “balanced” view of something like this? What am I to balance here? Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab to be “balanced” with Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Michael Yeadon? Essentially a “balancing” here between “evil” and “good,” no? The word here is “CHOICE” and not (no, never) “BALANCE”. One must of necessity CHOOSE between “good” and “evil” and the idea of BALANCING OUT these two mutually exclusive opposites is, for me at least, amounts to the acceptance of the “evil” into whatever mixture results.

What then of the issue of seeing things in “black and white,” with no shades of grey?`Same as above with “balance”. Where and what is the “grey” between “good” and “evil”? Where is the grey (and balanced view) between listening to Michael Yeadon and Dr. Peter McCullough and stomaching the indigestible horrors of documented criminal, Anthony Fauci, and Nazi descendant, Klaus Schwab? Should I be mixing the “wisdom” of both sides? And then what?

Almost each and every day now, I am struck by what has been afforded by this fully staged “covid” drama. That it is allowing so many of us to see so much more in things, in events, in others and in ourselves than we ever saw before.

So, I will follow the above with something of a non-sequitur, though still on the subject of “covid”.

I have believed and have been saying since nearly day-one that this entire “covid19” global “crisis” is not about a virus, nor is it not about the health of the global human population. It is my belief that “covid19” is a global PsyOp (psychological operation) involving the criminal complicity of and public support of:

(1) Governments;

(2) The mass media;

(3) The “medical-industrial complex” (this includes doctors, hospitals, public health regulatory agencies [like the American Center for Disease Control, the “CDC”] and leading medical journals [such as The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine]);

(4) Globalist entities, such as the United Nations [UN], the UN connected WHO [World Health Organisation]) and the World Bank;

(5) Globalist NGOs, the most prominent of which on a global level is the World Economic Forum (WEF); and,

(6) Key individuals, — the most important of which (also at a global level) are: Anthony Fauci (USA health “czar”), Bill Gates (billionaire philanthropist) and Klaus Schwab (founder [January 1971] of the World Economic Forum and still its principal leader and guiding light today and descendant of prominent German Nazi family).

(**It is my belief that all of the above entities are operating in total “synch” with one another [“LOCKSTEP” to use their own terminology].)

That this “covid19” “Psyop” has been in the planning for over a decade is very clear from the following items:

(1) Many, many “exercises” over the past 10+ years, focused on “planning strategies” for a “global pandemic,” most of which involved rapid spread throughout the globe of some kind of “super-killer” “virus”.

**Event 201was the most recent “exercise”/planning event. It took place in October of 2019, just months before the “synchronised” lockdowns were declared and implemented “in lockstep” on a global scale in March of 2020. This event included many of the key items that have come into play in the current “covid19” drama. For instance, in this event, a major focus was lengthy discussion of how to control the narrative via a combination of media “propaganda” and censorship by a variety of means of information and discussion of anything contradicting the officially sanctioned narrative.

(2) Numerous documents have appeared in the past 10+ years discussing elements of and strategies for dealing with a global pandemic of epic proportions. Documents such as the Rockefeller report of 2010 use terminology and discussion of points never heard of before, but which have become commonplace since the onset of “covid19” in 2020 (the use of the terms “lockstep,” “social distancing,” etc., see page 18 of the Rockefeller report).

(**Many months ago, I was able to download the 2010 Rockefeller report from the internet; now, however, links to this document are nowhere to be found [or quite difficult to find].)

Let us then turn our attention to a “strategic planning” document produced by the World Bank and issued on April 2, 2020, just weeks after the announcement of a “Fauci virus” and the subsequent declaration of a global, universal “lockdown”.

Notably, in the document below, the 2020 outbreak of “covid19” will extend into March of 2025.


(**Many months ago, I was able to download the World Bank “covid19” planning document from the internet; now, however, links to this document are nowhere to be found [*or quite difficult to find].)

(3) A long line of “patents” approved starting years before the 2020 outbreak of “covid19” connected with a “covid19” virus and with a “covid19” “vaccine” (see Dr. David Martin, “The Script Was First Written by Merck on January 6, 2004,”);

(4) Tons of movies (coming out of CIA controlled Hollywood) and TV series focusing on global virus pandemics. See, for instance, the British and the American productions of Utopia, which deals not only with a global super-spreader, killer virus event, but also with a vaccine in the context of de-population via blocking human fertility, Utopia (British TV series) – Wikipedia and Utopia (2020 TV series) – Wikipedia

It is now abundantly clear that the “covid19” global “Psyop” has nothing to do with a naturally occurring virus, but instead is closely connected to an agenda with the following goals in mind:

(1) Global “de-population” (i.e., to kill off a significant percentage of the global population, with a large focus on western countries);

(2) Debilitating and weakening a large number of those surviving the mass “culling” by means of long term bodily injuries resulting from the vaccines and via the creation of massive long-term human dependence on pharmaceutical products for survival.

(3) The securing of “full-spectrum” control of the entire human population across the planet via the institution of a “Green-Passport” (QR code) type system, where all financial, health status, other personal information (such as all of one’s social contacts) and all of one’s internet activity will be accessible in real time to the controllers of the system and their “government” implementers/enforcers. This will include a “full-spectrum” surveillance system that can locate any individual in real time on this planet. Along with this will come a Social Credit system, based on the Chinese blueprint, where every person on the planet will be controlled with plus and minus points connected with obedience to or resistance against the dictates of the controlling few. This Social Credit point system will determine one’s access to whatever is the sanctioned medium of exchange (i.e., “money”) as well as one’s access to everything else required for survival (housing, food, medical care, etc.).

There is an abundance of evidence that the carrying out of the above agenda is already in play.

(1) Tens of thousands of “vaccine”-related deaths, globally and millions of “vaccine” related serious injuries (many of which are extremely debilitating and may last a lifetime and which make it impossible for those afflicted to lead a normal life and in many cases, to even care for themselves).

The fact that governments do not shut down the four “covid19” vaccines responsible for all the death and destruction (Pfizer, AstraZenca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) can only mean that governments are actively complicit in the destruction. But worse than that, governments are now starting to mandate a universal vaccine requirement and this can only mean that the governments who do this are deliberately playing an active role in the murder and maiming of millions of innocent people across the globe.

**Children age five and up are now being slated for “covid19” “vaccines” despite that there is about zero risk of them getting “covid19”.

(2) Reliable and life-saving drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin and other drugs are being suppressed, outright banned and ridiculed by the mass media (and suppressed or outlawed by governments) when in fact it has been shown in this crisis that early treatment with these drugs saves most lives and returns those inflicted to normal health.

Why would governments suppress and/or ban reliable and documented life-saving treatments while at the same time attempt to force people to take “vaccines” still in the experimental stage, where the companies (with documented criminal records) who produce these “vaccines” have no legal liability and which are products known to cause tens of thousands of deaths and millions of life-altering injuries? Such a position on the part of governments can only be intentional and not “mistaken” for lack of insufficient knowledge, etc. Meaning that governments are deliberately playing an active role in global de-population and the intentional “sickening” of the global population.

(3) The introduction and already widespread use of the “vaccine” related “Green Pass” is clear evidence of the use of this orchestrated crisis as a means of securing “full-spectrum” dominance and control of the global population. On the one hand the “Green Pass” is a means of coercing those who want to maintain body integrity into forced vaccination; on the other hand, it is clear and outright seizure of total control of the human population with the end-goal of controlling and strictly regulating every human activity, down to what and how much we can eat and drink, how much energy (heat, gasoline) we are permitted to consume and the complete control of our movement (travel and all movement). The “Green Pass” control mechanism is already being used to decide who can and who cannot go to most public places (restaurants, cafés, museums, concert venues, etc.).

(4) There are two important documents which taken together confirm with crystal clarity what is at play here. The first document is information that was previously on Deagle.com, a website which appears to have some kind of military focus.

Previously, a document appeared on the Deagle website which provided a 2025 Forecast for all countries. This document dates from 2017 and shows for each country the population as of 2017 and then a projection of each country’s population for the year 2025. What is striking is that here in most of the western countries we find a drastic population reduction between 2017 and 2025. In the United States for instance, the 2017 population is cited as 316,440,000 but in 2025 the US population drops to 99,553,100. Germany has in 2017 a population of 80,590,000 and then drops to 28,134,920 in 2025. Israel, from 7,710,000 in 2017 to 3,982,480 in 2025, France from 67,100,000 to 28,134,920, Australia from 23,230,000 to 15,196,600.

There is a slight rise in population in some countries and some countries stay relatively the same, but notably, all the dramatic drops in population are leading countries in today’s global economy (i.e., all the major “consumer” countries). Notably those behind the orchestrated “pandemic” are hell bent on shutting down the biggest global consumers, hence Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 and Claus Schwab’s “You will own nothing and be happy”. It is in this context that the horrific demise of small and medium size businesses across the globe needs to be viewed.

So, what can account for the projected drastic drop in populations for many of the countries (today’s global economic/financial power-houses) between 2017 and 2025 listed on Deagle ?

Perhaps the answer is suggested by the above document published by the World Bank on 2 April 2020 and which presents to us a time-frame for the “covid19” “pandemic” (PsyOp) that stretches from the date of publication through to March 2025. Is it mere coincidence that the end-date for the World Bank global time frame (2025) for the “pandemic” hoax matches up with the end parameter (2025) for measuring the Deagle projected decline in some of the world’s major economies?

It is surely of some relevance that the page containing the global population statistics 2017 – 2015, country by country was removed from the Deagle website on April 20, 2021 just as “vaccine” injuries began to pile up around the globe and just as public awareness of this emerged.

Ought we find some “balance” between what emerges here and the bizarre “pandemic” caricature that greets us each and every day on the leading TV networks and in the global news outlets?

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