New Variants? No, November 29, 2021 the Day of the World Coup D’état

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On November 29, 2021 takes place the WHASS2: Special session of the World Health Assembly referred to in decision WHA74(16). It looks like the WHO is preparing to rule the world.  In order to break the last resistance from the few countries on the sidelines, we now have the new panic over “dramatically” new Covid strain with “extremely high number” of mutations.

On November 29, WHO Assembly is scheduled to sign a “pandemic agreement” on emergency powers delegated by all countries to the neo-Malthusian office of globalists. It marks the open transition of the pro-government liberal “elites” under the wing of globalists, its complete separation from the nation-state, as well as the transfer of  every country’s sovereignty to direct external control. However, it is not too late to stop all these processes.

Global immunity, mutual actions of states, concern for the life and safety of millions, advanced technologies and vaccines… All these, of course, are the basic postulates of the transhumanist globalists.

Fear porn and hysteria is how the Globalists plan to force countries around the world to sign the last document on the World Government by the unelected globalists for the benefit of the unelected globalists. This is the legalization of the end of the “united nations” and the official start of the new world order.

It is not about the Corona virus, it is not about mutations, it is not about pandemics. It is about a global coup d’état.

Watch for November 29, 2021!

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1 year ago

The worldwide dictatorship is true .. they are criminals in charge everywhere and they want power and money, they don’t care about people lives.
BUT you thinking this T4 bio-weapon is not real and is not dangerous and the variants are just an excuse… well, you must be really naive to think that…
The bio-weapon is real and it is way more dangerous that what the criminals in charge of this world want people to understand.
They don’t have anything to stop the virus. They know that. But they don’t want to lose power and money.
That is what is really going on.

1 year ago
Reply to  no-one


fed up
fed up
1 year ago

While people stay asleep and believe msm this nightmare will not stop,