mRNA Bottles: 1 for Placebo, 2, for Classic RNA, 3 for Adenovirus

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“Yesterday in Slovenia a big scandal broke out and today the whole of Slovenia is talking about a big vaccination revelation. The head nurse at the University Medical Center, a clinical center in Ljubljana, which takes care of receiving the vaccination vials and manages everything regarding the administration of vaccines, resigned, went out in front of the cameras and showed the vials with the vaccine liquids.

She showed people the codes on the bottles where each contains the number 1, 2 or 3 as part of the code, and then explained the meaning of those numbers. Number 1 is placebo, saline. Number 2 is a classic bottle of RNA. The number 3 is an RNA that contains the onco gene, linked to the adenovirus that contributes to the development of cancer. For these bottles, number 3 says that people who received it will develop soft tissue cancer within 2 years.

She says, she personally witnessed the jab of all the politicians and tycoons and everyone received the number 1 jab; they received a saline solution, a placebo.

And this explains why it is the same individual who is administering the jab to all ‘our’ politicians when they have a photo up for the media” or if Facebook deletes it, we have it on our site: Zdravstvena-stroka-o-k.rona-krizi-vir-osma-generacija

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