UK Team File Complaint of Crimes Against Humanity With The International Criminal Court

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A complaint has been filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on December 6th, 2021 by a team from the UK on behalf of the people alleging crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the peoples of the UK.

In a week where even some of the most compliant of all “COVID” measures are in place, we can observe that people in the UK have perhaps reached a point, after 21 months of nonsensical rules, where they are saying enough is enough.

Thankfully we have a team from the UK fighting for justice on the behalf of us all, who believe that:

The seriousness and extent of the crimes committed in the United Kingdom, highlighted by the scope of people that these crimes affect, that these crimes continue to be committed, the wide range of perpetrators, the recurring patterns of criminality and the limited prospects for accountability at the national level, all weigh heavily in favour of an investigation” .

The news of the legal complaint has come at a good time for many (source).

The perpetrators as listed on the document. below.

The applicants state that they have tried to raise their case through the local English police and the English Court system without success. The team is represented by lawyer, Hannah Rose, with co-applicants including:

 Dr. Mike Yeadon, who is a former vice-President and Chief Scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer n respiratory pharmacology, former Vice President and Chief Scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer.

 Piers Corbyn – Astrophysicist and activist, retired police officer, Mark SextonJohn O’Loony – Funeral Director and activist, Johnny McStay – Activist and Louise Shotbolt – Nurse and human rights activist

The International Criminal Court

The applicant’s state that they have tried to raise their case through the local English police and the English Court system without success

This is exactly why the ICC has been addressed directly as if a state is unwilling or unable to carry out either an investigation or prosecution, the ICC is able to prosecute, not to replace national crime systems, but to complement them.

The team of applicants has provided the ICC with documentation detailing numerous claims which amount to violations of the Nuremberg Code, Crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression in the United Kingdom.

Within the complaint, the team argues thatbased on the extensive claims and enclosed documentation, we charge those responsible for numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression in the United Kingdom, but not limited to individuals in these countries”.

The applicants state that “It is our intention to present to you and detail how, in the United Kingdom this year, the Government of the United Kingdom, with its Ministers and senior officials have violated the Nuremberg Code not only in a single aspect but in many aspects”.

Inflated Covid figures

Through providing an over ten-thousand-word document, the team has gathered extensive evidence that are areas of concern have occurred under the guise of measures or interventions for the prevention of a “virus.”

A particularly notable and important area addressed within this documented complaint, is the fact that the number of covid-19 cases has been artificially inflated due to the inaccuracy and unreliability of the PCR testing.

Arguably, without these inflated figures, there would have been no need for the other measures and interventions that are now be classed as crimes against humanity.

The team highlight the fact that a covid death is recorded if an individual died for any reason within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test (that was confirmed with the inaccurate and unreliable PRC tests).

“These deaths are being recorded as Covid-19 regardless of whether Covid-19 was the factual cause of death”

 The Rebranding of Flu, Pneumonia, and Respiratory Infections.

Additionally, another way the Covid-19 statistics have been artificially inflated is by the ‘rebranding’ of the common influenza, pneumonia, and other respiratory infections as covid -19. The applicants cited data from the ONS which showed that deaths in 2018 from influenza and pneumonia amounted to 29,516 and in 2019, was 26,398.

However, deaths in 2020 for influenza were recorded at just 394 and pneumonia at 13,619.

The documentation also highlights that a freedom of Information request (FOI) shows us that between March and June 2020 the total number of Covid-19 related deaths in England and Wales with no pre-existing health conditions was 4,476.

This argument was further strengthened by John O’loony, a joint applicant on this request is a funeral director running his own funeral home in Milton Keynes. As a funeral director, Mr. O’loony testified that he saw a massive effort made to deliberately inflate Covid death numbers. Cancer patients and stroke victims and even one guy that was run overall ended up with Covid on their death certificate’.

Requesting a Full Investigation

All areas that were arguably a result of the overinflated cases were included in the document to either add weight to the complaint with factual evidence or occurrences or to request a full investigation into particular areas.    

Warranting a full investigation, for example, are the vaccinations that are “an innovative medical treatment” that has only received temporary Authorisation.

The vaccines are still in ongoing Phase 3 trials which are not due to conclude until late 2022/early 2023, therefore, the vaccines are experimental meaning there is limited data for the short term and no long-term safety data available.

Additionally, the use of a new, never been approved for human use, mRNA vaccine technology, which is effectively a pro-drug, means that it is not known how much spike protein any individual will produce. The applicants argue, therefore, that “potential late-onset effects can take months or years to become apparent

The Inclusion of Graphene Hydroxide

Also warranting a full investigation according to the team is the inclusion of graphene hydroxide and the alleged assassination of Dr. Andreas Noack, after his video revealing its presence in the vaccines

Dr Andreas had explained what graphene hydroxide was and how the nanostructures injected into the human body act as ‘razor blades’ inside the veins of ‘vaccine’ recipients and that due to the size of the structures they were unable to show up in autopsies. According to the applicants, “toxicologists can’t imagine that there are structures that can cut up blood vessels causing people to bleed to death on the inside so they would not be looking for them, given their atomic size”.

Other Areas and Parallels to 1930s Germany

The team also includes arguments relating to the Ineffectiveness of masks, saying that even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has admitted that there is no evidence available on the usefulness of masks to protect non-sick individuals. They also highlight the Alternative treatments that have been ignored, the Censorship, and that the UK government and governments around the world are using the ‘pandemic’ to crack down on free expression and access to information and alarming Parallels to 1930’s Germany astold by Holocaust survivors

There are several survivors of the German Holocaust drawing stark parallels between Covid restrictions and the beginning of the Holocaust. These together with other areas included in the complaint which can be found here are according to the applicants provide “a reasonable basis to believe that violations of the Nuremberg Code, genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes have been committed”

The document concludes with a strong request:

WE WANT TO REPEAT: It is of the utmost urgency that ICC take immediate action, taking all of this into account, to stop the rollout of covid vaccinations, introduction of unlawful vaccination passports and all other types of illegal warfare mentioned herein currently being waged against the people of the United Kingdom by way of an IMMEDIATE court injunction”.

The filing offers hope in a never-ending saga of harmful deception. The documentation is both interesting and very educational, please find the complete document here (source).

A heartfelt thank you from all of us and Good luck to Hannah Rose and the team!

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Ana Milan
Ana Milan
2 years ago

It seems we may have a breakthrough at last. These honest, brave & knowledgeable people must be listened to. The evil elite members of the NWO who own everything that is necessary for human survival & therefore don’t need to be elected to office want desperately to impose their Great Reset in order to reduce the world’s population by means of their barefaced murderous abortion clinics & euthanasia injections given to the elderly & disabled members of society against their will. I pray this team’s efforts on behalf of the persecuted will quickly succeed in bringing to public attention the lies about the necessity of being ‘vaccinated’ by a poisonous injection that has not been verified as safe & using the term ‘pandemic’ when science hasn’t been able to support their case. They have carried out bodily assault by unnecessary & life-changing restrictions, job losses & copious threats of incarceration in camps for the unvaccinated with no access to food, proper shelter, heating in cold climates & closure of bank accounts. This tyranny must be stopped before everyone’s civil & human rights are dissolved & whatever it takes we should all support this action.

2 years ago

If you can nail Fauci in USA and he is decidedly guilty, the state of emergency in USA will collapse and no more jabs, and the rest of the world will have to follow suit. Dr. David Martin in USA could help with evidence he has followed the money trail with patents etc.

2 years ago

Yay!! This is long overdue.

Ian Ludwick
Ian Ludwick
2 years ago

Think about it! If they have spent all this time setting this up. And the UK courts and police are not even logging the issue never mind investigating it. Because they are owned already by the people doing this. Do you think the ICC are also owned? You can bet your sweet ass they are. This will be ignored. And to be honest I just went through the entire document and the problem is some of the evidence is not evidence it is substantial. We can’t tie the death of the doctor to any such murder crime. Because he had a heart attack. Still I find it very concerning. But it is not good to put things like that in the court case you want to bring forward. The censorship if enough. The vaccination adverse events is enough. The pass port is enough. The intimidating media the lockdowns. Not wanting to realise all the FDA phizer documents till 2097 is enough. How is that infromed consent?
Phizer “Here take this”
The public “What is it?”
Phizer “We will tell you in 2097”

2 years ago
Reply to  Ian Ludwick

I agree, leave anything out that is circumstantial please.

Martin Tylane
Martin Tylane
2 years ago


IFUD of Human Rights
IFUD of Human Rights
2 years ago

The very expensive headquarters of the International Criminal Court in The Hague is home to corrupt judges who sit back and do nothing. That is what a damning report says. The palace of steel and glass is a pool of injustice and hypocrisy, according to the report under the name “The Independent Expert Review of the International Criminal Court”. This is a shameful situation, because the Criminal Court was set up in 2002 to try war criminals and human rights abusers.To dismiss it outright without careful counter-evidence by the ICC is to feed new conspiracies. There are serious accusations in the indictment against dignitaries. Hence, do not dismiss them as true or false.

1 year ago

Its taken 2 years to put this case together with several thousand Lawyers and Doctors I wonder how many years it will take to prosecute these vermin. The Rich are always protected plus the fact I read in the ICC some of them are corrupt so hopefully this has been sorted out. These rats are everywhere, infiltrated into every aspect of our society, they are a cancer on this planet.

1 year ago

Please plainly indicate which links are videos. Thanks for all your work.