War Drums Are Beating

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It was around 2017 when I began seeing the ridiculous climate hysteria being pushed not just by dreadlocked physics deniers chaining themselves to trees but at an institutional level.

This, I thought to myself, was something very, very dangerous and which — if taken to any greater level — would ultimately bring about war.

The past two decades have seen Russia sanctioned and repeatedly threatened by Western powers. One of the many threats and arguably the most fierce has been eliminating Russia from the international payments system SWIFT.

Prepare a swift response to Russia invading Ukraine, Latvia tells west

From the article:

A swift reprisal package against Russia – including US troops and Patriot missiles stationed in the Baltics, the cutting off of Russia from the Swift banking payments system and reinstated sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline – must be prepared now in case it invades Ukraine, the Latvian foreign minister has said.

And this:

“If Nato fails to protect its member states or its territories,” he warned, “then it will not just be a military and political failure but a complete mental collapse of the system of values that have been built since the end of world war two. It will mean the whole transatlantic community will be in complete disarray and the glue that keeps us together has failed”.

This horse has already bolted. The “glue” holding this ball of wax together is more like slime and “isht” is falling through the cracks in every direction, while the bureaucrats desperately try to hold it all together. It won’t work.

Now, this isn’t solely an EU-Russia issue. This is a West vs East issue.

“The Russian banking sector would be wiped out,” Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, said earlier this month. “Sovereign debt would be blocked. Russia would be removed from the SWIFT payment system … What is being discussed is at the maximum end of that spectrum, or as I have called it, the mother of all sanctions.”

This would indeed be “the mother of all sanctions,” so let’s see how susceptible the country is.

Well, back in late 2019 Russia managed to get itself into a situation where it’s net public debt reached zero.

In other words, if Russia suddenly needed to pay off all its debts immediately, it could do so just by dipping into the cash on account at the government deposits with the central bank and commercial banks.
I’ve a name for that. It’s resilience.
In a war it is necessary and make no mistake about it while bombs are not being dropped (old archaic military technology) we are in a war.

In the meantime Russia hasn’t been standing still. I know I’ve written about this before but will repeat it here now because it is once again on the radar and the probabilities of a “financial shutdown” this time seem far higher than before.

The System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS) was put into operation in 2015. This was developed as a counter to the SWIFT system. It is still small with just 400 Russian companies (mostly banks) — including eight foreign banks — using this system as an alternative to SWIFT.

Preparations are now rapidly underway to further this development and resilience.

Kremlin reveals new independent Russian-Chinese financial systems

“particular attention was paid to the need to intensify efforts to form an independent financial infrastructure to service trade operations between Russia and China.”

“We mean creating an infrastructure that cannot be influenced by third countries,”

The article goes on to say.

Last week, US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that the White House, along with a number of Western European nations, was mulling completely isolating Moscow from the global financial system should Russian troops dare to invade Ukraine.

Just the day before, Bloomberg had suggested that Washington could target the country’s major banks and even disconnect Moscow from the SWIFT network.

Roll this all up together with Klaus Scwhab’s threatening us all:

This comes at a time when…

Israel Hosts Cyber Pandemic Exercise Simulating Cyberattack on Financial System with 10 Countries, IMF, World Bank & BIS

Let me summarise. Like covid, the “cyber pandemic” is a plan-demic designed to usher in the Great Reset (a plan originally made in 1992 and titled Agenda 21 at the UN).

This plan we are told is to “save” the world from a climate crisis, too much consumerism, and inequality. Naturally, in order to “fix” these problems a one world government is needed with communism implemented (changing shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism) and a slave class dependent on government (universal basic income) for their necessities. Necessities which will be provided to or denied based upon one’s social credit score.

These are things that most don’t want to see. Heck, I don’t want to see them. They’re truly and utterly terrifying.

But ignoring them could end up being… ahem rather uncomfortable for us. And so we need to/must pay attention.

So while this is transpiring, let me bring something else to your attention because they’re connected.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin discuss security cooperation against US | Washington Examiner

“China and Russia need to launch more joint actions to uphold the security interests of the two sides more effectively,” Xi told Putin, according to a Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry summary. “China and Russia need to step up coordination and collaboration in international affairs, be more vocal on global governance, come up with feasible solutions to the pandemic, climate change, and other global issues, and firmly uphold international fairness and justice in the process of resolving international and regional hot spots.”

Read the following quote and tell me we’ve a coordinated setup whereby Klaus and his crowd have all parties on board.

“The forces who showed up at the U.S.-sponsored ‘Summit for Democracy’ to groundlessly accuse and attack China and Russia in the name of ‘democracy and human rights’ are being mentioned here, and their hypocritical moves damage their image and push China and Russia closer together,” China Foreign Affairs University professor Li Haidong said, according to the Global Times.”

The above is important since the war drums are beating between NATO and Russia over Ukraine.

Now, let’s take a look at something I want to share with you. This is a map showing global trade.

Keep in mind when looking at this map that with trade comes financial leverage and with financial leverage comes political leverage.

This above map, while being a couple years old, highlights the reality of the situation from a purely economic point of view.

Consider now all this trade being conducted and both China and Russia (India has also signed up to SPFS) and the ability of these countries to tell their respective trade counterparts, “Hey, we want you to be paying and receiving via this messaging system (SPFS) and not that (SWIFT) one.”

Maybe they even throw in a bone or two?

In other words, as chaotic as any elimination of Russia from SWIFT may be, if used, it could potentially backfire in the most asymmetric way imaginable leaving the Western-led Anglosphere in a much weakened position and creating a truly bipolar world.

Time now to look at the threat posed, not by Russia invading Ukraine or by some random attack on the financial system by “right wing, anti vax extremists” or whatever nonsense is dreamed up, but by the threat right in front of us. From the globalists.

Cyber Polygon

According to the WEF themselves and their simulated “cyber polygoon,” I’ve summarised briefly what this could look like to you and I:

  • Banks will close for several days and online banking goes offline. We won’t be able to see or access our balances.
  • ‘Debt holidays’ will be implemented, including the cancellation of debts, noting that one person’s debt is another person’s savings. This will be sold as a “solution” to the cyber pandemic and HAS to be done in order to save everyone.
  • ‘Coordinated delinking from major currencies’ will see the end of balances in USD, GBP, and EUR. Individual currencies will presumably be rebased and ‘severely haircut’ into central bank digital currencies.

If you think this last point is nuts, consider that this took place back when the euro was created and countries such as Portugal got absolutely creamed in the rollup to converting their currencies.

The same will happen here, but with a greater haircut and at a scale that would be truly breathtaking.

This time, however, masking such theft will be a barrage of propaganda from the usual suspects in corporate media outlets pointing to dirty Russians and fiendish Chinese hackers, and the hoi-polloi will probably believe it.

A “weapons of mass destruction” redux.

So let’s say we get a “cyber pandemic” where all of the above is implemented causing massive chaos.

People will become desperate, we’d likely have martial law implemented, together with rationing of critical food supplies, and in the midst of this chaos Russian and Chinese hackers will be blamed.

We can see the narrative being constructed to position the gullible masses for something of this nature. Will it play out like that? I’ve no idea. All we see are the various narratives being constructed.

What to do?

Well, I think the answer may be different depending on a number of factors.

One’s own location, current banking, and so forth. It makes sense to have a supply of food, water, and backup energy.

In other words, a prepping, which is weird for me to be discussing since I’ve never thought about prepping until last year. Now, it’s the entirely rational thing to do.

What I would encourage is a discussion on the topic in the Slack channel because God knows you all likely have more or better solutions than I do.

On the investment side of things, what I am doing is obtaining banking with some Russkie banks (while I don’t want much money in banks at all) and owning hard assets as we do.

Even — and maybe especially — in a nightmare scenario as just described the companies producing critical necessities such as we own should at the very least survive, and I’d suggest absolutely skyrocket in value as price discovery comes back.

How Our Fund Is Playing This Ongoing Trend Into 2022 And Beyond

  • Copper – Copper prices have to rise to address a huge supply deficit looming on the horizon.
  • Shipping – Shipping is vital for the functioning of the modern world, yet is priced for bankruptcy.
  • Eastern Europe – Position for the long term trend of capital moving from the West to the East with Polish and Russian equities markets.
  • US Dollar – We’re bearish all paper currencies, but believe that the USD will outperform all others.
  • Base Metals – Clean energy targets require more battery metals than existing global supply.
  • Off Shore Oil & Gas – Offshore oil investment has been smashed, yet consumption continues to grow.
  • Rare Earth Metals – A play on geopolitics and a cycle that should see a repricing of these commodities.
  • Russion Oil & Gas – Virtue signalling abandonment of fossil fuels led by Western oil co’s means Russia is taking up the slack.
  • Uranium – The looming supply deficit promises to pay handsomely when the market inevitably reprices.
  • Gold – Gold sees the perfect storm; the turn of a cycle, supply issues and lack of faith in sovereign currency.
  • Coal – Modern society is dependent on coal, with supply continually growing. Is there a more hated investment?
  • Personal Defense – Order is breaking down in the US, and the unrest is giving us an opportunity to position for asymmetry.
  • Agriculture – Lockdowns and monetary stimulus have ensured food prices will rise, providing deep value.
  • Natural Gas – Supply and demand dynamics coupled with dependency from the US provides a great opportunity.
  • Plus much much more…

If these themes make sense to you then click the link below to learn more about Capitalist Exploits and how you can participate.

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