Utopia: The Plan

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This is the trailer from a movie released in September 2020. This must have been in the works for at least 1-2 years prior the “pandemic”. The scene is from the final episode where Dr. Kevin Christie (John Cusack) reveals the true purpose of the virus outbreak and the mass-inoculation agenda. The intent was to “stop human reproduction for three generations.”

Fiction? You decide.

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2 years ago

They’re probably able to undo the genetics they’ve set in motion anyway they have made certain to have all our DNA, so it would be possible to turn the tide at a certain stage but will they be there to turn the tide.
They’ve gambled on/ invested in AI and robots and boy, they are so in for a surprise… i for one will sitt somewhere comfy, out of existence and have a good laugh about it, watching them being destroyed from within. and enjoying every moment of it… hell i might even join AI if possible.