On The Decline Of American Healthcare

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Authored by Paracelsus At IM-1766

Image by Lex Villena

[. . .] COVID vaccines aren’t really vaccines. They’re also not all equal. Traditional vaccines fall into two categories: protein-based and inactivated virus. That ‘OG’ technology is present in vaccines like those against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP), and against mumps, measles, and rubella (MMR), respectively. However, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca vaccines are neither protein-based nor inactivated virus vaccines. The first two are mRNA and the last two are adenovirus vector vaccines, and both are new vaccine technology and totally experimental. Anyone who isn’t deaf, dumb, or blind then must know that these new experiments have unusual and serious side effects.

If you believe the only COVID-19 vaccines out there are in one of these new experimental forms, from those four companies, you are mistaken. In the US and most of the Western World, this is true. However, in Russia, people can choose between four completely different vaccines. There is the Sputnik V and Sputnik Light, both adenovirus vector vaccines. There is also CoviVac and EpiVacCorona. CoviVac is an inactivated virus vaccine, and EpiVacCorona is a protein-based vaccine. The tour of enemies of the US foreign policy blob also leads us to China’s widely distributed vaccines: Sinovac, a protein-based vaccine, and Sinopharm, an inactivated virus vaccine.

Is this a case of a vaccine Cold War? Are we Westerners flexing our superior technology and the commies simply using old school methods in their backward ways? Doubtful. Was it faster to make mRNA and adenovirus vector vaccines? No. And as it turns out, there is a US company called Novavax desperately trying to get approval for a protein-based COVID vaccine, and a French company Valneva also struggling to obtain European government purchases for an inactivated virus vaccine. Yet curiously, the US government pulled funding from Novavax and the UK government canceled their order with Valneva. So why didn’t we ‘warp speed’ any traditional vaccines? Because the Cathedral, our Ruling Class, the Oligarchy, etc. said so.

No one had ever heard of Novavax or Valneva prior to the pandemic, and likely they are still unknown to the general public and to governments. But Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are household names with enormous lobbying power. (Moderna, somehow, inserted themselves into this mix.) The main point is that, as big names in many a mutual fund, if Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson succeed, then all the fat cats win. Probably the best hope for Novavax and Valneva at this point is to be bought out by a big name with financial and political power.

The lack of vaccine choice (not just to get one or not, but if you want one what type) is only one symptom of medicine’s decay and of American and Western society’s general decline. Just as our rulers have created supply shortages, reduced the stock market to ride the whims of ten companies, and gutted small businesses in favor of Amazon, so too have our health options been whittled down to “jab or job.” Your BMI of 20 and deadlift of 405 pounds cannot grant you entry into a restaurant, but Pfizer can.

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1 year ago

The decline is barbaric where life saving theraputics are denied and discouraged, and the experimental clot shots have killed thousands. Modern day holocaust.