Another “Prophet” Leading Russians to Digital Slavery

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“Follow me to the QR-coded Promised Land”

As Russia’s regions began rapidly adopting compulsory vaccine decrees and QR codes in early October, Alexander Gintsburg was invited to a Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) gala, where he received RJC’s Global Influence Award. The Congress dignitary who presented the award compared the Gamaleya Center director to one of the most revered prophets among the Abrahamic religions:

“Alexander Leonidovich, like Moses, helped us all get out of quarantine and go free. When we faced the virus and lived in isolation, we were not free people. Through the opportunity to be administered with Sputnik, he gave us a path to freedom.”

If Gintsburg is leading Russia to freedom, it appears he took a wrong turn. The head scientist behind Sputnik V has openly called for segregation based on vaccination status, as well as compulsory injections—even for children.

The self-described “sexual democrat” says being unvaccinated is like “walking with dirty hands.” How to stay pure in mind, body and spirit, then? If Gintsburg really is a modern Moses, what kind of Commandments would he reveal to the world?

Thou shalt not lie about your vaccination status, because Gintsburg’s vaccine contains special “markers” that can be used to determine if you are fibbing

Sputnik V was billed as a wonder drug that would virtually eliminate the possibility of being hospitalized with a positive PCR test. When it became clear this was a slight exaggeration, Gintsburg went on the offensive.

According to the Gamaleya director, 80% of Russians who say they were vaccinated with Sputnik V but still end up in a COVID ward are liars who illegally purchased a vaccine certificate.

How does Gintsburg know this? Because Sputnik V has built-in “markers”:

Gintsburg explained that it is possible to check whether a person was vaccinated with Sputnik V or not using a special analysis for the presence of drug markers: “We see that people lack these markers in 80% of cases.”

His provocative claim backfired immediately. Russian media outlets responded to his curious and conspicuously vague disclosure by asking: “what exactly do you mean by markers?”

After a week of silence, Gintsburg issued an update: a special blood test had been developed to check for the presence of adenovirus Ad26, which is used in Sputnik V to transport genetic material to cells. Some experts have claimed this alleged blood test is pointless and makes no sense.

Thou shalt not need a mask after getting injected with Gintsburg’s vaccine. Actually, yes thou shalt

In an October 2020 interview, Gintsburg explained he no longer needed to wear a mask because he was “completely protected and not at all dangerous,” adding that his vaccine-induced shield against coronavirus would last “for a long time.”

Fourteen months later, the Gamaleya director stressed that vaccinated Russians need to mask up to defend themselves against those who haven’t received the shot. Furthermore, “the wearing of masks by the vaccinated makes it possible to prevent the transmission of the pathogen from the person who is vaccinated and who does not know that he is a carrier to those people who are not vaccinated.”

Gintsburg demonstrating the virus-stopping “chin strap”

In other words: masks are purportedly necessary to ensure unvaccinated people are protected from vaccinated super-spreaders. (Face diapers are worse than useless, by the way.)

Honor Gintsburg’s other vaccines, all of which failed to reach the market

Before launching Sputnik V into emergency authorization orbit, Gintsburg repeatedly failed to send an approved drug beyond Russia’s own borders. His first attempt at a vector adenovirus vaccine, AdeVac-Flu, resulted in a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scandal.

All of Gamaleya’s “previous vaccines” listed on Sputnik V’s official website hit a dead-end, were never submitted for registration or formal approval, or are still undergoing clinical trials.

For example, GamFluVac, an influenza shot that has been in development for a decade, has yet to be introduced into the international market. Apparently it has not even been registered in Russia.

Sputnik V’s cheerleaders have repeatedly made the false claim that Gamaleya created a “proven” Ebola vaccine using the same platform that spawned Russia’s flagship COVID shot. This is a lie.

Gamaleya’s famous Ebola shot was MIA when Guinea needed it most

According to one Russian media report, Gintsburg has dabbled in all sorts of biological alchemy. He was reportedly recruited by rich people to create “youth elixirs—various technologies that help stop the aging of the body.”

It’s unclear if any of these magic potions passed clinical trials.

Thou shalt not practice medicine if you have misgivings about Gintsburg’s vaccine

In November, Gintsburg said doctors who caution patients against getting vaccinated should be stripped of their diplomas and prevented from practicing medicine.

“I fully support these proposals… People are being ruined, that is, they are being killed. What kind of doctor is this? Why should you call him a doctor? Because he has a diploma?” he argued.

Russia has no VAERS and health authorities do not share data on side effects (assuming these statistics are even collected) with the public. Despite threats of fines and imprisonment, Russian doctors have been coming forward with reports of serious adverse reactions and even deaths caused by the vaccine.

Thou shalt not ride the bus without Gintsburg’s vaccine

Gintsburg is also a zealous supporter of requiring digital “health” passes to use public transportation:

Thou shalt not do anything without Gintsburg’s vaccine

Everyone must be injected with Gintsburg’s vaccine—including children. His vaccine must be added to the national vaccine schedule and those who refuse it will be social outcasts and incapable of participating in society. He explained his reasoning in a recent interview:

— Q: Will this viral situation ever end?

Alexander Gintsburg: Yes, of course! This will end when 70-75 percent of the population of our country, along with the world, will be vaccinated, which will have protective antibodies to this pathogen. For this, of course, this drug must be included in the National Vaccination Schedule. And vaccination should be mandatory. And further: in order for this not to happen again, children must be taught to be sure to be vaccinated, just like their parents. And, accordingly, posters should teach this, as well as the fact that need to wash your hands, brush your teeth and say “hello” and “goodbye.”

— Q: And why is this?

Alexander Gintsburg: To be normally perceived in society and to be a full-fledged citizen of the society in which you live. Because if you are unvaccinated, then you not only harm yourself, but also your loved ones, everyone around you. It is just as bad to be unvaccinated as, for example, excuse me, to spit or anything else… Or to walk with dirty hands.

In the meantime, Gintsburg has demanded a nationwide QR code regime to ensure vaccinated and unvaccinated Russians are kept away from each other.

Thou shalt surely die without Gintsburg’s vaccine

You will perish immediately if you don’t get Gintsburg’s vaccine. Especially if you are a child:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s booster shot because everyone is eligible for an infinite number of them, you silly goose

In April 2021, Gintsburg said he believed Sputnik V would provide indefinite immunity. A month later, Gamaleya’s director slightly adjusted his tea leaves: Sputnik V would remain effective for two years.

Then, in June, Gintsburg announced Russians would need a booster shot six months after receiving their second Sputnik dose. Six months later, Gamaleya’s director recommended getting revaccinated biannually an “infinite” number of times.

Remember to be fearful of hypothetical variants

On June 15—a day before Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced Russia’s first compulsory vaccination decree—Gintsburg warned Russia’s capital might be under siege from a perilous new “Moscow” strain of coronavirus.

“At present, a study of the Moscow strain and the effectiveness of Sputnik V against it is underway. We think the vaccine will be effective, but we must wait for the results of the study,” Gintsburg told RIA Novosti.

A week later, the Moscow strain vanished. Russia’s State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology issued a brief statement on June 23 explaining the terrifying mutation was “for the most part a conditional and hypothetical phenomenon.”

How effective is Sputnik V against hypothetical phenomena? Curious minds want to know, but Russia’s vaccine Moses hasn’t commented.

Thou shalt not fret about Gintsburg conducting medical experiments on his granddaughter and other children

Gintsburg claims he vaccinated his 14-year-old granddaughter “immediately” after he tested the drug on himself—somewhere around April 2020.

In September 2020, he admitted in an interview that he “broke all the rules” by injecting the girl, but stressed she experienced no side effects aside from a brief temperature.

Watch him look away from the camera in shame as he makes this truly bizarre claim. Is he unable to make eye contact because he conducted an unethical medical experiment on his granddaughter, or because he is a liar? Maybe both?

Bubbling with confidence, he is now carrying out similar experiments on children all over Russia.

Please clap for Gintsburg when he receives awards from Vladimir Putin

In early November, Gintbsurg said the Russian government must ensure a “line is drawn” to “sharply distinguish” between Sputniked Citizens and No-Jab Vermin.

Hours later, President Vladimir Putin awarded Gintsburg the Order of Alexander Nevsky. The honor was bestowed upon the accomplished scientist in recognition of his “years-long dedicated work.”

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer and more dedicated guy.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that forcing Russians of all ages to get injected with an unproven and seemingly dangerous genetic shot has nothing whatsoever to do with public health. In fact, data suggests Sputnik V has no obvious neutralizing effect—and may actually be making things worse.

Sputnik V—just like all the other COVID vaccines—is just a vehicle to QR-tag every man, woman and child in Russia. Why some people continue to pretend otherwise remains an eternal mystery. Maybe they are captivated by Gintsburg’s rock-solid Commandments? Truly, sacred words to live by.

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Mathew Rush
Mathew Rush
1 year ago

Sounds like the Russian equivalent of “Fauci”

1 year ago

What is wrong with these people? do they think the 1% will spare them? fools