Pfizer CEO Predicts Life On Earth “Will Return To Normal” In The Spring

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Note: As we at Algora predicted many months ago, the rhetoric at the very top is changing. “They” are admitting already that this is no longer sustainable. But the state bureaucracy is difficult to turn on a dime; it is difficult to come overnight and proclaim the opposite of what was the “truth”/indoctrination for the masses. And here is why the turnaround: 

1. The war on China is self defeating. Even the latest attempt to send the Omicron via the Post Office backfired. The military “superiority” is melting away, the semiconductor blackmail/blockade slowly turns into a major Chinese industrial revolution. China supports an economic alliance with Iran and just signed up Syria for its Belt & Road.

2. The adventure/coup in Ukraine, didn’t scare Russia a bit, the economic blockade of North Stream 2 only backfired horrendously by bringing Europe to a freezing winter. No SWIFT embargo is possible and now Russia has high level discussions with Iran on a possible alliance.

3. Biden’s approval rating is nosediving, the country rallies against the curriculum of CRT, against woke culture, against the vaccine mandates, against BLM, against the BBB, against electoral reform, etc. 

The net balance of Covid mania: total shambles, inflation and mutiny.

via ZeroHedge

Just a few days ago, Bill Gates shared some of his (revised) thoughts on the COVID pandemic and the trajectory that omicron has left us on. Several weeks after warning that omicron’s heightened infectiousness might send the pandemic into overdrive, the Microsoft founder postulated instead that omicron might hasten the end of the pandemic by leaving the human population with more antibodies against the virus. As a result, SARS-CoV-2 might enter its endemic stage more quickly, Gates suggested.

This view, that the end of the pandemic might finally be at hand after two years of suffering, has become increasingly popular as of late. Take this piece from the BBC: “Endemic COVID: Is the pandemic entering its endgame?”.

While the piece mostly focused on the UK, the sense is that the developed world more broadly is closer to the end because of its access to vaccines.

So, is a new Covid-era truly imminent and what will that actually mean for our lives?

“We’re almost there, it is now the beginning of the end, at least in the UK,” Prof Julian Hiscox, chairman in infection and global health at the University of Liverpool, tells me. “I think life in 2022 will be almost back to before the pandemic.”

What’s changing is our immunity. The new coronavirus first emerged two years ago in Wuhan, China, and we were vulnerable. It was a completely new virus that our immune systems had not experienced before and we had no drugs or vaccines to help.

It even came with his handy illustration depicting the difference between “pandemic” and “endemic” COVID:

Source: The BBC

Well, it appears the CEO of Pfizer has caught on to this narrative – and he approves. Speaking to the French media, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla that while he expects COVID to continue to circulate for many years to come, he expects future waves won’t cause the types of restrictions that people have become used to over the last two years, and that life will return to “normal” in the spring.

Bourla told French news outlet Le Figaro in an interview published Jan. 16 that he expects a “return to normal life” at some point in spring of this year. However, he added the caveat that the mysterious dynamics of COVID’s spread make accurate predictions more difficult.

“We will soon be able to resume a normal life,” Albert Bourla told the French paper. “We are well positioned to get there in the spring thanks to all the tools at our disposal: tests, very effective vaccines and the first treatments that can be taken at home.”

He also credited improvements in COVID testing, vaccines, and therapeutics for his optimistic outlook, telling BFM TV that he expects the current omicron-driven wave to be the “last with so many restrictions.”

But given its affinity for its human hosts, COVID will likely be “very difficult to get rid of,” which is why Bourla expects it to become endemic, with the occasional seasonal flareup, like the flu.

Finally, the Pfizer CEO shared details of local partnerships that he said would help France produce more of Pfizer’s COVID fighting drug Paxlovid.

With his approval rating at an all-time low, President Biden better hope the likes of Bourla and Gates are right. Ending the COVID pandemic might be the only thing that could help Biden regain some support among the tired and frustrated American electorate.

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John Schroeder
John Schroeder
2 years ago

Oh please, don’t tease, but that’s what you do, it will be like the Flu:
As Doctor Microsoft, shielded by all that cash, and having received,
that injection of Profit, as Bourla, pouts the end, of the first part
of the business plan, there’re, hooked , cooked , booked , and lining
up for the product, contracted by mandate, the future secure, in the
business profile:
With the Booster, treatments, online, and on time, and terminal
malaise regulated, the experimental die is cast, we can guarantee, the
Costings of future development, of live and let die, the Profit picture,
is across the line:
Oh please, don’t tease, for pray, what is normal;?
A paradox, a paragon of fantasy, mind games, word games;
Lies, promises, Yes, I can now see why that is now believed ,
to be Normal:!!

John Schroeder
John Schroeder
2 years ago
Reply to  Algora Blog

Spot on;
When the created Monster starts eating the host;!
It’s time to reset to Act2,
With, the Belt and Road , investment at stake; The balancing
act of, who…is dah enemy; and the tour de force, bad guys,
being exposed as team players;!
I mean, come on, who is going to pay the bills, with a
conflict: Israel: hmmmm;?
Shhh, don’t tell Henry; !!
Camp Biden, took the wrong bid; from a stacked deck, covid, the
dark alley; has a very nasty sting in its tail; Russia, calls the bluff,
Then for Camp Biden, ego, twice bitten, but never shy: recover?, I
doubt it:
What, do they offer? ; The ability to offer a set of stake knives, with
the deal days is over: Being Woke, is being blind; deaf and dumb:
What is at stake here, is well beyond a chorus line mentality:!
and wafer thin distraction:
Loved the comment, Algora:!

2 years ago

There is just a little problem with it: they don’t control the virus. They have no clue what they are doing. But all they want is power and money. That’s it.
You think they got this genius evil masterplan controlling the virus and the pandemic is a fake.. no, it isn’t. The virus is a T4 bio-weapon completely out of control. And it won’t disappear all of a sudden just because some of the worldwide dictatorship said so. They know it but they need people to believe their lies otherwise they would lose money from the fake and toxic vaccines and they would lose power.