Vaccination Nations. An Open Letter to Congress

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by Jeanne M. Haskin

U.S. demographics, no matter their racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural composition, were once seen as manageable under a thriving middle class. It also did not matter that US wealth was heavily concentrated in the hands of two percent.  Tolerance was our watchword and success a national goal. Americans not only needed to be good but, before foreign policy came home to roost, we were united in what that meant.

It turns out that we ourselves have not respected the free-market principle ‘live and let live’.  In South and Central America, our foreign policy resulted in state-sponsored massacres, mass disappearances, and the assassination of priests under ruthless dictatorships supported by militarized police. Economic stratification, when intensified to utter deprivation, left malnourished men, women, and children with grossly distended stomachs begging for work on the streets. In our ‘sphere of influence,’ debt peonage signaled victory. With nowhere to flee and no way to emigrate to the US, assassination or suicide provided the only escape.

How peculiar, then, that these are the people we hate.

We have self-styled ‘Minute Men’ on volunteer border patrol. ICE intercepted more immigrants and deported them far faster under President Obama than any Republican regime. President Trump, who was castigated for inhumane detention and separation of immigrant families, arranged a compromise with Mexico, which became a holding pen, so these policies could continue, albeit sight unseen.

Now we blather about creating better conditions so people will want to stay in their own countries—a new ‘spin’ on the story that hasn’t cost a thing.

Unlike a war in Ukraineor North Korea… Taiwanor Iran.

Washington would justify those, however, because Russia, China, Iran (and, for that matter, even Ukraine) are playing divide and conquer, because and only because, we made an easy target once our foreign policy came home to roost.

As America’s two percent became the one percent, some of the wealthy asked, ‘How will we manage the populace when jealousy becomes enmity, animosity, and worse? How will we survive the loss of the middle class?

The answer? Organized chaos, militant white nationalism, a businessman cum TV entertainer to turn up the pressure cooker, and—dare we say it—biological warfare to keep people off the streets.

Did it really matter that the outbreak in Wuhan was a verifiable accident? Not when television footage of COVID in New York featured refrigerated trailers filled with dead bodies destined for mass graves.

A war crime? Perhaps.

It could seem convincing that COVID was a conspiracy to control world populations when diminishing expectations were being forced upon them, but, in fact, we are warring with our past, present, and future over our degradation of nature.

So be it?

Not at all. We have the power to change. It is only that we must want to—before organized chaos becomes disorganized chaos and the elite lose control. Then they will set themselves up for the worst of all possible outcomes. They will call upon Big Pharma to put the lid back onto the pressure cooker. This is why we must stop our transformation into vaccination nations—lest the elite become so enamored with control through viral outbreaks that their ever-ready supply creates an ever-increasing demand.

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2 years ago

What is this? Woke agenda on a quest to disinform? So many issues with every false statement made in the form of “caring”.