Ukraine: the End of US Occupation

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My reading of this panic porn regarding Ukraine is that this is the controlled demolition of the US forces in Ukraine. This is a better organized version of the American retreat from Afghanistan. First take out the civilians and the large contingent of “contractors’/mercenaries and their families. Then?

At the peak of the panic, we will be told that Biden saved world peace by accepting to declare Ukraine a neutral country and that the US is now evacuating its remaining military in an orderly fashion.

Long live the new success in bringing peace to the world by Biden! As the UK Foreign Secretary Wallace just admitted: “there is a whiff of Munich in the air from some in the West”.

Remember, you heard this here first. Claudiu Secara

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Kim Hayes
Kim Hayes
2 years ago

That 2nd to last line is a joke right? Whatever creature that is wearing that mask pretending to be Biden and all the minions have been doing everything possible to start a war. So much so, Ukraine was begging the idiots in Washington to shut the F–K up! So, like I asked, that peace line was a joke, RIGHT?

2 years ago
Reply to  Kim Hayes

No, it is not a joke, the US has lost the war in Ukraine before it started. Just as it lost the war in Afghanistan after 20 years.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dacian

Exactly right! This is all controlled destruction of the USA and it’s world leadership role. All you need do is look at the decline in USA longevity rates which began in 2014 at end of the deadly Obama Reign, establishment of Obamacare and the rise of Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel & his euthanasia by government policies programs. Plus now we have the Fauci Cabal. This is directed conversion of wealth of a nation while the people remain comatose.