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For the latest on the Russian forces mopping up of the ukrozionist regime of Ukraine, we recommend very few reliable sources. Here are some of them: Spriter or this one Russians With Attitude.

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On a different note, we are also reposting the response by the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov:

I would like to say that the whole set of restrictions against Russia is so absurd that we can only laugh at these fruitless attempts. They have frozen the void there. A complete embarrassment! And yet, in spite of all this comedy, it is time to retaliate harshly, and the measures should be mirrored. They should look like this, by comparison:
     British Prime Minister Boris Johnson,

     British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss,

     Head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen,

     Head of the European Diplomatic Corps Josep Borrell

should retract their statements, otherwise the Chechen Republic, considering the impertinent and pretentious nature of the statements by the above mentioned persons, reserves the right to introduce the following sanctions:

   – Close the Chechen skies to flights of their jets;
   – Freeze all of Johnson’s ruble assets in Chechen banks;
   – Impose an embargo on all the assets of the British oligarchs in Achkhoi-Martan, and in case things get worse, in Samashki as well;
   – To recognize the left-hand traffic as a vile relic of the Middle Ages;
   – And to admit, finally, that there is no such thing as English tea!

The deadline is February 31st!

This will be an example to other nations. Henceforth, think before you impose any sanctions.

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Note: some of the text might contain traces of humor.

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