Ukraine, the Day After

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meamjojo says:

Great idea! Help make your invaders comfortable (in the morgue).
Russian Troops Dead After Getting ‘Treated’ to Poisoned Meals, Ukraine Officials Say
According to Ukraine’s Intelligence Directorate, two soldiers have died and dozens more have been hospitalized after being offered buns by locals near the city of Kharkhiv.

Updated Apr. 03, 2022

Are you gay or female by any chance? You exude a type of sadistic spite typical of women and queers.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many Russians (and Ukes living in Donbass) the Ukes heroically poison, execute, or mass murder by way of Tochka-attacks on train stations.

The country has been (and will continue to be) utterly decimated.

How many of the 1 million + Ukrainian soldiers (active duty + national guard + reservists + Volkssturm) will end up dead before this is over? How many maimed? How many riddled with PTSD? How many shamed for life for having recanted on camera to the Russians? How many will proceed to overdose on fent? How many will drink themselves to death? How many will kill their families and then themselves in fits of PTSD-fueled rage?

The notorious Russian propaganda outlet by the name of the BBC released an article exactly two weeks before the invasion, where the (Ukrainian-)American ex-health minister of ‘kraine decried how the Ukraine was already being massively hit by an epidemic of alcoholism and suicide among the veterans of the extremely low-intensity war with the Donbass gopniks. Now multiply that by a thousand.

Now, how many of the 5 mil + (female and kid) refugees you’ll wager will return to the Borderland? Even shiteholes like Moldova will seem like paradise compared to the bombed-out ruins of the Ukraine. While Ukes generally act like petulant children wherever they go, they aren’t completely braindead, and can probably learn other European languages up to a passable level. What incentive is there to return after that? It’s not like any European government (even Hungary) would be so tasteless as to throw them out. A vocal minority of females/queers like you would raise hell about “muh poor ‘krainians.” Plus, the EU is spending billions on feeding, clothing, and integrating the Ukes into their new homelands as we speak.

How will ‘kraine’s ample organized crime networks react to the gargantuan amounts of new small arms now readily available in the country? Will they ensure that an amazing business environment takes shape in the post-war Ukraine? Or will it be a Somalia-meets-Afghanistan type of arrangement, where a foreign investor needs to commute in an armored car flanked by PTSD-riddled “private security”?

Thus, who will foot the bill to reconstruct that hellscape? There might be an IMF loan or two, in return to absolutely everything left standing getting privatized (not much coming in the way of these PTSD-addled/limbless veterans). After that … the Chinks? It would be supremely ironical — the Russian ally rebuilding everything, strings attached. Maybe the Turks will come in, and do a little dawah on the side (heard that Mariupol’s Turkish-built mosque just got blown to smithereens). Islam might become the only way to cope for the masses of f-up Uke veterans.

Lastly, uke will become a drug-resistant tb and polio hotspot like never before. Don’t take my word for it — just take a gander at these Kremlin shills at France 24 and Time magazine. See this and this:

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2 years ago

It wouldn’t surprise me if both the poisoning story and the comment were propaganda by the puppet masters and their lackies running this theatre. No one knows what is actually true in this world unless they see it with their own eyes. We are so separated from reality that talk effectively becomes largely meaningless.