Shanghai, China – the Insanity of the Lockdowns – Suicides and Madness

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Algora Ed. Note: Is this the pay back by the West for not “denouncing Putin”, for not supporting the embargo against Russia, for standing up to the Globalists, for not accepting enslavement to the West?

We are now walking into new territory as the confrontation between the Full-Spectrum-Domination Neocons and the Multipolar Rest-of-the-World heats up.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

As everyone watches the current show in the theater called “Ukraine” today, thousands of people are committing suicide in Shanghai, China, as its 25 million residents continue to be locked down and many of them reportedly starving because they cannot get food.

Protests and looting have reportedly started, and horrible images are appearing of people jumping to their deaths from buildings while others hang themselves. Dogs and cats are being murdered on the streets.

And this is Shanghai! I have spent time in Shanghai in the past, and it is the most modern city in China. It’s financial and shopping district would rival Manhattan in New York, the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, or Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

If this can happen in Shanghai, it can happen anywhere.

Words cannot describe what I have watched today from reports coming out from people on the ground there, so I have created a short video montage that will communicate what is going on in Shanghai right now, better than anything I can write.

This is VERY GRAPHIC! It will disturb you. I cry like a baby every time I watch these clips.

But the Big Tech social media platforms are censoring much of this, and I am not seeing much of this at all in either the corporate media nor the alternative media.

But it should be headline news everywhere right now!

This is from our Bitchute channel, and is also on our Odysee channel and Telegram channel.


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1 year ago

As Brian Shilhavy says, if it can happen in Shanghai, it can happen anywhere. These poor suffering Chinese could just as well be the rest of us, comfortable with the notion that lockdowns are a thing of yesteryear. Is this payback by the globalists for China’s recalcitrance viz. Russia? I think it’s a realistic posit.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
1 year ago

In a word, as it were: What we witness here is surreally beyond shocking! It signifies nothing less than proverbially satanic politicallous [sic] state induced, engineered MASS MURD€R. . . I wonder WHO’S NEXT, predicated on what novel preteXt the misruling demons heX. . . Pfffft! ⚡ ☝ ⚡

Tim Fora
Tim Fora
1 year ago

When will the people say enough? These wicked tyrants must be prosecuted. Even so come Lord Jesus.