Ukraine, the End of the West

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Anyone following George Webb Investigative Journalist on Twitter? He has been investigating all of this including rat lines of supplies, Awad brothers, Kolomoisky-Zelensky-Biden and so much more. He posted a link to Fierce News (not sure where Fierce News is) that French intelligence officers and officers of special forces could not get their comrades out of Mariupol.

This is why Macron kept calling the Kremlin to open up humanitarian corridors. Some French intel officers died in the failed rescue operation. Officers from U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey Sweden, Poland and Greece are now trapped in the dungeons of Aazovtal. U.S. Lt. General Roger Clothier was recently captured by DNR People’s Militia from a down helicopter. Clothier was tracked down by Russian GRU and SVR in MAriupol from external surveillance of his mistress in Turkey in Izmir.

The Ukie National known to the intel svcs as Klute, had always accompanied the general as his travelling wife, confidante and interpreter. As soon as the info was received that this woman arrived in Mariupol; Russia launched a military operation and blockaded the city.

George Webb has said US and NATO Lt General Clothier’s father had been a U.S. scientist with the highest top secret clearence at Oak Ridge Laboratory which does more nuke work in Tenn (?) but his father was a biochemist. Viruses???

George Webb and Fierce News also posted” Under Azovstalindustrial zone (which is HUGE), owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, the alleged illigitimate son of former PRes. Kuchma, there are 24 km of tunnels (14 or so miles) up to 30 m deep (95 feet or so).

There is a secret NATO facility PIT-404 and secret NATO biological weapons lab there. There are NATO officers in the PIT-404 facility, and the tunnels are equipped with an amored bunker system.

About 240 foreigners are in the bldg inclduing NATO and French Foreign LEgion officers and biolab staff. Their guards, financed by Akhemtov, number 3,000. The biolab under the Azovstal plant in Mariupol in the so-called PIT-404 facility – built and operated by Metabiota, a company with ties to Hunter Biden, Akhmetov and Volodymyr Zelensky. Bioweapons tests were conducted in the labs in the facilities. Thousands of Mariupol residents became “guinea pigs” in these horrible tests. And it was mainly Western specialities who took part in these tests.

George Webb also references for info that Russia’s Ministry of Defense is releasing on biolabs.

So what is really going on under Azovstal? It seems like Russia, DPR and possibly Chechens have made this a very high priority. Russia and Putin probably would very much like to show the evil that has been going on under Azovstal.

This morning on Intel Slava Z on Telegram was a phone conversation, probably intercepted by Russian forces. It was an American probably Merc talking to a Brit merc trapped in Azovstal. The American asked them if the Brit and his pals could get civilian clothes (to sneak out like rat cowards). The Brit said they tried and it failed. The Brit said they are trapped and was almost crying. The American guy was saying God have mercy. These guys are freaking mercenaies destroying innocent people’s lives in the Donetsk, helping the nazis, helping possibly bioweapons tests on innocent people that are horrifying. Now these B**as*tards want to invoke God’s name to save their souls? They already sold their souls to Satan aka ZATO.

I am wondering why all this bioweapons. They used them to steal and loot from taxpayers globally with COVID. ZATO-WEF-NWO want Russia’s resources so bad. They have been trying to perfect viruses to just kill Slavic people. Monsters.

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2 years ago

There is still much controversy over who exactly is trapped in the building at Mariupol. But the majority opinion seems to favour French mercenaries, even the Foreign Legion which, if proved true, will do Macron’s election hopes no good at all.