A Biden Syndicate Obsession?

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Today Alexander Mercouris stated that he thinks that President Biden is obsessed about Ukraine to the exclusion of the rest of his duties. There must be a huge amount of shit in Ukraine on the Biden crime family plus the Deep State shenanigans to be driving the whole state department insane. Excellent I say, as this will hopefully degrade the US responses and actions in the rest of the world. Then the Democrat wipeout in November and the Republican reprisals will begin – soaking up a huge amount of US political and media space. 

Looking forward to the French second-round election in a week and a half, Le Pen is keeping to her “pulling out of the NATO command structure” (but staying in NATO as De Gaulle did) in her campaign speeches. I really wonder if she will have an “accident”, thankfully France has paper ballots so much harder to “fix” the election than in some other nations. The “she’s a Putin lover” crap has already started in a desperate attempt to stop her. Best thing Putin could do is to have great military successes in the next 10 days and find those French troops in Mariupol and parade them just before the French elections. Then on to the Colombian election next month. 

This war will grind on during the summer (phase 3?), and the Western elites will become increasingly desperate. Any breach in the sanctions wall may rapidly become an avalanche.

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