China, the Big Puzzle

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The Chinese are NOT sending troops to a country and bombing them back to the stone age. The reality is the Chinese are treating other countries as Sovereign. That means as a Sovereign country, you can do as you wish. If countries do not see a win/win situation, they can choose to walk away. How hard is this to understand? Examples of “smaller” countries dealing with China:

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Glenn Noblin
Glenn Noblin
11 months ago

Dunno about reeelly recent actions, the big C seems to buy it’s way into African and Middle Eastern nations, swapping infrastructure projects for resources. Can anyone remember Mao’s participation in Korea and what about peacefully neutral Tibet of old? Don’t forget that Cambodia and Vietnam got a heaping platter of communist aid to help rid themselves of their French colonial difficulties, and China worked hand in hand with the representatives of most nations of the world to bring about the disorder that can’t be found or named…