Remembering US, NATO Crimes Against the Serbian Civilians

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“The use of depleted uranium during the NATO bombing of Serbia has caused long-term damage to Serbia and the Serbian people. Because every year we have an increase in the number of cancer cases by 25 percent over the previous year. Figures in the case of patients in Kosovska Mitrovica support this fact, as in 2011 here were registered 185 of them, the following year, 225 and in 2013 – 250. Therefore, the gloomy forecasts, imposed back in 2002, that the use of depleted uranium during the aggression of Western military alliance against FRY will cause an epidemic of malignant diseases, turned out to be accurate, said dr. Nebojsa Srbljak for Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.”

“Italy which has revealed that their soldiers, who stayed in Kosovo, were irradiated and that the increased number of hematological diseases is a direct consequence of the use of depleted uranium ammunition,” said Dr. Srbljak. “Italian KFOR soldiers were deployed where the most of the ammunition with depleted uranium was used, in Pec, Djakovica, in Kosare. Their families, as far as I know, have received compensation.””

Tellingly, it was used all over Iraq, even after there were no more tanks left to “penetrate”. And other kinds of explosives would have been just as effective, and without the radiation problems. Further, true depleted uranium would not have been radioactive enough to cause the very extensive radiation harms and mutations that occurred in Iraq.

So the so-called ”depleted” uranium conspiracy narrative has always been just a giant lie. This weapon was not utilizing any ”depleted” uranium at all. It was based on ENRICHED uranium, and it actually functions as a ‘micro’ nuclear fission bomb. Time to get real.

Depleted uranium is comprised, most significantly, of U-238, which (in usual circumstances) slowly emits beta particles (electrons) and alpha particles (helium nuclei). These cause it to be dangerous if ingested or inhaled, but these particles are pretty much blocked by human skin. Enriched uranium, which can ‘flash over’ (or explode) consists largely of U-235, which can produce, relatively, a lot of neutron emission, which can readily penetrate human tissue, and is vastly more likely to cancer and mutations of infants, as was observed quite frequently in individuals in, for example, Iraq after the war.

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