Uki Prisoners

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What I see are men who are defeated and know it. Next, they realize from first moment of contact these Russians are treating them with respect and with fellowship. It is unmistakable even when you don’t know the language. My God, wounded promptly get care where the Uke army would shoot them.

Speaking as an ex-prison inmate I see lots of stuff. The prisoners are eating with metal utensils and no one is counting or tracking that in any way. If they wanted to make shivs there it is, the Russians know these guys are not making any shivs. They are all wearing heavy coats with infinite possibility for concealing contraband. Again the Russians are not worried about contraband. The prisoners walk around with their hands in those coats. Sometimes allowed minutes after surrender. The prisoners and the jailers are brothers and they know it. Ukes figure that one out immediately.

Prisoners are telling stories about surrendering because all their officers vanished. And they do not know what to do without command. Finding another Uke unit to join could be plain dangerous. Otherwise to surrender they have to kill the political officers in their platoon, company, battalion. I do not know if that is happening, if it is the Russians would sure know which side the prisoners are on.

Some number of prisoners have been interviewed, fed, asked to sign a paper saying they won’t fight again. They are handed traveling food and sent home. Even given that opportunity some want to stick around, going home could be dangerous in wartime. So there is video of work crews barely supervised handling tools that would make fine weapons, disposing of ordnance that would make fine bombs.

The surrendered are going to go home and tell the family and neighbors what great guys the Russians are. That the Russians treated them better than Kiev ever did.

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