Biden, the Quintessential Bastard

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Here is our now old-fart President Biden in his better days in his true belligerent mode in the role of Senator.
Bastard then, bastard now.
He’s humiliating Scott Ritter, the UN Weapons of Mass Destruction Inspector ( WMDs, which were not found in Iraq), for not reporting fake WMDs, as the war against the sovereign state of Iraq was already decided by those in the “higher pay grade” (as he calls the capo de tutti capos in the US “government”, Colin Power, Dick  Cheney, and the like) on the false basis of WMDs.
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Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
1 year ago

Lo! Fie upon ethically corrupt R€sident €vil sire Joe, of the Şwampington mire! FauX leader–cum bottom feeder–who falsely sits ‘pon the murky national throne. Base creature be he–who ought be held in disdain instead of admired, by any stretch of desire! Truth be: the nation ought fire the wretch–rather than cave to incoherent rhetorical rants of said veritable lech! His poXy speaking name is Buythem or is that Botbyem!? I might add that the real patronym is, indeed, something akin to that uttered, by me, in this brief pasquinade…. Pffft! ☝️