The Lockdown in Shanghai, Possible Explanation

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Looking for an explanation of the brutal lockdown in Shanghai, rumor has it that (1) it is highly possible that it is part of the internal struggle among the different factions within the Communist Party leadership, (2) it is part of an undeclared embargo against the West.

    1. According to Wikipedia, The Shanghai clique is the name of an informal group of officials in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), especially those who serve in the Central Committee or the Central Government of China, who rose to prominence in connection with the Shanghai municipal administration under Jiang Zemin, former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

This term was used somewhat pejoratively to describe Jiang’s efforts to promote people who previously worked with, or were associated with, his administration. Some of the “Shanghai clique” members are not originally from Shanghai, rather, the city is where they reached political prominence.[1] It is more appropriately referred to as the “Jiang clique[2] or as “Jiang Zemin’s faction“.[3] Additionally, it is sometimes referred to as the “Shanghai Gang“.[3]

Members of the Shanghai clique are marked by their tendency to represent the urban business interests of the coastal regions. Many of them are “princelings,” the children of veterans of the revolution, and their focus is on commercial affairs.[4]

The main event this year in China is the re-election of the Secretary General of the CCP in the Fall. Could it be that the lockdown specifically ruthless in Shanghai is a way to undermine the Shanghai clique?

    1. Externally, these lockdowns will damage global trade, Western leading big tech firms are damaged. The supply chains to the West are disrupted, a test of things that could come their way is applied.
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