“America First” or Ukraine First?

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Aid to Ukraine brings the US Republican Party back to the “America First” slogan that was beloved under Trump.

Until this week, there have been very few congressmen who have spoken out against aid to Ukraine. Now there are more of them. An additional 40 billion dollars and lend-lease – this amount alone is more than the military budget of a country like Italy. Yesterday there was loud news that Senator Rand Paul blocked the passage of the bill on aid and demanded that the procedure and those responsible for controlling expenses be included in it.

A little less than six months are left before the elections to the House of Representatives. Candidates begin to actively explore and fertilize the soil. Of course, they do not offer to surrender Ukraine to Russia – it is unlikely that such proposals will appear among the real contenders for the seats. Still there are several positions.

First, the dispute about the high price and cost control. Secondly, the dispute over who should pay: today Trump said that Europe pays little to Ukraine, although this situation affects it more, he once achieved fair deductions from Europe to NATO. Thirdly, the question of who is fighting with whom: Ukraine against Russia or the United States against Russia through the hands of Ukraine; someone does not want to fight with Russia, someone believes that it is not entirely fair to fight at the hands of Ukrainians. Fourth, the search for the guilty: the Republicans, following Trump, will say that Biden did not prevent the war, provoked it by withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, and so on.

Positions about reducing support for Ukraine will drift towards the America First slogan – it originated during the First World War and was revived by Trump in 2016. By the 2024 elections, America will come under the flag of isolationism – no more Ukraine, its own shirt is closer to the body.

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