Historical Ukraine, in Putin’s Words

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❗️Vladimir Putin at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum reiterated that there’s no such thing as “historical Ukraine”

The President noted that this is a historical fact: most of the territories of Ukraine were annexed to it (by Russia), and Novorossiya appeared as a result of several wars with the Ottoman Empire.

“Ukraine received the western parts as a result of the Second World War – Stalin took away territories from Hungary, Romania, Poland and gave them to Ukraine, rewarding at the same time Poland with the eastern lands of Germany. This is how the whole “left-bank Ukraine”, as it is known, was formed. Ukraine came to the Russian Empire with three territories: Kyiv and the Kyiv region, Zhytomyr, and Chernihiv, that’s it,” Putin said.

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Old Gramps
Old Gramps
1 year ago

I was not aware of this. In elementary school the east European countries seemed to change, unlike the others. Thank you Vladimir.