Biden on Cocaine Use, Watch Hunter Biden

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‘You go to jail for 5 years’: 31 years ago, then-Senator Joe Biden touted his work to pass strict penalties for crack cocaine. Rhetorical question: how many years will his son go to jail for?‘

▪”Pedo Peter”: this is what Hunter Biden saved his father’s contact details as on the phone, according to the 4Chan user. Earlier, journalists noticed that Joe Biden used the pseudonym “Peter Henderson” in one of his emails;

▪While videos from Hunter’s phone are rocking Twitter, the social network is actively blocking them for “violating the Twitter Rules”;

▪Some of the content posted by the 4Chan user matches photos and videos that were previously found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop

💻”Detox” with a crack pipe: New videos from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop

After the president’s deeply troubled son asked Joe Biden for $75,000 to pay off his debts and get treatment for drug addiction, Hunter went on a detox, where he was smoking crack, touching himself and for some reason filming it. The video was made at a health spa in Newburyport, Massachusetts, in January 2019.  

Despite all the new revelations about Hunter, he is still close to the White House. At the Fourth of July celebrations, Hunter was on the balcony next to his father.

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