Corona Scamdemic Most Likely Explanation

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Mr. Unz,

I think the evidence that SARS CoV-2 is a bioengineered virus is very strong, and your hypothesis that it was released deliberately is quite compelling. I have had some doubts as to your posited motive-that it was released primarily as a biowarfare attack against China [and Iran]. It had to be known to those who authorized the release of the virus how contagious it was, and how likely it was to spread beyond the borders of China. Perhaps they were as reckless as you suggested that they may be, but this part of the hypothesis seemed to strain credulity.

I think that those who released the virus fully intended for it to spread, and the primary reason for this may well have been financial. According to the article linked below, the repo crisis of September 17, 2019 was still on going at the end of 2019, and a definitive cure had not yet been found. While a significant amount of liquidity had already been injected into the repo market by the Federal Reserve, it appears that much more was needed to prevent contagion from spreading into a 2008 type crisis or worse. To minimize loss of confidence in the system, some external event to justify injecting trillions of dollars into the banking system would certainly have been useful. A highly communicable virus necessitating lockdowns and huge amounts of government relief to make up for the closing down of the economy might just be what the Fed wanted/needed at the time.

For a natural origin of the virus to be plausible, it would have to appear to originate in a part of the world where such a virus could be endemic, such as China. Wuhan, with the Institute of Virology could have provided a potentially convenient second source of the virus. It does seem like the outbreak in Iran was a separate bio warfare attack that was aimed at the Iranian leadership.

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1 year ago

The issue many will have with this is no “virus” has ever been proven to exists.
if Mr, Unz replaced virus with biological weapon he may be closer to the truth but contagion is also a problem. Contagion has also never been proven. There has to be some sort of delivery system in place such as am injection.