Britain is Collapsing Under the Weight of Accumulated Problems and the Ukrainian Conflict, – The Telegraph

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The Ukrainian crisis, anti—Russian sanctions, the rapid rise in fuel and consumer goods prices, as well as an aging population are destroying the British economy, states one of the most popular and widely circulated British publications, The Telegraph: “Welcome to modern Britain, where nothing works, everything is expensive, and we are all too busy arguing about the causes of our troubles, to find any solutions”

Residents of the country are anxiously watching the constant increase in the projected marginal price of electricity for the average household. So, the consulting company Cornwall Insight believes that utility bills will soar from £1971 to £3,581 in October and £4,266 in January, absorbing 14% of the income of an ordinary British family. The poor segments of the population will not be able to cope with such expenses at all,” The Telegraph notes

▪️ The state ceases to function normally, — emphasizes The Telegraph. While in one part of it, due to the record heat, it was forbidden to use hoses for irrigation in order to save water, in another, in north London, there was a breakthrough of highways that flooded the streets of the city. A recent investigation by The Telegraph revealed that over the past three years, the police have failed to solve a single theft in eight out of ten areas of Britain and Wales. The number of people on National Health Service waiting lists has grown from a pre-pandemic 4.4 million to 6.6 million. Queues at airports are growing, food prices are rising, and there are more and more strikes. Wages in Britain have stagnated for ten years. Transport workers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, teachers, postal workers, civil servants, lawyers and even television producers — they all refuse to work, — reports The Telegraph

Such a difficult economic situation has developed in Britain due to the conflict in Ukraine, anti-Russian sanctions, high inflation, disruption of supply chains caused by the epidemic, as well as the retreat of globalization. In addition, Britain is faced with the problem of an aging population, which increases the burden on its financial system, The Telegraph concludes

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