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I live in a small EU country (Netherland). 80 % of people here are utterly brainwashed by MSM, they blame Putin and Russia for everything, and of course also Trump is to be blamed for everything that is bad and wrong in the world, and the media still uses Trump daily as their punching bag.

This 80 % worships the jab, its the new saviour, if you talk bad about the holy jab or are unvaxed, then you are the target of slander and disgust. Most of them have 3 or 4 jabs , and they are sicker than ever – my co-workers are constantly on sick leave for different ailments, many have had the coof twice or some even have supposedly had it 3 times but they still thank the ‘safe and effective’ jab every day, funny that.

That same 80 % believe that Putin is sick and soon to die of his illness, that Biden is the light of the universe, and Trump is the devil himself. They also believe that Rus army will collapse any moment now and Ukie army will ride all the way to the Russian border with ease.

Inflation is in their minds mostly Putins fault, but also Trumps and maybe the US Republicans fault too, Joe Rogan may also be the guilty party and Spotify should be boycotted because they host him.

These 80 % cannot see the truth no matter what. The amount of media induced trance is unbelievable. Whatever does not fit the propaganda narrative they have been fed, they blame it to be lies and they get very angry if you try to explain clamly, as for this reason, i dont even try anymore, they are so totally brainwashed that they would rather beat you up than listen to reason. It’s sad , really.

Most people were normal, until 2015 when the daily MSM anti-Trump barrage begun , there was literally nothing else in the news but ‘orange man bad’ for the next 5 years – and i live in small EU country – not in the US. After that it was only maybe 1/5 anti-Trump and 4/5 ‘coof bad – everyone will die – jab immediately – use double mask and bathe in hand sanitizer’ until the Z operation, when the MSM propaganda was geared against Putin and Russia, now only maybe 1 in 20 articles degrades Trump anymore, but they still remember to do that too daily.

I cannot understand how people fall in these MSM narratives so easily, even if we have supposedly good education here, but seems education does not equal critical thinking…

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My friends in Frankfurt-am-main are praying for a mild winter. I asked them if the chimney in their building still worked, and whether they had an axe to cut firewood. They confessed they had checked the location of the nearest civilian bunker in case war broke out, and checked they had an axe and a saw. They are worried, but don’t voice their opinions loudly because they are scared. At their work places everyone still supports Kiev. And my friends are from East Germany.

Being scared requires some understanding of the gravity, but it does not imply proper understanding of the cause. There is a big difference between the “Putin did it”-crowd and those who understand that it is all a result of the Western illegal sanctions. Maybe not voicing their opinions means they do understand.

I just attended a technical conference (supposedly completely not political) here in Norway and one of the speakers was german. He had ~200 slides and every single slide had a Ukrainian flag in the top left corner with the text “Stop Putin / No war”. That kind of behaviour is infuriating. Obviously I complained to the conference.

At my end the understanding between friends/colleagues is even poorer. There is little or no understanding of there being problems, except electricity has become more expensive. I don’t think many people I know understand the number of casualties in Ukraine, the existence of the sanctions or why energy is suddenly expensive, people still pretend that everything is normal. I think many are suffering from cognitive dissonance, they have a subconscious understanding that big problems lie ahead but since it is painful then reality is being denied so far.

The Rand Corp. planned this Ukrainian mess in a paper published in … (drum role please) 2019. One full year before the covid lockdown. Available for all to see:

But what struck me most in recent days was the comment by Nikolay Patrushev, Putin’s National Security advisor. He said that the US was out to provoke China (Pelosi, etc.) in order to seize its investments and assets like the Russian sanctions. In other words, the US has become a “robber” nation, provoking wars, and stealing what ever they can get their hands on. Seen in this context, this war cannot end, because it may be a ploy to service the dismal finances of the US. If it did suddenly stop with Russians victorious, the blob will think up something else.

What is beyond me is why any sane Ukrainian accepts fighting Russia. For Zelensky’s corrupt regime? They all know about his cocaine addiction – even we in the West know – and his multi-million foreign estate, his “government” staffed with his former television production buddies (who imagines that can be serious?), and his submission to the US/NATO. Some “proud patriot” indeed. Ukraine has gone down the drain economically since the Maidan coup, to top it all, so what do they think they are fighting for, some more plundering by the IMF?

Do they hate Russia so much they accept dying by the score for the privilege of losing? If somebody can give a coherent explanation, I’d love to hear it.

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1 year ago

I think, there is nothing more to say about, it is all mentioned in this. What is missing is the rationale people around the world are cooperating to those political/medicinal/medial villains.
The reason for isn’t any logic one but fear. Fear to jump off the couch go outside and shout for justice. To leave the comfort zone and act. People generally tend to be lazy because of special comforting circumstances they have after a hard day’s work. They can lean back and let “the world pass on TV”. Not mine, I have done my part for this day. What they miss about: if they don’t move, nothing moves around. Other word: if You do not move, You will not sense the shackles You are in. So nothing is moving.
The other problem is: You can’t almost argue today with people using MSM. If You try they either shut off or they argue Mainstream. The only thing You may do is be calm and keep your line.
That is the reality, and we only can steadfastly wait what is coming and be as good as possible prepared for ..

Wendy Palmer
Wendy Palmer
1 year ago

I believe your comment regarding “cognitive dissonance” says it all: It is futile to try and engage a closed mind. It is futile, and frustrating, to try and engage someone who will not consider discourse – who autonomically defaults to stress response as opposed to readiness mode. To defend against pending calamities – perceived or real – the 80%, or so, will concede to whatever version of the truth is most insulative.

As always, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Everything else is downhill collateral damage, and as always, the perpetrators of the real disinformation and manipulative narrative know the power they’re wielding. Unlike the average individual, sinister strategists eat, sleep, and ingest this stuff 24/7. Technology, and most everything else, has changed – while “progress” is open to interpretation – but human nature will continue to be the collective’s downfall.

Cataclysmic intercedence is perhaps the only shock therapy that will dislodge the propaganda from fertile minds and replace the fear with something reminiscent of courage. The convenience of technology has induced a malaise surrounding actual thinking. For those who never stopped using their skills of observation and critical analysis, as well as for those sensitive to EMFs, it is undeniable that the air is highly charged, and something major is in the offing. Whatever the lynchpin moment/event, we who think know it will originate with those who wish to dominate all others…it will contain every bit of treachery and resemble anything but the truth.

As for doing the best with what you have, where you are: Always engage and protect your truth and keep exercising the strongest muscle you have.

1 year ago

I have to agree with this article and the person who wrote it. Everything written says it all. I live in America and Biden is keeping things going with Russian. Biden started the war between Russia and Ukraine. He and his crime family have made millions of dollars from companies in the Ukraine. He is still sending money, etc to Ukraine He has threaten the people of America with killing them using a F18 fighter jet as a lot of us here in America do not see things his way. There are a lot of people here that refuse to listen and wake up, they have no rational sense. We all need to be awake to watch what is coming. People today live and breathe MSM. One can’t believe what the government wants you to believe. Just like back with the tv series The X Files years ago; All coming true pertaining to the government ( ex: Covid). If one remembers this story line on the X Files it was about a Pandemic that everyone was catching. Says it all. I have a mind of my own and I don’t have to be told what is right and what is wrong. I can think for myself without any interference from any entity.

1 year ago

Fully agree with the above!

1 year ago

Belangrijke Info !
Vr gr Ronald !