The Economic Crisis in Germany is the Result of a Deliberate Provocation by the United States

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Translated from German. Via Welt Express

The economic crisis in Germany is the result of a deliberate provocation by the United States. The Americans brought down the German economy to remove a competitor. In any case, the material deserves attention.

The sanctions imposed against Russia by the EU countries, after the start of a special military operation, began to have a negative impact on the European economy. The sanctions boomerang came as a surprise to the German federal government, most politicians and ordinary voters.

However, as it turned out recently, these consequences of anti-Russian sanctions were unexpected only for the Germans. The United States has calculated all the scenarios in advance, and also deliberately embarked on the path of weakening the German economy.

Back on January 25, a month before the start of the SVO, the RAND company prepared a secret report entitled “Containing Germany for the United States and the world.”

The document was developed for the special services of the United States and the National Committee of the Democratic Party of the United States. The content of the report is quite simple: USA provokes Russia to be able to declare it as an aggressor and to force Germany to enter suicidal sanctions against Moscow.

According to the text of the report, the goal of US policy is to weaken Germany as much as possible. Although Germany remains a country with limited sovereignty, the pace of economic development in the EU depends on the state of the German economy. In the end, the development of Germany can make Europe not only a political, but also an economic competitor of the United States, RAND experts write. This shouldn’t happen.

The German economy is vulnerable because it is based on unlimited access to cheap Russian energy. The sanctions war provoked against Russia can put an end to this. The termination of Russian energy supplies may start a systemic crisis that will be devastating for the German economy.

Another vulnerable point in Germany was one of the ruling parties: the Union-90/Greens.

The Greens have too strong an ideology. According to the report, their representatives will abandon economic pragmatism in favor of their beliefs, and will also become a War Party that could destroy the German economy.

The report accurately predicts the impact of anti-Russian sanctions on the German economy: the loss of 200-300 billion euros in 2022 alone. Along with this, the authors accurately predicted a decline in the euro against the dollar. According to RAND experts, Germany’s GDP will fall by 3-4% per year over the next 5-6 years. Most of the predictions have already come true. Germany is in an economic crisis, the scale of which is comparable to the losses of the German economy after World War II.

It should be noted that Germany was the victim of a provocation by the United States.

The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine was necessary for Washington, including to destroy the economic locomotive of the EU, devalue the euro and stop German industry.

The sanctions that Berlin imposed on Russia were necessary only to please the Americans.

The “German Eagle” is not inclined to believe in conspiracy theory, however, many facts from the article coincide with reality, especially concerning the German “greens”, who take the most aggressive position towards Russia.

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1 year ago

Good essay.
Rand corporation is a shadowy think tank that bases policy on shareholder profits regardless of how many nations are ruined and people killed in their quest for profits.

1 year ago

Germany’s government actions cannot be overlooked or excused so easily. Either they didn’t know or did and went along anyway, either way they have not lived up to the job they were elected to do. If the German government puts American interests before their own people, then they are a branch of the American government, not an agency of their own citizens. RAND may be a problem, but ultimately not accountable to the German people. Anyone promoting this suicide should be removed and replaced with sane voices, if there are any.

Kit Hickox
Kit Hickox
1 year ago

Thanks for the refreshing insight, one I hadn’t considered previously. Makes sense.