What is Behind the Protests in Iran?

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🇮🇷 Protests in Iran. What is behind the riots in the country? Mass unrest continues in Iran for the ninth day. In many Iranian cities, the rebels are trying to create chaos and anarchy. The most intense clashes with law enforcement agencies are taking place in provinces with a predominantly Azerbaijani and Kurdish population.
🔻What is happening now?
▪️Representatives of the opposition, first of all, members of the Organization of the Mujahideen of the Iranian People (OMIN) banned in Iran, together with the Kurdish groups Kumele and the Democratic Party of Iraqi Kurdistan, are trying to ignite the conflict and unleash a full-scale revolution using the media.
▪️Western media and politicians from Europe and the USA actively help them in this. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi “the butcher of Tehran” and criticized Joe Biden for inviting Raisi to a meeting of the UN General Assembly. At the same time, Pompeo met with UMIN leader Maryam Rajavi in Albania in May.
▪️Anti-government channels use disinformation and ignorance of the Persian language by the majority of the population of Western countries to publish false information, including about the transition of military personnel and law enforcement officers to the side of the protesters and the loss of control over some cities.
▪️The Iranian government is jamming the Internet to extinguish the unrest. During hours of special protest activity (after the working day), access to the network slows down. The Internet is not completely blocked yet.
▪️ US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the US will provide free Internet access for “democracy supporters in Iran.” We are talking about the Starlink satellite Internet, the launch of which in Iranian territory was announced by the head of the American company SpaceX, Elon Musk.
▪️The Iranian leadership has begun using the regular forces of the Army and the IRGC to fight riots and rebellions. Tear gas, stun guns, batons are used against protesters, and small arms are used in the cities of violent clashes.
▪️According to government media, more than 700 people were detained, of which 60 were women. Opposition media are talking about more than 100 deaths during the eight days of protests.
▪️In addition, the IRGC artillery attacked the positions of the Kumele militants in the border regions of Iran with Iraqi Kurdistan.
🔻 What are the prospects? Despite the fact that the protests do not subside, the situation is under relative control. The disinformation about establishing control over cities and administrative buildings dispersed by the opposition information centers is not true. The authorities have not yet used regular troops to suppress the riots, which means that the situation is still far from a critical level. Law enforcement forces are still coping with the situation. Most of the country’s population still supports the state system.
Demonstrations were held in major Iranian cities in support of Ayatollah Khamenei and President Raisi. However, the propaganda published by various media, including the Soros Foundation and various Ukrainian sources, indicates a serious intention to shake Iran from within and overthrow the current authorities by force.
Turning off the Internet in the future to combat disinformation will deprive opponents of the power of coordinates and communications. However, this is not enough: in the future, this will actually be leveled by the satellite Internet from SpaceX.
The Iranian leadership needs to address the current crisis as soon as possible. The conflict de facto froze at one stage, and the opposition is unable to transfer it into the format of a civil war.
Nevertheless, attempts will continue: due to its geographical position, Iran today is too convenient a place to wreak havoc in the Middle East. If the situation in Iran can be shaken up to a full-fledged civil war, then all neighboring countries will be hooked. Large resolution map Russian version

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